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Halo 2: Chapter 7 ; Part 1
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 9 April 2004, 11:09 AM

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Chapter Seven

1552 Hours, December 5, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
Ghost Town, Nevada New Mombassa, Africa
Perimeter of LZ Zone: HOT

Gabriel fired her Assault Rifle as the Elite as it ran up towards her. She had been fighting for over 2 hours and on. The Rest of the Spartans and marines fired at the Covenant as they came in waved. Scorpion Tanks fired it gun and Warthogs ran over the Grunts and Jackals. Gabriel thought to her self that this was certainly war. She threw a grenade over by a Wrath tank and blew. Pieces of a metal alloy flew over the battlefield.
She took a deep breath and fired his Assault Rifle. Bullets left her chamber as the rounds flew threw the war zone. Their own personal LZ had been discovered and was attack from all sides. It was harsh to her as she ran for cover with her partners Kevin and Joe. They all were tired and hoped this would stop.
"Kevin! Take out that Banshee at seven. Joe, cover me!" Gabriel told Joe and Kevin simultaneously.
Their lights winked on and Kevin took aim for the Banshee. He pulled the trigger of his Sniper Rifle and the Banshee headed down with the Elite pilot. Joe turned over and fired his Rifle as Gabriel ran out to throw grenades at the enemy. Plasma fire flew everywhere at the three Spartans.
To Gabriel's estimate they had killed over thousands and thousands of Covenant Soldiers. To their luck there was no Brutes. Gabriel threw five grenades at the Covenant Wraith Tanks and the Ghost. The grenades blew only denting the machines temporarily. Gabriel picked up her Rifle and fired. All the bullets she had left excited the chamber. She was empty of clips and grenades.
"Gabriel," Kevin told her as he fired his Rifle, "we only have two clips left. We need to head back to the LZ and take off to a new location!" Kevin said firing his Sniper again and switched to his pistol.
"Acknowledged! Fall back Spartan's!" Gabriel yelled to her combadge. She walked back wards then saw a deserted Ghost. "Joe, cover me again! I am going to get a souvenir!"
"Understood! Good luck!" Joe said firing his last ammunition of his Assault Rifle.
Gabriel ran to the deserted Ghost and flipped it over. Bullets flew passed Gabriel as she started the Covenant machines engine. The Ghost roared to life as Gabriel powered the gas or what ever the machine ran on. The UNSC and the ONI still never found out how and what powered the Covenant's vehicles.
"Got the Ghost! Heading your way and hop on Spartans!" Gabriel yelled firing the Ghost plasma turret and driving towards Kevin and Joe. She was half was there when a Wraith Tank fired its Plasma cannon. The blue hurled energy flew in the air as it hit near Kevin. Kevin disintegrated into thin air with his weapon away. Kevin was gone.
Gabriel saw the body of Kevin and ignored it. She had to save as many of her team she could. She drove the Ghost towards Joe as he hopped on. "Kevin's gone." Gabriel told him in disappointment.
"Understood." Joe said looking at Kevin's body. He hoped that the others did not die as well.
"Blue-One to Red-One! Blue-Three is gone and we are heading towards LZ copy?" Gabriel yelled in her COM as it answered back.
"Acknowledged Blue-One. Approaching LZ in one minute. Estimated time for the Covenant to reach the LZ is," Rick checked his clock as he answered firing his Assault Rifle at a Covenant Elite, "3 minutes and counting. Call E-VAC and tell them to load up the Scorpion's and Warthog's onto the Pelicans."
"Acknowledged! Blue-One out!" Gabriel said reaching their LZ.
She jumped off and ran to Sergeant Lieberg and Colonel Poe.
"Sir! Covenants are coming in three minutes. Suggest we move out and leave some C-7 explosives and presents for the Covenant?" Gabriel asked as the other marines looked at her surprised in seeing only two back.
"Ok marines! You heard the lady, get ready to leave! On the double!" Sergeant Lieberg yelled to the marines. The marines ran to the Warthog's and Pelicans to load up.
"Where's your other Spartan?" Colonel Poe asked wondering what had happen to him.
"He was lost sir." Gabriel said to the Colonel as she walked up to the boxes of clips and loaded her weapon.
"Understood. Sad though. Ok people lets get moving. We are leaving in 2 minutes and no more!" Poe yelled to the hard working marines.
The marines ran to the Scorpion Tank and attached it to the Pelican drop ship. Warthogs were attached to the Pelicans also as nine more Spartans ran to the LZ.
"Sorry we're late sir! Bloody Covenant's they are!" Bill told the Colonel watching the marines ready for take off.
Ok Spartans lets blow some stuff up!" Poe yelled as they ran to the explosive lockers. The C-7's were armed and ready for a big party.
"Ok marines! Get in now!" Lieberg yelled as all 10 Pelicans lifted off with the Scorpion Tanks and Warthog's on the back. The thrusters roared and the Pelican flew onward.
"Gabriel! Look!" Rick said to Gabriel, as she looked out side the aft hatch. She saw al the Covenant gather around the deserted base, "Should I?"
