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Halo 2: Chapter 4
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 3 April 2004, 12:33 AM

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Chapter Four

1156 Hours, Date Unknown, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
Longsword Fighter in orbit of Covenant vessels Earth

The Longsword Fighter dropped out of slipspace about 5 clicks away from Earth. As the scratched up, and dirty painted, pitch black ship flew, it was at least 10 minutes till the ship reached Earth. As the ship slew the Chief saw many of the stars, and only two planets in the Earth's solar system right now. It was Mars, and Earth.
On the Bridge... "Chief we will be at Earth in less than 10 minutes. Shall I notify the crew?" Cortana asked John as she appeared next to the console in the command chair.
"Understood Cortana. Yes, signal the crew, and tell then to review the mission plan one last time. Send regards to the Marines brother Lieutenant. And we are going to war." The Master Chief said to Cortana not looking at her even once.
His MJOLNIR armor moved about the bridge. The shiny armor plating that helped the Chief in many battles was ready to take more beatings with the Chief. The Chief was ready for another victory. They disregarded the Cole Protocol cause it was also no use. The Covenant Forces already found Earth, and started to try to glass the planet. After the transmission from Admiral Stanforth, they immediately readied for battle.
The test for the new Scorpion tank was a complete failure, and after that incident, the morale of the Marines fell. The Chief saw many marines saying that they weren't going to make it. John thought to himself that he should have tested the tank at Earth instead of before a battle. John walked down the hallway, and walked again to the weapons locker. Gabriel contacted John to the armory with the rest of the Spartans. John walked threw the blast steel door as it opened. He entered the room, and saw many crates.
John looked at Gabriel, and saw her walking towards him. Gabriel came, and stood still saluting. The Chief saluted back after telling her to carryon. "Sir. We have the crates of new weapons ready for battle sir. These are the latest state-of-the-art weapons for the Spartans that Dr. Halsey created," Gabriel said to the Chief and the rest of the Spartans, "These are the new assault rifle. They have extra power, and they can pierce Elites armor by 1 inch. To of these rounds can possible take out an Elites shields. These are called the Battle Assault Rifle. These however are standard issue 5mm caliber pistols. They are very powerful, and are almost the same as the Battle Assault Rifle. They have only 6 bullets in each clip, but can do enough damage to dent a Hunter's armor. These guns are very valuable, and are not aloud to fall into Covenant hands." Gabriel said to the squad that was amused.
"Everyone, get a pair with extra clips and get ready. Head to Cargo bay 2 for battle staging." John said to the Spartans happy that they have something that is compared to a plasma pistol at least. John saw the groups get the new Battle Assault Rifle, and the new standard issue 5mm pistol.
John heard all the rushing to the crates, cause everyone loved them, like a dog to a partner getting ready to be best pals. All the MJOLNIR armor clattered, and bashed each other as they ran for the new weapons. There were eight crates full of these new weapons, and extra clips. After all the Spartans rushed to get their new weapons, there were only at least 2, and a half crates left full of clips, and Weapons.
Rick looked at the new weapons amazed. The gun was lighter, but can take an Elite down with three shots at least. He gave a short whistle and walked towards the pistol crate. He walked over glancing at Gabriel first. He wondered how Gabriel was to get these weapons. Was it from Dr. Halsey, or from somewhere else? Rick looked into the box of pistols and grabbed one. It looked like a Covenant pistol, but it was all gray and black. The weapon had a holster for it to carry on their sides. The gun was the same amount of weight as the Battle Assault Rifle.
Rick saw the other Spartans amazed at seeing these new, light, armor-piercing bullets that went into the chamber of the pistol. He turned and saw Greg, Kate, and Bill check out the weapons too. There were only a few weapons left. Rick saw John stand up looking at Gabriel surprised of where she got the weapons. But Rick could already tell that the Chief seen the weapons before, probably on Reach.
Gabriel looked at the Chief and hoped that he was happy to see some friendly weapons. She glanced at Rick and nodded to him. He nodded back with a slight smile. She hoped that these weapons are effective as to Dr. Halsey told her about them. But then she already knew that the Chief used them before and immediately knew that they worked.
The Chief looked at Gabriel again and asked, "Where did you get these weapons from Gabriel?" John said still amazed that these weapons were still working and were on the ship.
"Dr. Halsey delivered them to me after the...well," Gabriel looked away from the Chief cause she didn't want to say after the Testing of the new Scorpion Tank.
"Was it after the Scorpion Tank test?" Chief said to Gabriel smiling.
"Yes sir, it was. I left just after the tank blew up and saw you walking towards the Lieutenant's brother.
"Very well Gabriel. Fine work, and tell Dr. Halsey thank you. This will certainly boost the morale of the crew.
