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Halo 2 Chapter 8 ; Part 1
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 21 April 2004, 12:18 PM

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And to just let people know. I am only 12 years old and in Seventh grade so please again for all those people...I am not perfect...and Thank you for reading.

Chapter Eight

1728 Hours, December 5, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
UNSC HQ New York City, New York
Kilo Grid 924-932 Zone: HOT

Sergeant Lieberg continued to fire his Rifle that he picked up from a dead marine. He never knew that they had this type of weapon now. His team had been fighting for over 3 hours when the Spartans left to get inside HQ. Sergeant Lieberg's brother, Sergeant Anthony Lieberg had gone to the main hospital in Rhode Island. Sergeant Lieberg didn't know if he was dead or not, although he was defiantly worried. Sergeant Lieberg knelt down holding up his new Rifle. Their mission was to get the information of where Covenants had landed their forces so they can attack them.
"Fuller, take cover marine! Wilson move in to position!" yelled the Sergeant hoping the Colonel Poe was still ok. The Colonel was taken captive with his team. Hopefully they were near their position.
Lieberg was sweating like heck as he ran towards Bezold tapping his head. He signaled him to go with Wilson. His squad was trying to flank the Covenant forces in the old Madison Square building. The Covenant forces lie waiting in side the building. Lieberg's team covered the first floor. He signaled Darby to plant some C-7 explosives for the Covenant that was trapped in the center square of the building.
Darby went in the building planting the explosives in the cement blocks holding the building together. The dug in his pouch and planted it on the building wall. "Happy Birthday Covenant!" Darby said running out of the building. Lieberg's team made it all out in time. The 3rd battalion Bravo Company walked out of the building with out getting shot by Covenant forces.
"Everyone accounted for?" Lieberg said looking at the Group. He turned his head looking at the tired faces. His team number was 9 but only saw 7 with him, counting him self. "Crap!"
"Sir! Williamson and Stoll went in to check the area! They are still in the building!" yelled Kincaid as he reloaded his Rifle.
"Ok! We will split into two groups. Bezold, and Darby with me. Fuller, you're with Kincaid, Wilson, and Heller! Ok let's move out!" Lieberg yelled hoping the two weren't dead yet. Lieberg's group moved in at the East side as Fuller's in the West.
"Sergeant! Wilson said he saw Stoll and Williamson in the control room sealing of the center with the steel doors. Permission to check there first, over?" Fuller asked as he took deep breaths before entering. Lieberg looked in side seeing no Covenant forces at his position.
"Fuller! Permission granted! Me team will head towards the armory in the building to see if Stoll and Williamson stood ground there. Try to come back alive and well, copy?" Lieberg said back to Fuller as he looked at his motion tracker. He hoped that the UNSC would improve marine tracking system like they did with the Spartans.
" I copy over!" Fuller said back to his Sergeant. Fuller signaled the team to move in the building. He ran over to the elevator near his position. He signaled Heller to open it as the rest of the team covered for her. She pressed the button and saw a dead Grunt body in the elevator. The team quickly raised their Rifle as they saw the body. No fired.
"It's dead." Whispered Heller as she kicked it. She walked in side and checked the roof. It had blue blood all over it. She signaled the team that it was cleared and entered the elevator to the top floor. Fuller pressed the button to the 5th floor hoping that any Covenant forces won't hit them. He pushed the button and the door quickly closed. The elevator started up.
The elevator made it to the fifth floor as Fuller checked it out. It was cleared. Fuller's team entered the hallway checking if there was any sign of Covenant activity. No sign so far. The team walked slowly threw the corridors to make sure they don't run into any Covenant scouts. The walked threw the double doors and headed towards the control room of the building. They made it threw and saw the door. The door had blue blood all over it. Fuller signaled Wilson to go in first, then Wilson slowly creped downward and entered the door.
"Lieutenant! Better come and see this sir!" Wilson yelled as Fuller's team entered the room. The glass was broken out and dark patches of grenade marks were visible. "I think Stoll and Williamson was in here sir. But it is hard to tell where they are or if they were taken by the Covenant.
"Understood." Fuller said back to the marine. "Take any weapons you find on the ground. Hopefully they are where the Sergeant's going. The armory."

