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Halo 2 Beginnings Part 3
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 8 October 2004, 7:13 AM

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"But she's one of my best soldiers, and...Friend." John said as he waited for the doctors' reply. He's been a friend with Kelly ever since CPO Mendez trained them to become the best of the best.
"I can't. Not with out the Admirals authorization." Halsey said as she too waited for a response from the Petty Officer. He was mad. Halsey looked down, thinking of what to say when the Chief told her where the Admiral was.
"He's dead! Died trying to get the data Cortana was holding for this mission. Now...where is Kelly?" John asked patiently, for the doctor to respond. She was holding this information to long.
"Cortana knows." Halsey said as she waited for Cortana to speak.
"Doctor, are you sure we should give the Chief coordinates for Kelly?" Cortana said as she saw them threw the security systems. Watching the two people move about Cortana was in the data stream watching for Covenant Traffic on the way back to Earth.
"Yes. Chief, the data that Cortana holds were plans for Kelly to go to the Coordinates the Crystal gave to me before I gave it to Corporal Locklear." Halsey said as Will came out of the elevator waiting for it to come back to Deck C for him to go with the doctor.
"After you left Corporal Locklear destroyed the crystal and himself. Pieces were found but the rest gone. We dumped it in space." The Chief said as Will came walking.
"Chief?" Will asked as he walked up to the Bridge near the Sensor readouts. Cortana saw Will walk up and him looking back at the camera. Damn Cortana must be always listening, Will thought as he looked back at the doctor and the Master Chief.
Fred stood up and walked to the party, wondering what was going on. He over heard the conversation with his HUD. "Your telling me you sent a injured Spartan to a set of Coordinates with out the team?"
"Yes. However if you found out I came up with a plan to find her and bring her back." Halsey said hoping she thought of this plan carefully while on the Fireball.
"And that plan is?" Will asked as the other two 7-foot Spartan stood next to her on the desk. Halsey looked at them. Thinking if she sent Fred, Will, and Linda, the Chief and herself can do more on Earth as the others searched for Kelly.
"We send in Fred, Will, and Linda to go find her. If all goes well, the Covenant will abandon Reach and they can settle there. The caves we discovered should be still there.
"But it will be covered with Covenant ships. You still wouldn't know if they left or not." Fred replied before the Chief asked about himself.
"What about me?" John asked as he wondered if Cortana knew about this as well.
"You will come with me and help perform surgery on a Group of ODST and train them to become Spartan-III's." Halsey said hoping she got the chemical right for the host body to be stable enough to even wear the Spartan body armor.
"Your crazy right? Didn't it take several weeks for us to wear the armor? They could die. It took us what? 12 to 15 years of training?" John said refusing them to risk their lives.
"I already got the men and women ready for this. They accept the responsibility and will do what ever they can to help." Halsey said as she handed the Pad to the Chief letting him read it for himself. All the men and women on the list had been in the service for 10 years. Lucky for them to survive that long with eh Covenant war raging on.
They were all in their 30's. Young lives being risked. "Ok doctor, you win. Tell them they can start the set up. Fred and Will. Get Linda and take the Pelican Dropship. You will go find Kelly."
"John. You can come if you want. We need you." Fred said as he waited for the Chief to reply.
"No, I need to get Cortana back to Earth. You guys can go. Fred you are team leader 1. Find Kelly and get to Reach, hide in the caves if still preserved. If not, find a moon. Turn on your beacons and wait. Use our special code. And besides, the marines would like to split the shares of killing with me back home. Covenants will want a permanent autograph."
"Yes sir." Fred said as Will and him walked to the elevator. Watching the Chief disappear in between the doors. They thought, save Kelly and go to the planet Reach, fun enough, if they don't get killed doing so.