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Halo 2: Chapter 6 ; Part 2
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 5 April 2004, 2:50 AM

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Chapter Six

1210 Hours, December 5, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
Longsword Fighter in orbit of Earth
Cargo Bay One

The Master Chief walked down the last 5 meters and into the door. He looked around and only saw empty space. The Chief wondered where they were. "Cortana! Where are we?" The Chief asked the AI.
"I am sorry Chief but we are on the third level on the docking bay."
The Chief looked down and saw the ships doing nothing. "Understood." The Chief climbed down the floor. As he crawled, and made it to the second floor, he then took a deep breath and looked at his clock. It had 0:42 seconds left. The Chief climbed down to the first level and jumped to the bottom. His shield bar flickered and returned to normal. He walked to the Covenant Drop ship and accessed the ship with Cortana's help.
The Drop ship roared to life as it flew threw the shields. He never knew that was possible. Probably the Covenant upgraded the system technology, the drop ship headed towards Earth. The drop ships view screen showed Earth. It was still Red and Orange.
The Master Chief looked at the aft view screen and saw the again amazing Covenant Cruiser called the Truth & Reconciliation. The ship blew up with over heated charges.

As the reactor began to melt, Covenant engineers and workers tried to repair it. The C-7 explosives did the most damage to the ship. All Covenant soldiers ran for their lives saying the, "INFEDAL DID IT! THE INFEDAL!" The Flood however, also ran. They entered the cargo bay on the other side of the ship. They managed to power up their drop ships engines and escape the blast.

