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Halo 2 :Chapter 2 ; Part 2
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 3 April 2004, 12:22 AM

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Chapter Two

0953 Hours, Date Unknown, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Pluto,
Longsword Fighter in route to Earth

He walked over to a screen by a shelf of M90 shotguns, and shells. The shells were probably at least 3 inches in height, and 5 inches in diameter. The box of ammo was probably weighing around 10 pounds. John turned on the screen, and it had a picture of a Covenant vessel. The name description was named, and lettered in capital letters.
The board had the words of Truth & Reconciliation on them. It said priority mission. John walked, and held his hands up, and the Spartans sat down. John spoke, "This will be our mission Spartans. We will try again to capture a Covenant vessel. This will be and probably will be a rough, and dangerous mission. Our plan is to capture this vessel, and send it to Earth. Cortana will access the database of the ship from central command, and pilot the vessel to intercept, and destroy as many Covenant vessels as possible. We will have the same squad leaders. Rick will lead Red-team, and Gabriel will lead Green-team Again, try to get many weapons, and energy shields as possible. Try to avoid Hunters, and if outnumbered. You are to shoot everything you got expect nukes," John said looking at the Spartans and breathing easily, " Remembered what we were trained to be. To be number one, and to save, and protect Humanity."
"Sir. What if we are out of all ammunition, and only have nukes?" Spartan-094 said to the John wondering. The Spartan held his hand up before asking the question.
"Then we will have to fight hand to hand combat. Try to also use any Covenant weapons. I advise you to use the needler, and plasma rifles. They do well against Covenant shielding technology. And Spartans, we will be jumping off of cargo bay 1 in the ship. We are going to try to jump on the ship, and sneak inside. If any of us miss the target a stealth Pelican will have its bay doors opened so you can get in side. Once in side the Pelican, they will compress the bay and go to Earth. Any questions?" John said responding to the question, and added more responses.
No one raised his or her hands to the Chief's question. John stood still, and said, "Understood?"
"Understood sir." Replied Spartan-094. He looked at the other Spartans next to him talking.
"Chief. We will be at Mar's orbital guns in 45 minutes, and counting." Cortana said appearing in the holo-emitter on the desk table next to the huge screen. She looked at the Spartans, and looked back at the Chief. Hopefully she wouldn't make the mistake again like on the Covenant Vessel they captured before.
"Understood Cortana. Tell the marines to be ready to launch the new tanks. We will try a test run near the asteroid belt. Hopefully the Covenants didn't glass Earth yet?" John asked the AI as the others looked at the Chief.
"Correct Chief. They didn't, but all the ships that I am reading in the Earths solar system are 3. Us, the Equator, and the Lockness." Cortana said assuring how many ships were going to Earth. Cortana flickered, and lines of matrices flashed on, and off of her body of digital words of ones, and zero's.
"Ok Cortana thanks. Spartans get loaded to test the new Scorpion Tanks. We will start at 1003 Hours." The Chief said to the group as he turned off the monitor that had the plans for the mission.
"Sir what about the marines? Are they coming with us?" Rick said to the Chief.
"A few of them will be coming with us, and the rest will try to head to Earth to battle the Covenant Ground forces." Chief replied to Red squad leader as he looked at Rick.
"Sir, with all due respect. Should the marines not come with us, because they aren't trained for this? They will, and might fall back when we go inside the Covenant vessel sir." Rick said with the rest of the Spartans nodding at the Chief.
"Very well Red leader. The marines will head to Earth when we jump for the Covenant vessel." John said listening to the Spartans suggestion remembering that soldiers die by to reasons. One was that they died doing something, and the other was that they die with no purpose, and that that was a waste.
John looked at the Spartans sitting down one last time before dismissing them. He dismissed them a few seconds later after that comment. The Spartans stood up, and walked out of the door in a single file talking. The door hissed opened, and John saw them leave.
