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Halo 2: Chapter 7 ; Part 3
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 9 April 2004, 11:11 AM

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Chapter Seven

1552 Hours, December 5, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
Ghost Town, Nevada New Mombassa, Africa
Perimeter of LZ Zone: HOT

The Warthog drove on and fired. "That's the way yah!" yelled Mobell as he fired his Rifle. One Warthog drove on the road as the Chief's drove on the side curve. The Chief saw two Covenant buses and pulled the trigger blowing up the bus. The Bus exploded with a blue ball of fiery. The Chief fired at the second bus but missed.
"Sit out you chump!" yelled Lore as he drove on. The two Warthogs drove separate ways on the block. The Chief fired and blew up a car that was in front of the two Jackals that fired its Plasma Pistol. The car flipped and killed the pair of Jackals. The Warthog drove on as the Chief spotted another Bus. He fired his gun and blew the bus up. The bus blew up as the rest of the others did. The Warthog drove on it met up with the other Warthog running over Grunts and Jackals. They fired their guns and drove on, the turned on the corner and saw a pair of Ghost driving away from the Warthogs.
"Ghost! Making a break for it!" yelled Mobell as he continued to fire his Assault Rifle.
The Chief destroyed one of the Ghosts but the other was destroyed by Shriek that was on the other gun of the Warthog. The Ghost blew up with pieces of it flying everywhere. Two more came up on the corner and fired their Plasma cannons. The blue blobs flew towards the Warthogs as the Chief fired the gun on the back of the LRV. The Ghost blew up and the Warthog turned chasing the other one.
The pair of Warthogs skidded across the road and saw a Covenant bus. The Chief fired his gun causing the bus to explode when turning around. The driver saw another pair of Ghost on the side waiting for them. "Sir!"
The Chief shot the Ghost and it blew up. The other Warthog came around the corner causing the Ghost to drive into the Warthog and flying into the air. The Chief shot it as it flew into a bunker. The Chief and the other marines drove on. Now the Three Warthogs drove on as a Ghost flew away and a Ghost fired its Plasma cannon at the Chief. The Chief shot it at point blank range causing the shields on his suit to flicker.
"A Phantom!" Cortana said to the Chief in his HUD display unit. The Warthogs shot their guns at the Phantom as it flew over them. The blast to the Phantom did no damage. The Phantom fired its pinkish Plasma cannon while the Warthogs turned around. The Phantom flew onward hitting a building. The Phantom blew up and the Warthogs continued down the pathway. The Warthog drove on going under a tunnel.
The Chief looked if any more Phantoms were coming. He thought there was none left, but was wrong. A Covenant Phantom flew overhead as the Chief pulled the trigger of the gun attached to the Warthog. The bolts hit the huge Phantom as it continued to fire Plasma at the two Warthogs.
The Master Chief continued firing at the Covenant vessel as it headed ahead of the LRV. The two Warthog's fired its gun as the bolts hit the ship. Suddenly the Covenant Phantom dropped three Brutes. This is bad, thought the Chief as he heard Cortana say, "Brutes!"
The Brutes ran towards the Warthogs. One Brute jumped onto the Warthog next to the Chief's. The Brute violently slashed all the marines on the Warthog. One by one the marines yelled in pain. Lieutenant's Yats, Greg, and Cox flew out of the Warthog trying to get out their SMG pistols. They shot two bullets into one of the Brutes as the other held it's arm up and slashed the three. The Brute walked on top of them ripping their skulls off. The Chief was disappointed. He turned his head and fired his gun at the third Brute.
The Brute then jumped onto the Warthog slashing Mobell. Mobell's body flew away from the Warthog as it continued to drive. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Mobell said as his last words.
"Jesus, Ahh!" yelled Lore as he too was shoved harshly off of the LRV. Now the Warthog slowed down as the Brute growled. The Chief quickly jumped out and pulled out his Rifle. He shot three bullets and ran up to it as the Brute looked at his body for any thing that was wrong. The Bullets had reflected off of its armor and fell to the ground.
The Chief smacked the Brute as it looked at him. The Chief was angry. The Brute gave a loud yell as it headed towards the Chief. It was a face off. The Chief was faster though. The Chief quickly melee the Brute as it grabbed its throat as the Chief shot 5 bullets into its throat. The Brute fired his weapon causing the other Brutes to look at the Chief.
The Phantom held on top of the fight not doing anything. The Chief wondered why. He then zoomed on and fired the car next to the two Brutes. The Brutes gave a loud yell as the car exploded in front of them. The Chief then looked up and heard Cortana yell.
"Ghost! To your right." As Cortana told the Chief as he turned around as instructed.
