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Halo 2: Prolouge: Beginnings....
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 8 October 2004, 7:10 AM

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Hello....I had my other Sotries put up like along time ago...and hope poeple forgot me...lol...well hope you like it...puts more sense in my other ones thanks...bye bye...please coments please....



0912 Hour, September 13, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Aboard UNSC vessel Gettysburg,
Near Covenant battle Station Unyielding Hierophant.

"One last order son!" Admiral Whitcomb said as he crashed into the Unyielding Hierophant. The Covenant Warship crashed into the huge hull. The hull buckled and caved in as Haverson rammed the ship in full speed. Giving the engines 48% power it created a huge damage in the ships structure. However both the Admiral and the Lieutenant survived.
Covenant Carriers and Cruisers flew towards the Station as every single Covenant soldier ran to the breached ship. However the station still had at least 30 seconds left. Haverson and the Admiral fired as they ran out into the open.
"Remember the Alamo? You know every one of the brave defenders in those fights died. They knew the odds, but they hurt the enemy." The Admiral said as he put three into a Grunt nearby wiping out a trio of Jackals. Plasma missed the two trained officers.
20 seconds left.
"Yes sir!" The Chief said as he watched the view screen of the Ascendant Justice hull viewing the two marines. Dozens of Elite in black armor coated lairs drew their Plasma swords out as the Admiral and the Lieutenant reloaded their weapons simultaneously.
10 seconds left.
The screen became static and the stem part of the station blew. Metal blew apart as it melted onto the other Covenant ships causing them to explode with out being able to help their station get back on their feet. Flames busted out and the Admiral fired his Submachine Gun as four of the 12 Elites. They died running at the Lieutenant.
"Bastards!" The Admiral yelled as every single Covenant weapon in the station pointed at him.

The Master Chief saw the end of his dear commander and his loss. "Entering slipspace!" Cortana said as the probes were retrieved and entered the Gettysburg. The UNSC ship faded out of space leaving the destruction of the Covenant Battle Station, and the loss of the Admiral and Lieutenant.
"They halted the invasion of Earth. Covenant traffic on D-Band says they've captured a prisoner that was onboard the Ascendant Justice. Although they say they need time to regroup. Twenty ships were lost in the explosion destroying half of the station and not to mention its docking port. By my calculations we should have enough time to make it back to Earth," Cortana said as she switched monitors to see the Chief stare at the stars. Black enveloped the ship only able to view strings of light in space.
"How long will it take to get to Earth?" The Chief asked as he stepped away from the screen and sat in the chair near ops. Linda, Fred, and Will occupied the bridge. Linda at Engineering, Will at weapons, and Fred piloting the ship. Sergeant Johnson stayed in the Medical wing trying to fix the damn place.
Fred looked up and spoke, "Cortana says it might be a couple of days. That crystal pretty much nearly destroyed up our Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engines. Our engines are at," Fred paused and checked the panel one more time, " 39%."
"Ok. Linda, go down to engineering and see if you can give us more power. Will is it possible to─" The Chief stopped as he saw the Gettysburg come out of slipspace. Then he saw a UNSC ship fly by. Seventy-five percent of it was gone. "Scan that ship Cortana. And ask if they need assistance?" The Chief instructed Cortana as she accessed communications.
"This is the UNSC Frigate Gettysburg. Please give us your identification code." Cortana said with no response coming back. "Scanning the ship. Over 200 personal are still alive. Fred, I'm taking the controls. Preparing to engage docking sequence."
A loud noise rang in Johns ear as Cortana said "clear". "This is Lieutenant Hawk! Our Captain is dead. We need assistance! Captain please help!" The Lieutenant yelled as the crew on the bridge heard running steps in the background.
"Linda. Will. Get down to the medical wing, and help out the Sergeant. Cortana go to." John said as he replied back to the Lieutenant. Must be some navy pilot, the Chief thought as he spoke back, "This is the Master Chief in command. Report to the Medical wing."
"Yes sir." The Lieutenant replied.
Defiantly a Navy pilot.