Lieberg entered the steal doors to the cafeteria that was on the 2nd floor. The Sergeant couldn't believe that this building even had food here. The place was all so dusty and broken out that no one would even want to come here. "Ok," Lieberg whispered to his squad.
Lieutenant's Bezold and Darby were right behind him. They crawled on the ground with their Sergeants watching for any activity. So far, the Sergeant did not encounter any Covenant forces. "Ok. Head for that door on the section. That should take us straight towards the armory passing the old antique shop.
His two companions's nodded and stood up a little bit. They scattered around a 5ft radius in side the building. They walked slowly to the other door. Lieberg signaled Darby to enter first. He peeked out of the door and signaled that it was cleared. "Sergeant," Bezold whispered to his commander.
Bezold held his arm and shifted it towards his left. There laid two sleeping Grunts holding their Plasma Pistol. Lieberg signaled Darby and Bezold to melee them down. Bezold ran up first and smacked the Grunt on the head causing it to crack. The other Grunt that Darby was supposed to hit missed and started yelling out loud. Holy shit, thought Darby as he shot it.
"Fuller! Get your team out of this building ASAP. We have company!" Lieberg said on the COM as he fired his Rifle at a Covenant Elite. It ran more as Darby tripped it and shot it twice in the head. Bezold threw a grenade at the door and exploded. Bodies of Grunts and Jackals left the hallway.
"Understood sir! We have engaged the enemy also. We are heading to the South entrance! Recommend we head there for extraction over?" Fuller yelled back as he threw a Plasma grenade on to an Elite. The Elite tried to dodge it but failed causing a catastrophic result.
"Acknowledged! See you in one piece over!" Lieberg said finishing the conversation quickly as he told his team to fall back. The three of them kept on firing their Rifles and reloading them one bye one. Bullets and cartridges left the chamber as they struck the entire Covenant soldier that came with in 20ft of the three marines.
The two teams made it to the door in one piece. "Fire the explosives!" Lieberg said hoping that the two missing marines weren't in there.
"But sir?" Wilson said back at the Sergeant.
"You heard me mister! It's them or us. Now blow it before I stall you Lieutenant!" Lieberg said staring at his team.
"Yes sir!" Wilson said nodding his heads side ways. He pressed the button once he saw a Grunt by the door. The Building turned all black and red as the middle grew higher and higher then finally exploding into a graveyard of Covenant Forces.
Lieberg sat down on a damaged car. He laid his weapon on his lap and sighed as his team walked towards him. "You did what you had to do sir! But, we should be moving on and helping other citizens sir." Kincaid said as he walked past Bezold and the rest of the group.
"Understood. Do we have radio contact with HQ?" He asked Heller as she knelt down spitting saliva on to the ground.
"Affirmative sir! But we should keep radio silence to any one. Covenant intelligence might intercept our transmission if sent." Heller replied to the Sergeant as he stood back up. This was certainly great, though Lieberg as he looked at the place. The Covenant had destroyed everything they had accomplished and built in the past 100 years on Earth.
"Ok marines! Take anything you find useful and get saddled up. We are heading towards this facility," Lieberg said as he pulled a miniature map of New York City. Lieberg pointed to the Trade Centers, "The twin towers. The Covenant is somehow using it to transmit messages and to exchange weapons and supplies. This is also where they might be stashing the Colonel and his group."
"Sir? Do we rendezvous with the Spartans?" Fuller asked his Sergeant as he looked at him. He was tired of the fighting and wished it would stop. But he knew it could be forever until the UNSC turns the tide of the war.
"Yes we will. Hopefully they extracted the information they needed for the places that are under Covenant siege. The buildings they are in are located here, 2 to 3 miles towards the south of here. Do you guys," Lieberg said then noticing Heller, "and gals want to do this?"
No one said anything. They all looked at the Sergeant ready for anything. "Ok! Let's move out marines!"
The Bravo Company ran and ran across finished battle zones. Lieberg was definitely tired of running. But to the looks of him, Bezold was not tired at all, by the looks of it. They were jogging for over 20 minutes.
"Sir! Covenant's at our nines!" Heller yelled to the Sergeant as they slowed down kneeling.
"Take cover marine. Darby! Take that sucker out!" Lieberg yelled to the Sniper.
"Acknowledged Sergeant." Darby said with a pulling of a trigger. The bullet flew out and struck the Elite in the head, then all of a sudden. At least 100 Covenant soldiers came running towards them.
"Fire at will!" Lieberg said as all seven marines fired what ever they had in their hands at the swarms of Covenant foes. Many after many Covenants lied there on the solid ground dead with blood poring from them.
"Heller! Get that Elite!" Fuller yelled to her as she positioned her Rifle at the Elite running towards her. She had not notice what hit her as the Elite ignited its sword and slashed straight threw her. The blue hurled energy struck Lieutenant's Heller body as she looked at her body she took out a grenade as the Elite grabbed it. The body fell down as the Elite looked closer at the grenade. It pulled out the pin and the marines ran away watching the Elite that was confused.
The grenade that was given to the Elite by Lieutenant Heller started to crack. Then the grenade exploded causing Grunts and Jackals with the Elite to fly high in the sky. The Covenant soldiers kept firing their Plasma weapons at the squad as they fell back.
"They got Heller!" Darby said pulling his trigger of his used up S2 AM Sniper Rifle. He continued firing it at multiple Covenant forces. They each clutched their necks as they fell to the ground dead. "Fire in the hole!" Darby yelled to his team as he threw a Grenade to a pack of Grunts trying to run past the group of Jackals that lie in front of them. The grenade fell and the Grunts stared at it. They started yelling in a high pitched sound as their 5 foot body wailed in the air as the grenade devise exploded before them.
"Bezold get to the building," Lieberg pointed to the small sphere shape dome as he fired his Rifle, "and start launching some rockets!"
"Yes sir!" Bezold said carrying two-loaded Jack-Hammer Rocket Launcher in his two arms. The weight was enormous compared to his training days. He ran to the top and shot a hole big enough to stick his rocket launcher threw. He stuck the launcher in side and yelled, "Sir. Ready for testing sir!"
"Permission granted! Get it started Marine!" Lieberg said looking back at Bezold as Plasma flew past him. This was tiring thought Lieberg as he held on tightly to his grenade throwing it far back. The grenade exploded causing a few Elites and Grunts to fly in the sky. Luckily there were no Hunters around. Lieberg was glad until he saw what he saw. There lay in his eyes at least 10 to 15 of brown fuzzy hairy beast. It had sharp teeth and gave a load roar.
It was the Brutes.