"Yes blow it!" Gabriel said sadly.
Then Rick pressed the button and the once known base had turned into a big ball of fire. Wraith Tanks exploded. Covenant soldier flew everywhere there was. And Gabriel saw everything. A whole Covenant evasion battalion was destroyed. She looked at her Spartans and now there were only five Blue members in her team. Kevin gone there was a whole new battle to face, one Spartan gone, but one more casualty of war.
The Pelican drop ship flew on and on. Luke was on watch from the aft hatch. The rest of the Spartans took sleep. Gabriel however did not sleep on the trip. She talked to Luke about what happen to Kevin. They had to accept it no matter the cost because he was now put on the list for MIA.
The Pelican drop ship was now in route to the weapons facility. If the Chief failed the mission to capture the Cruiser then he would and probably would go to the facility. The drop ship reached the facility as it had landed. The door to the facility was closed tightly.
"Well hopefully the Master Chief is in there." Rick said walking ahead of the group. The drop ships detached their vehicles. The Scorpion Tanks lined up on the side as the Warthog on the other. They did that just incase if there were Covenant inside the facility.
Gabriel walked towards the panel but did not know the password. Colonel Poe walked up and asked her to step aside. He tapped the buttons and asked Gabriel what the Spartans say when they are clear to move in.
"It's Oly, Oly Oxen Free." Gabriel said.
Colonel Poe typed it in and the door began to move. The Scorpion Tanks targeted and the Warthogs gunner aimed at the door. As the tight and sealed door now opened. There on the other side laid Master Chief Petty Officer John with a few marines on the other side aiming their Rifles and cannons.
The two groups looked at each other and the Chief walked ahead and looked around. He signaled the team to move in the building. The Pelicans flew in after the Scorpion Tank and the Warthog drove in. They lie in the bay and docked as the marines hopped out and ran to the group. The Spartans and the marines from the battle looked at the Chief. He was there and fine.
"Well looks like the team is all right except there are only 11 Spartans. Kevin's gone?" Cortana asked as they entered the facility.
"Yes he is." Rick said to the Chief and Cortana. The Master Chief nodded side ways and told them to get ready. They were going to go out for a battle. The rest nodded and ran to fill their supplies and vehicles. The 12 Spartans sat down on a Scorpion Tank and talked about the battle and how the Chief got to the facility. They talked about the mission for over 30 minutes and were ready to go. The teams were the same but the Master Chief will go with Cortana and the marines. Gabriel and Rick thought they should stay together but got over with it.
"Ok. Gabriel and Rick you two will lead blue team while I try to help the marines." John told the Spartans as they nodded their heads side ways.
"Hope you can stay alive for the party Chief. Well anyways we should be heading back to an area that needs assistance." Gabriel told the Chief as he stood up looking at her in her MJOLNIR suit.
"Master Chief! The marines and the Admiral are ready to move out of this facility. Admiral Willington suggests we leave behind a copy of Cortana." Kim said running towards the Chief as the Chief turned around and saw him in his brown eyes.
"Acknowledged. Cortana?" John said to the AI as she appeared in a tiny image on his HUD display unit.
"I heard Chief hook me up to data crystal for cloning," Cortana said to the Chief as he did so. Cortana was uploaded to another data crystal and cloned, "There done. Yank me out Chief."
John did so and inserted the chip back into his helmet. "Ready Cortana?"
"Yes Chief ready." Cortana said back to the Chief as the cloned Cortana became online on the bases computer.
"AI construct Cortana here? Any one?" The Copy Cortana asked to the big facility.
"Cortana," Admiral Willington said to the copied AI, "Make sure no one comes in this facility unless they now the Pass word."
"Understood Admiral. I will keep the base in order until any of you marines will return." The copy Cortana informed the Admiral as he smiled.
"Very well. Ok marines! Ready?"
"Sir yes Sir!" the group of marines yelled out loud.
"Then? Well move out marines! Double time!" Admiral Willington said walking over to a Pelican drop ship. He entered the ship and picked out the marines to enter. First the Admiral told the Master Chief to enter with a few of his marines. They were Lieutenant's Iris, Nash, Lore, Greg, and Cox.
The marines sat down on the Pelicans seats. They each carried either Covenant Rifles or the new Battle Assault Rifles. The Master Chief walked into the Pelican as the Admiral asked him to. The Chief and the Admiral stood up as the Pelican flew upward towards the bay doors. Three Pelican drop ships flew out as the Spartans drove out with the Scorpion tanks and Warthogs. The two groups had gone separate directions.
Sergeant Mark Lieberg was heading towards New York City with Colonel Poe and the Spartans while Sergeant Anthony Lieberg headed to the Main Hospital in Rhode Island.