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Halo 2: Chapter 2 ; Part 1
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 3 April 2004, 12:20 AM

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I am really sorry that Chpaters 2 3 and 4 were not up when Chpater 5 was posted so here it is. Thank you and Enjoy.

Chapter Two

0953 Hours, Date Unknown, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Pluto,
Longsword Fighter in route to Earth

"Ok Spartans. We have just entered the Earth's solar system. Here is the plan," Chief said to the group as Cortana enlarged the photo graph they have of Earth right now, "Covenant Vessels are crawling all over Earth, and dumping their Shit everywhere. Blue Group will go with me. Red Group, go with Rick. Green Group will go with Gabriel. Team Blue will locate here in Ghost Town, Nevada. Rick, your team will head to Washington UNSC. Gabriel's team will head to the main facility of tanks, ammo, and air support. This will not be an easy task. I now you've probably only saw Earth as a child, but don't think about just Earth, and yourselves, think of who you are fighting for. The Survival of the Human Race!" John said giving the loud speech
The Spartans gave out a yell, and ran to their post. Some marines from breached, and stranded vessels in the Eridani system came aboard to help the Spartans prepare, and load up some Air support. Warthogs were magnetized to the Pelicans, and Tanks were equipped with power thrusters, and cannons to fly, and maneuver in space. That should help the fighting a little bit, although that it had never been tested, and they might move very slow, and can be hard to maneuver.
" Chief! The orbital guns on Mars were destroyed, and so on Earth but the Covenants didn't noticed the new built ones that are not complete yet at Venus." Cortana answered the question that the Chief asked 30 minutes ago. Cortana looked at the Chief as he sat in his chair on the bridge.
"Understood. Tell the Marines that they will fly the Pelicans, and the new tanks. That should be tested, and arm them with MA5B's too. Also, see if they can handle Covenant Plasma Grenades, and Covenant Weapons." Chief said to the AI hoping that the marines can handle it, cause if they chicken out it might effect what would happen on Earth. The Master Chief walked out of the bridge to check out the soldiers they had.
The Master Chief left the elevator, and entered the main vehicle facility on the Longsword Fighter. The doors opened the lock, and sensed the moving Spartan. The doors opened automatically, and John walked in. John walked threw the aisle, and saw the passing marines, and sealed doors as he moved to the Vehicle facility. Some of the marines said sir, and froze. The Master Chief didn't like stopping, and saluting them cause it was already pointless. They would die sooner, or later. Though John had to salute them anyways, and tell them to carry on a lot.
John finally got threw the door, and three marines passed him without saluting him. John liked that, and wished that the personal would not salute them cause they would die in either two ways, get shot by Covenant Ground, and Air forces, or either dying by non-Covenant forces. Those were the only ways to die in this year, and this time of war. He walked over to the empty console. It had a panel missing, and the CPU was gone. The marines must have integrated it on the tank. He then turned his head, and looked at the Scorpion Tank. He saw technicians in gray uniform integrate the system to the tanks. The Chief wasn't sure this might work, but Cortana said it might be possible. He saw many of the marines with pistols at their sides, and a welder in their hand. He walked over to the Warthog that was getting re-painted, and reloaded with the 12.7x99mm chain gun in the back. Some of the marines painted an Eagle carrying an Elite dead with a MA5B assault rifle in the other. The Warthog looked great with that on, but the windshield needed replacement. The Chief saw another Warthog with a missing chain gun, and wheels. He walked over to the hog, and checked all sides. One marine walked up to the Chief, and stopped at the Warthog checking it.
"Marine, what is wrong with the LRV?" the Chief said to the marine as he detached the Warthog's armor. The marine looked at the Spartan, and trembled, cause he only say a Spartan once or twice in his life.
"Well sir. The Warthog needs a new transmission, extra wheels, and a chain gun with extra clips of ammo. We are limited supply, and that stuff is all out. Until we get to Earth we can probably run the LRV." The marine said to the Chief after saluting him. The marine walked away from the Warthog as the Chief examined it once more.
