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Halo 2 ---- Forerunners Palace----Chp 1 : Eyes up Front
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 5 November 2004, 6:31 AM

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Hope you guys like the story...just started it after thinking a while, "What the heck Why not?"
Enjoy and post comments. Also I just want to remind you that this is like my 3rd work. And continue reading for the next Chapter. Thanks...

* * *

Chapter 1

0231 Hours, January 31, 2553 (Military Calendar)
Outside of Covenant HQ, Planet Enhamma` Zakumamee,
UNSC Cruiser Wallace

The Captain walked out of him cabin and entered the bridge. Earth had successfully driven the Covenant Armada away from Earth. Finding and Using a Halo Installation that appeared by Pluto. The Humans found out how to activate it and use it for them selves.
Earth managed to capture and expand their race father into the Covenant Territories. Killing every Covenant they found, they continued to train elite super soldiers.
Code Named: Spartan-III

"Sir. The Covenant are dispatching a squad of Seraph Fighters," PFC Yellnates informed the Captain once he entered the Bridge. "I have automatically sent out a counter-offence to battle the Seraphs. Estimated Victory is 10 Minutes and counting."
The Captain sat on his chair staring at the Planet. "Very well Private. Is the Chief ready to prepare to attack the Covenant Installation?" He questioned the AI, Intel.
"Yes. The Chief started to prepare almost 20 minutes ago. Cortana has requested to join the Chief. I gave her the proper authority to go, and the Chief is requesting that only half of the Team go with him." Intel asked as he waited.
"Very well. Why only half of the team?" the Captain replied to the AI as he waited for the answer.
"He says that the Covenant could possible trap them. If he brings the whole team, they could possibly be slaughtered, but I think he wants to go in Fast and Hard."
The Captain looked down on the metal floor. He walked over to the Communications table and enabled a transmission to the Armory where the Chief was currently located.

"This is the Captain, Chief? Are you there? When are you going to begin the attack?" The Captain asked as he looked at the screen. The Armory was dark and very large. Carrying many supplies to use against an invasion force.
"This is Joe. The Chief is in hid quarters. He says that he will be ready in 15 minutes." Joe answered the Captains call. The Chief was sleeping. Readying himself to get down to the planet.
"Very well. Tell the Chief good luck. And God Speed." The Captain ended as he walked away from the console. "I hope this plan that Cortana has works. If this all goes badly, we wont have any resources to continue to train the next batch of Spartans.
"So to I sir." Intel replied, "So do I."

* * *

The Chief grabbed a pair of SMG's and a Rifle. He wanted to go in light, fast, and hard. His plan was and will work. Cortana had helped acuminate the plan.

Mission Plan: Operation: Forerunners Palace

1. Get in Light, Fast, and Hard.
2. Only have half of the Team.
3. Kill everything they find.
4. Gather as much data as possible and send Virus to all Covenant Systems.
5. Leave with no injuries.
6. Work as a Team ---Priority One.

The Mission plan was simple enough. The rest of the Team gathered their supplies, and walked out of the Armory. They had their early breakfast and headed to the Fighter Bay.
The elevator took them to D Deck where the ships were. The Covenant engagement with the Longswords and Pelicans only lasted 8 minutes. They were refueling incase anything tried to hit the Chief's Ship.
They exited the elevator, and entered the Fighter bay.

* * *

The Chief strapped himself to the Pelicans pilot chair. He was going to fly the ship into the Planet hoping they wont see them. Joe, Andrew, Rick, and Calvin were on the Pelican.
They were waiting for the countdown to get down on the surface. They loaded their Battle Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, Magnum's, Grenades, Rockets, Shotgun, and other materials to attack the facility.
The UNSC Cruiser Wallace was lucky to even get threw the Covenant Boarder during their last dispute on Planet Gamma-Ray 625. "This is Control center Alpha. Permission to fly has been granted."
"Roger that." The Chief responded as he disengaged the COM band. "Rock and Roll!" The Chief yelled out as the Door opened and the Pelican was sucked out into the blackness of space to only be in front of a giant technological world full of every Covenant asshole Humans could find.
The Pelican flew into the atmosphere and descended quickly and quietly. The Chief had become an expert pilot over the last 3 months in training. Now with his Team and the Computer AI Cortana.
They were going to change the Covenant History, by eradicating the whole entire Covenant Race, and to attack the very heart of the Forerunners.

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