"Good speech sir." Cortana said to the Chief.
"Don't exaggerate Cortana. This is just only the beginning." The Chief said to the AI as he walked to the desk next to the screen by the shelves of M90 Shotguns.
Rick, and Gabriel walked down the aisle away from the others. As they walked down they passed the medical wing. Rick entered before Gabriel, and sat down on the bed. Dr. Halsey walked up to Rick, and Gabriel. "Well. Rick," Dr. Halsey nodded to Rick and then turned her head to Gabriel. "Gabriel," Dr. Halsey said after saying Rick's name.
She walked away from the beds that Rick, and Gabriel were in.
"So, I heard you two are squad leaders? Not bad huh?" Dr. Halsey said bringing a cart of needles and points over to the beds. She held up one needle, and filled it with some medicine. The medicine was for the dizziness they had since the last mission.
"Yes Ma'am. We are squad leaders for Red and Green team." Gabriel explained to her while the Doctor shoved the needle in her arm. Gabriel didn't feel anything until she pushed the medicine out of the needle. The medicine washed down inside her arm. Gabriel felt the pain a little as all the tiny particles gone in to her arm. Gabriel kept her arm still though.
"Well, so Rick, your Red leader, and Gabriel's Green leader? Not bad huh?" Dr. Halsey said walking over to Rick next to inject the particles in to his arm. She threw away the needle she used on Gabriel, and picked up a new clean one. Dr. Halsey ripped the bag opened and took out the needle.
"Yah well. The Chief is pretty mad at the Covenant. I think he is over tired though." Rick said to the doctor hoping that she can cure him up like she did with Gabriel.
"No he is not. He is just not used to failing missions and losing his teammates. He's lost many friends in this War. He used to have two friends. Their names were Kelly and Sam. Sam died first protecting Kelly and John. Kelly died trying to protect me and also cause of the injury she had sustained in Reach." Dr. Halsey told Rick as she stuck the needle in Rick's arm.
Rick didn't feel anything also until she pushed the medicine into his arm. He also saw the tiny particles enter his blood stream. Dr. Halsey pulled out the needle and wrapped both Gabriel and Rick's arm up. She started with Rick first. She walked over to the cart and pulled out bands and bands of wrapping cloth. The cloth was all black and gray. Rick liked the color and stuck his arm towards Dr. Halsey.
Dr. Halsey wrapped the band across Rick's arm. It went around and around. Dr. Halsey snapped the band and moved towards Gabriel on her chair. Gabriel stuck out her arm also and wondered if the Master Chief will lose more friends on Earth. Dr. Halsey finished patching both Gabriel, and Rick's arm up al though, they had black and gray band on their left arm. Dr. Halsey stood up and moved the cart away while Gabriel and Rick sat on the beds. Dr. Halsey stood up after putting the trash away in the receptacle. She walked back to the two Spartans. "Well, you are done and hope you will feel better. Oh and Gabriel, can you meet me in at lets say 1158 Hours?" Dr. Halsey said looking at Gabriel attaching her gear on again with the help of Rick and the doctor.
"I will meet you after the testing of the new Scorpion Tank." Gabriel said to the doctor as she stood up with both of her hands on the bed. Rick stood up also looking at the two females.
"Understood. Tell the Chief that I hope the test goes well?" Dr. Halsey said walking up to Gabriel. She walked over to the bed and tore out the sheet that Gabriel and Rick was on while getting medicine. Gabriel nodded at the doctor and nodded to Rick. Rick walked out of the door first and Gabriel behind him. Dr. Halsey walked back into her office.
Rick and Gabriel walked to Cargo bay 3 to see the testing of the new Scorpion Tanks. They were half way there when John contacted them to meet him in the bay. Rick reached the door first and the door flashed green while it opened up for the two Spartans. Gabriel and Rick went inside the bay and noticed that the Chief was in the control room watching the test. The two Spartans notified the Chief and watched down stairs on the view monitor that was out side the ship.
John looked at Gabriel and Rick. He wondered is he should also go see Dr. Halsey. He thought to him self for a while, but decided not to go. John nodded to Gabriel and Rick and they stood next to the viewing monitor. They nodded back and turned back to the monitor.
John thought to him self that if this works it might help the war, but he was going to find out himself.