"She told me to tell you thank you sir." Gabriel said looking at the Chief again wondering what was on his mind.
"I think I will pick one of these weapons up Gabriel." The Chief said watching everyone pick up one or two pistols with one Battle Assault Rifle.
John watched all the Spartans clean their new, and flashy gun with polish. The light shined on the gun as it deflected off of the gun. John stood up, and walked to the half full crate. John picked up a Battle Assault Rifle, and a 5mm pistol. He stood up, and clipped the pistol to his right side and attached his Battle Assault Rifle to his back. The gun held at that spot the Chief put it in. It must have magnetized on to the armor or something. The Chief looked at Gabriel while she picked up a Battle Assault Rifle, and a pistol. "Gabriel, is this gun magnetize able?" John asked to the expert with weaponry.
"Yes it is. It has a fail-safe device that magnetizes in onto your MJOLNIR armor. Here is the clip," Gabriel showed John, and John looked at his gun. His gun was set for magnetized. John switched the clip for the safety-lock.
"Thanks Gabriel." John said switch in it back to magnetize. He walked over to the desk next to the box of M60 shotguns, and shells. John sat down on the chair looking at the Spartans happy to kick some Covenant Asses. He then saw Gabriel walk up to the desk that John was sitting at. "What is it Gabriel?" John asked Gabriel as she pulled up a chair, and sat in it with the back of the chair facing the Chief.
"Why did you change the mission plan Chief?" Gabriel asked pulling her Pistol out cleaning it with a cloth. The cloth was all dirty and rugged out.
"I don't know Gabriel. I guess, that I just Admiral Whitcomb said "Give Them Hell" John said to the Spartan cleaning her gun out.
"Well it is one hell of a plan Chief, but it is also risky. Unlike the way you captured that Covenant vessel with nothing, but Cortana, a Hell jumper, and four marines. It wont be easy this time. One of the ships might be loaded with Hunters, or even Elites. I am not saying that it will be hard, its just that I am saying that it is─"
"Risky, unthinkable, unwise?" The Chief said looking at the Spartan as she fixed her pistol, and loaded it back to her side.
"No, sir. It is just that since Reach is gone, we should go to Earth directly, and help the forces down there." Gabriel said gesturing with her hands.
"Ok Gabriel. You will lead Blue Team, and Rick's will go down to the planet with files, and orders from me. Cortana will be with me." John said thinking this vastly.
"Sir what are you going to do sir?" Gabriel said shrinking her voice a little.
"I am going to do my mission. Capture a Covenant Vessel, and send it to Earth. This might be easier if I were alone with an AI." The Chief said to Gabriel as she stood up.
"Are you absorbed Chief? You can't take a Covenant ship with just a Spartan, and an AI, can you?" Gabriel said to the Chief.
"No. It may not be possible. If I fail which is hardly impossible, you will become Master Chief Petty Officer Gabriel Grownster. Understood?" John said to Gabriel as she walked to the door.
"Yes sir." Gabriel said saluting, and before leaving the Master Chief alone in the armory with the others.
The Master Chief lifted his Assault Rifle, and laid it in the box with the other Rifles. John kept the clips, cause he would be headed to Cargo bay 4 to make a drop off.
John walked away from the Armory with the Spartans. They walked the hallway that was flashing Red, and Yellow everywhere. They reached Cargo bay 2, and entered. The Chief walked up the ladder, and in to the safe room where all the controls, and buttons were. All of the Spartans loaded up and saluted the Chief before entering the Pelican drop ship.
The Master Chief saluted the Spartans back. The others ended their salute, and entered the Pelican. All of the Spartans filled up 2 Pelicans. The Pelican to the right was blue teams. Hopefully they will not lose one Spartan if possible. The Pelican in the middle was Rick's ride. The Spartans were ready, as they can ever be. John saw a few Spartans checking their guns again to make sure they were battle ready. The last Pelican was Gabriel's. She looked up at John, and nodded. John nodded back to the Spartan, and she tapped her head twice ready for lift off. Gabriel looked at her squad thinking what will happen to Earth if they failed. Gabriel pushed aside that thought and looked at the Chief one last time. She saluted at the Chief before heading off.
John watched the Pelicans engine roared to life as at least 60 marines divided into 10 groups. John saw the marines enter the ten Pelicans. The Warthogs were magnetized to the Pelican. They attached quickly under no stress at all. The marine in Pelican B said with a low tuned whistle, "Cant wait to drive that hog. Well, lets HAUL ASS Marines!"
John saw the three Pelicans ready for lift off. A few other Pelicans held the Scorpion Tank in its underbelly. The tank was a monster. That huge cannon which weighed probably 5 tons moved rocking a little. When the Scorpion Tank attached its self to the Pelican he saw a marine in an EVA suit ready for take off. John noticed that the new thrusters were gone, and the CPU was missing as well. John heard one marine yelling ready after holding their hats, and guns. The Pelicans lifted one by one as they headed towards the 3-meter thick blast door. Each of the Pelicans blast door closed up behind unable to see the inside of the ship. John signaled the pilots that they are clear for take off. This would be the finale strategy of their time. There last hope of saving Earth, and the rest of Humanity.