The Covenant drop ship the Master Chief was flying in, did not get shot down by either Covenant or UNSC ships in space. The coordinates were set for Ghost town, Nevada, the location at where he presumed that his team was. The ship entered the atmosphere with out being shot at.
"Chief. Firing after burners for re-entry. Should I set a course to Ghost town, Nevada Chief?" Cortana asked the Chief as the ship boosted towards the Earth's atmosphere.
"No don't. The Covenant might pinpoint our location and send reinforcements here." The Chief replied to the AI as she flew over the Atlantic Ocean.
The Covenant drop ship flew over the rippling water. Waves and waves rushed away from the ship. The Covenant flew about 275 km per hour. Waters rushed away more as the ship flew faster. The Chief hoped that his team was all right. They were headed towards the Central Command in the UNSC HQ. The Chief looked at Cortana as she sat there piloting the controls while the Chief stared at the AI.
"What is it Chief?" Cortana asked as she disappeared from one console then to the console next to the Chief.
"I just well...don't won't to lose any of my team again like Kelly, Sam, Fred, Linda and the others, but I know we have to accept casualties. Anyways, set a course to this coordinates. It will take us to the─" The Chief said before Cortana interrupted.
"Facility of weapons and explosives for war. Right got it Chief. Up loading now. There changing course." Cortana said while the ship moved and headed north by northwest.
The Covenant drop ship hit land. The Chief saw UNSC personal fighting for their lives. As the drop ship flew by the Chief saw many covenant warriors. "Cortana destroy those Covenant and open the hatch for the marines." The Chief told Cortana as she was instructed to.
The Covenant drop ship fired plasma at the raging Covenant as many of them fell dead. There were at least 12 marines, enough to hold on the drop ship. Each of the plasma fire struck the Covenant and burned them to energy. The entire Covenant that was firing then stopped and burned to death. Some of them ran like heck everywhere not knowing where to go. The Marines however looked at the Covenant drop ship as the hatches opened.
"Get on board marines! This is Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan-117! We are going on a joy ride!" John added with satisfaction. The marines yelled and ran to strap them self's to the drop ship. The Sergeant of the squad entered the cockpit with the Chief and Cortana.
The doors closed and the drop ship lifted heading toward the weapons facility.
"Thank you Master Chief. We were almost goners. I am Sergeant A. C. Lieberg of the 5th company Charlie. My brother runs 3rd on Bravo now I believe. Are we heading towards the weapons facility?" The Sergeant told the Chief as he sat down watching his marines in the bay check their ammo and grenades.
"Yes we are," Cortana, answered to the Sergeant t as she looked at him, "our Spartans are in Ghost town, Nevada. After getting to the weapons facility we are going to head towards Ghost town. We will rendezvous with Spartans Gabriel and Rick with their companions."
"Acknowledged. Well lets get started shall we?" The Sergeant said looking at the view screen one last time.
The drop ship flew over the burning land. Battles raged on Earth as the Covenant drop ship now called by the Lieutenants on the drop ship, Burning Rage. The marines sat down playing cards as the ship rumbled. It appeared that they were playing poker with extra clips of ammo. The Burning Rage shook again and the Chief wondered what was happening.
"The Fires are now burning some sort of radiation to plasma fire. The Covenant might of have developed a new weapon." Cortana told the Chief and the Sergeant.
"Well I'll be damned. Covenant, now, building a new weapon. My God before we start turning the tide of this war we might be dead already." Sergeant Lieberg told the AI and the Spartan Chief. He looked at he purple cockpit. He wondered if all the ships were always this purple. This was his first time in a Covenant vessel.
"We are almost to the facility. Prepare for heavy fire!" The Chief yelled in the COM system.
A Lieutenant walked up to the view screen and told them they were ready. The Master Chief looked at the view screen and saw them putting away the extra clips of ammo. They put their cards away and held on to the pole that was attached to the drop ships inside.
"Ready Chief!" The Lieutenant said to the Chief as he held on.
"Understood marine. Chief out!" The Chief ended ready for battle himself. The checked his weapon and looked at his clip. It had 10 bullets left in the chamber. He emptied it and shoved a new one right in. The new clip of ammo carried 40 bullets for each casing.
The Covenant Drop ship aka Burning Rage landed at the main facility of the UNSC weapons storage facility and its bay doors opened. All 12 marines plus the Master Chief and the Sergeant walked out and saw the fortress that was not damaged, not yet anyways thought the Chief as he walked pasted the marines ready for a battle.
"Cortana. Can you access the door open and scan for any UNSC personal in this building?" The Master Chief asked Cortana as she responded yes. The Chief took out the chip that was at the back of his helmet. The chip detached and attached itself to the console panel next to the 5-meter Titanium-A blast door.
"The door seems to have an access code. Wait one moment while I try to crack it. All codes have no access to these buildings, and I cannot see how many soldiers whether either UNSC or Covenant are in there. This is strange."
"Try Oly, Oly Oxen Free." The Chief suggested as she did so. The door blinked green and it opened. The door moved very slowly as meters of the door moved. The doors gave a screeching sound. The door opened a little bit as it showed a few UNSC soldiers in on the other side. The marines had their pistols and MA5B's up. They each clicked their weapons to burst fire mode. Each of the 5th company froze and stared at the marines.
"Hold your fire! This is Sergeant Anthony Clinton Lieberg. We have the Master Chief with us!" Lieberg told the group of soldiers that laid their guns down. They switched the clips to safety and let the marines enter the building.
The Master Chief walked in and saw the rows of rows of guns; grenades, Scorpion Tanks, Warthogs, and Pelican drop ships. The Sergeant gave a low and short whistle to the group of marines that were in the fortress before them.
"Who's in charge here marine!" Lieberg asked the soldier as he opened his moth to speak.
"Admiral Willington sir!" The marine said with a salute. The Sergeant gave a salute back and dismissed him.
"Where is Admiral Willington? Wasn't he dead?" The Sergeant Lieberg asked the Master Chief with his AI.
"No. He was not dead. He contacted me before I made a jump for the restored and fully armed Truth and Reconciliation." Chief told the Sergeant as he told Cortana to pilot the ship in the facility and to destroy its signal. Cortana did so when the Master Chief took the chip and inserted it to the console of the Covenant Drop ship aka Burning Rage. The Burning Rage moved in the bay as it settled down near a pack of Scorpion Tanks.
"He is in the medical wing sir. He asked that no one see him." The Marine told the Master Chief as he stood still.
"What's all your names marine so I can insert your names to a certain band frequency so we can communicate." The Master Chief told the marines as they looked at him strangely. The marines listened and filed in a straight line. The Spartan looked at the marines as he walked by the straight line.