The Chief switched his weapons to his two SMG pistols. He fired the weapon as the Three Ghost flew quickly towards him. The Ghost that came ahead of the rest fired its Plasma as the Chief dodged it. The Ghost went by. The other two came at the Chief. They both fired its Plasma, as the Chief was ready to jump on to the Ghost.
"Wait for it," said Cortana as the Chief waited. He took a deep breath and jumped. The Chief made it on the Ghost as Cortana said, "Nice."
The Chief looked dead straight at the Brute as it growled. The Chief then swung him self towards the Brute as he kicked it off of the Ghost. The Chief took control as a Phantom flew overhead. The two Ghosts fired their Plasma as the Phantom flew over them. The Chief turned the vehicle as Plasma flew from the Phantom towards the Ghost.
The Chief looked and saw a Brute running towards him. He fired his Plasma as the Brute did with his. The Brute got hit a few times and then toppled over and died. The Phantom fired more of its Plasma at the Chief as he accelerated ahead. The Two Ghost followed firing at him.
"The marines won't stand a chance if those Phantoms double back! See if you can draw them off!" yelled Cortana in his HUD display again. The Chief accelerated more as the two Phantoms appeared with three more Ghost on the Chief's tail. This was a great plan, the Chief though in his mind. The Chief turned the Ghost around the corner and drove straight. Plasma flew around him as they quickly caught up. The Chief drove up a ramp heading towards the highway.
The Ghosts and the Phantoms followed the Spartan everywhere he went. They continued to fire their Plasma at him. The Chief looked back and saw the Covenants Ghost and Phantom. This is bad, thought the Chief again as he powered the Ghost everything it got. The Phantoms still caught up firing their Plasma cannons at him.
The other Ghosts fired their Plasma at the Chief as it flew around him. The Chief certainly hoped that they would not kill him. The Chief saw the entrance to the bridge. He looked up and saw an ad sign. That thought to him that the Phantom would miss it and get hit if they were distracted enough. The Chief accelerated even more and Plasma flew around him.
The Chief was wrong. The Phantom fired multiply burst of Plasma at the ad sign. Then the sign started to flicker as it started to fall apart. The Phantom however held position flying towards the as sign hoping that it would fall apart before the Chief was gone. It continued to fire its Plasma as the Sign began to fall even more. The Phantom quickly flew downwards under the sign as it fell apart. It was a bad move for the Phantom as the sign hit the ship on the starboard side.
The ship began to flip over firing its Plasma cannon everywhere. The Phantom began to flicker and exploded meters away from the Chief. The explosion was blue as pieces of the ship flew everywhere. The three Ghosts continued ahead of the phantom. The Chief then saw the sign that entered the other highway.
The Chief looked up and saw the sign flashing red. It said Highway Access Denied: Automatic Highway Shutdown. The Chief saw smoke in the tunnel and peeked around the edge of the Ghost. He then saw the doors to the highway closing slowly.
"Chief!" Cortana said to the Chief as the Chief replied.
"Hang on!" John said as the Ghost flew on faster. The Highway doors closed as the Chief began to jump off of the Ghost. The Chief leaped as the Ghost touched the doors. The Ghost began to blow as John slid across the highway road. The Chiefs MJOLNIR armor began to glow red as he skidded on the ground. The doors finally closed shut as the three Ghosts drove on ward towards the Chief. The Brute on the Ghost however looked ahead and saw the doors closed. It yelled to turn around but the Ghost kept on forward. The other Brutes looked at each other as the Ghost hit the door. The three Ghosts exploded it a ball of blue fire. The pieces of metal flew everywhere in the tunnel.
The Chief stood up as he shook his head. "Bingo! There's the cruiser," Cortana said to the Chief as he looked up and saw the vessel. The Covenant cruiser had its gravity lift online sending down troops. "Now all we need to do is..."
Suddenly in the sky, pods started flying everywhere landing in any spot they crashed at. The Chief looked up and saw at least probably eight to nine pods fall in front of him. The Chief held his SMG pistols and pointed it at the pods. Then the Chief wondered what they were. The pods then began to shift and open. The top lid of the pod exploded outward as Elites, Black experienced Elites came out with their swords and shields working. Smoke filled the pods as the Elite jumped out. The Elites talked to each other as the only word the Chief heard was, "Woort, woort woot!"
Then the Elites began to circle the Spartan and the AI. They swished their arm and the laser swords in their arm began to hurl to life. The swords hummed as they slowly circled the Chief even more. The Chief looked at the Elites faces as the mouth opened showing its sharp teeth at the Chief.
The Chief took another deep and slow breath and looked around. He dug in his pouch and picked out a Plasma grenade. He held on to it and lit it. The Chief looked around the Elites one last time as Cortana said, "Bet you can't stick it?"
"Your on!" John said throwing the Grenade hoping that it would do enough to escape the Elites.