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Halo 2: Beginnings part 2
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 8 October 2004, 7:12 AM

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"You have any medics?" Sergeant Johnson asked as the door swung open as two Spartans ran in before a mob came in. This is hell, the Sergeant thought as he got some beds ready.
"Yeah, we do. Hank! Ralph! Get over here, help this Sergeant!" Lieutenant Hawk called out as he laid a half conscious woman. She had her glasses broken, and a damaged knee. She defiantly needed a cast.
"What's her name?" The Sergeant asked as he looked at her closely. He swore he saw the same face before but couldn't put his finger on it.
"We don't know. We found her lying on an UNSC abandoned camp near, Gamma IV. Very close near the Covenant border I think. We're not sure." Hawk said as he looked at her. "Treat her, please Sergeant. I think she's a doctor."
"Sure, I'll try. Hey! You Spartan," the Sergeant pointed to Linda, "this person has a bad knee. You got any adhesive gel?"
"Yeah, there should be some in the cabinet second on your right." Linda replied as she bandaged up a male who broke his arm. She looked around and saw Will busy. She walked over to Hawk near another patient losing a little blood. "Who's in charge of your ship Pilot?"
"Our Captain died. Almost two hours ago. Great man, but that lady has been in command ever since," Hawk pointed to the sick doctor.
The Spartan turned around and walked to the bed. She wiped the dirt of her face and saw her teacher. Ever since she left them with Kelly, they've forgot about her. "It's Doctor Halsey! Will!" Linda said as she waited till Will came.
"My God. Lucky she ain't dead." Will said as he checked her pulse. It was slow but gaining quickly.
Dr. Halsey laid on the med bed as time passed. The UNSC Gettysburg and the Fireball flew in space, as the course for Earth got closer by the minute.

"Master Chief!" Hawk saluted as he entered the bridge form the elevator. He was tall for a pilot, but ready for action.
"How many people were killed on your ship before we reached you?" John asked as he saluted the Lieutenant back. The Gettysburg/Fireball entered slipspace as stars disappeared. The engines at 78% accuracy were all Will and Linda could get after they helped the Sergeant in the medical wing.
"Estimated kill was 147. The Covenant hit us hard taking Space Station Omega Six. 5 Cruisers came out of nowhere and started attacking. We managed to destroy at least 2 when the Monello and the Shapno exploded from the inside out. We think that Covenant Dropships blew their docking ports and docking bay. Making a good entry for Covenant Dropships, Seraph Fighters, and Phantoms." The Lieutenant said as he drank a glass of water. He sat next to the Communications network looking at the Chief.
"Dr. Halsey was with you. Correct?" The Chief asked wondering about Kelly.
" If you mean the lady, yes sir. She came up before we went to Omega Six. She was very insistent. She gave us some new weapons and re-supplied our stock of ammunition. She was nice to the crew as she fell unconscious." Hawk said taking another sip. He was tired; wanting to leave the Chief asked one more question.
"Where's the Spartan with her?"

Lights, noise. All were around her. She tried to open her eyes but struggled to stay awake. A marine walked up to her. She couldn't see him, but she heard that voice of his somewhere. Sergeant Johnson!
"Ma'am? You awake?" Johnson asked as he gave the Doctor a glass of water.
"I'm on the Gettysburg?" Halsey asked as she stood up. Will was next to her helping her up. "William?"
"Good to see you ma'am. You ok?" Will asked still hating her for calling him his full name. Part of him missed her, and part of it worried. He wanted to see Kelly with her but started to think of the doctor first.
"Yes Will, I am. Where's John?" Halsey asked as she lifted her lab coat that was white and swung it around so it fitted her body.
"He's on the command deck." Johnson said as Will told her Linda and Fred were up there too. She wanted to talk to John. "Take me to the command deck."
"Ma'am you should rest. You still need to re─"
"─I am a doctor Will. I know when I can walk or not. You however still need to relocate your Left shoulder."
"Take me to the deck." Halsey said as she walked out with the Sergeant thoughtless and the Spartan mad. Will ran after her as she reached the Elevator. I wonder if Admiral Whitcomb is still alive, Dr. Halsey thought to her self as the elevator reached the bridge showing only Fred and the Chief.
"John, is the crew well?" Halsey asked as she walked over to the Sensor readouts.
At least she's ok, John thought as he walked over to the Doctor. She was viewing the data faster then he could read, although he had Cortana to help him.
"Yes. They have made duties aboard the two ships. Doctor, where is Kelly?" John asked as the Doctor stopped looking and turned. Her glasses up and back straightened.
" That is classified. You can't know where she is going."