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Halo 2: Chapter 3
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 3 April 2004, 12:23 AM

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Chapter Three

1003 Hours, Date Unknown, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Mars,
Longsword Fighter in route to Earth
Location in debris field of orbital guns

John looked, and saw the marines in oxygen EVA suits in the Scorpion Tank. Cortana appeared on the console next to the Chief. "Chief, the requirements of the tests are complete, and we are ready to begin testing before arriving at Earth." Cortana said to John.
"Launch the test, and let's hope this doesn't fail." John said with a sigh.
"Opening doors. All personal report out of the docking bay doors for tank, repeat, all personal report out of the docking bay doors for tank." Cortana said as the marines shifted away from the Scorpion tank hoping that this test will work successfully.
The doors to the bay hissed opened as the 2-meter of steel opened the hatch for the new tank. The marine testing was in his EVA suit, and ready to try the new thrusters. The marine sweated, and took a deep breath. Cortana said decompressing in three on the intercom as the 2-meter door closed behind the tank. It sealed shut, and the marine decompressed the bay. Air was sucked out, and was ready to lift. The Scorpion Tank lifted off from the floor about seven feet.
"Ready to test this new cockroach sir. Permission to go underway?" The soldier said with a gulp. He tapped, and pressed a few buttons, and strapped his belt on. The buckle was locked in place, and the marines' hands rested on his console ready to departure.
"Opening outer doors. Good luck marine." Cortana, and John said with the rest of the crew on the intercom. The doors opened, and the marine saw the vacuum of space. He saw millions of stars. He started the ignition sequence, and started the testing. The tank flew out into space and saw Mar's debris field of the orbital cannons. He shifted the controls to go to the debris a little closer.
"The test is going well Chief. It looks like this might wo─"
The new Scorpion Tank blew up in the debris field. Pieces of fragments, and chunks of metal flew with the rest of the junk that lied in space. The Chief looked out in the monitor, and saw the destroyed Tank. The test was a complete failure. The marines on the deck took off their hats, and crossed it on their chest. They laid their heads down in the tragedy.
"Cortana what went wrong?" John said with a low voice still looking at the debris field.
" The thrusters overloaded the CPU, and blew a circuit. That caused a spark in the engines to overload. That's what caused the explosion. In your language, the CPU was not compatible with the standard Scorpion Tank." Cortana said also looking at the destroyed Scorpion tank.
That tank had been their new project for the UNSC to help against the Covenant ships. It was no use. The test was a failure, and they would have to set a course for Earth with nothing, but regular Scorpion tanks, Pelican drop ships, and Warthogs. The Chief walked down the ladder, and walked to the marine's brother. John said to the sad, and disappointed brother, "Sorry son. Your brother did what he had to do. He tested the new Scorpion tank, and failed. The result caused your brothers death. And I am sorry that he died, but he died serving the UNSC command center. It was an honor meeting your brother son." John said saluting the Lieutenant for a response.
"Thank you Chief. He did not die a waste. Thanks you sir." The marine saluted the Chief back, and ended it quickly. He walked away from the Chief, and headed out the door to his quarters.
John again looked at the stars, and saw the remains of the tank once more before heading to the bridge. The new tank had failed, and again they had to face the Covenant with nothing but mini vehicles, and drop ships. After the disaster, Rick walked back to the armory room to clean his MA5B and his pistol. Gabriel remembered that she had to go and see Dr. Halsey at 1158 Hours. It was 1159 and counting as Gabriel looked at her mission clock.
Gabriel walked out of the door before the Chief left talking to the Lieutenant's brother. She walked down the hallway and headed towards the medical wing. Gabriel went threw the green-lighted door and looked around. Gabriel looked at Dr. Halsey's schedule and saw that she had a meeting with Gabriel in bay 1. Gabriel finished reading her schedule. She exited the door and wondered what the doctor wanted. Was it some diseases she caught, or some virus? She didn't now until she met with Dr. Halsey.
Gabriel entered the elevator to bay 1. As the elevator gone down, the huge doors opened. The door was big enough to drive a Warthog threw it. Gabriel kept walking till she stopped at the door that was written the words Cargo Bay 1. The door lit green and Gabriel entered. There she saw Dr. Halsey with eight crates. She was sitting on a chair next to the crates. The crates read 24x BAR=12xCP. She looked at another box and it read 5MM 28xG=34xCP. She knew what they meant right away and looked at Dr. Halsey's eyes. The Doctor smiled.