" Carry on soldier." The Chief said reassuring him that he did a fine job. He walked to the console next to the deserted hog, and tapped a few buttons. He examined the blue prints of the Warthog that was torn to pieces. The Warthog wasn't just missing its wheels, gun, and transmission. It was missing everything; down to the last pieces of scrape metal armor on the back taillight. This Warthog probably will weight less than 3.25 tons thought the Chief as he stared at it again.
The Chief finished looking at the Warthog, and saw the Pelican. Some of the marines were adding MAC turrets to the side wings of the ship. That would certainly slow it down more, but it will also do a great amount of damage to any Covenant Ground, and Air Forces. The marines were remodeling the pelican with landing gear, and extra storage for weapons, nukes, and grenades. There were still two medical kits to the interior of the ship. The Chief jumped in side, and looked at the specifications. It looked like the Pelican drop ship specification they used on the station by the planet Reach's moon. He remembered that James died killing many of the Grunts, and Jackals. The Chief was surprised also; cause the name of the ship was named Pelican-666. The Chief immediately knew what 666 were. It was the devils number, and it will certainly give the Covenants hell. If the Covenant's knew what 666 meant on Earth it might scare them a bit. Grunts might run over yelling crazy things like, can't...run...with...thing...on...back, or come...on...bring it...on.
Grunts weren't the worst of the Covenant forces. The Spartans needed to worry about the larger Covenant. They call them selves the Hunters and there were also the Brutes. The Hunters had big, bulky armor, with an overcharging plasma gun. They were always 12 feet tall and carried Fuel rods. They had blue tight skin, and one huge mouth. John then remembered the time he saw the Brute step on a Jackal. He saw the picture in the briefing room on Reach. Most Sergeants would just shoot like heck at the Covenant, cause they were fearless. The Chief liked that, and remembered what Captain Keyes would of done. Drop a nuke, and get out. His last mission was almost impossible to complete. It was to capture a so-called Prophet and bring it live to the UNSC HQ. That mission was canceled by Admiral Whitcomb however canceled that mission.
John blocked out the memories of those days, and focused on Earth, a way to protect Earth, and the rest of Humanity. Cortana came online in the console, and her image appeared.
"Chief, sensors report that there are at least over 1000 Covenant vessels bombing Earth. The stations orbital cannons are online on Venus, and firing at the designated targets. We estimate at least a few thousand rounds left in the orbital guns. Wait, hold on...oh no. The Covenant spotted the orbital guns. They are firing Plasma Cannons, and, and, oh no. Their gone, every last cannon. Checking for survivors." Cortana said sadly to the Chief. The Chief looked down at Cortana, and spoke.
"Any survivors?" Chief asked to the AI. He shifted his hands, and laid them on the console. John wondered if the Covenant spared them, and stranded them on the platform with the melting guns.
"No survivors. And Chief? We will arrive at Earth in one hour." Cortana said to the disappointed Chief as he slammed his fist into the now, broken console. The console blinked red, and green as it flared. A few marines ran over to the console, and extinguished the flames.
"Very well Cortana. Get the ship at full alert, and ready the battle groups, and Spartans. Arm every personal, even if they are civilians. We are going to attack the Covenants at Earth. Tell every one also to be alerted." The Chief said to Cortana, as his voice got louder. Everyone in the facility paused, and looked at the Chief. Some of the Spartans that were in there didn't pause, and minded their own business.
The Chief turned his head and walked away from the broken console walking towards the door. The Chief walked out of the door to the facility as it opened automatically. The ships status light beamed red and sounded the alarm. All of the marines ran to load up and get ready for battle.
The door turned green, and the Spartan walked on heading towards the armory again. The Master Chief walked down the hall. As he walked down, every Spartan he passed he told them to head toward the armory. The Chief entered the armory, and saw at least all 12 Spartans ready for the problem.
"Cortana, tell engineering to power the engine a little more. And tell the marines to load up ASAP." The Chief said quickly as he sat down on the chair looking at the wondering squad of Spartans.
"What is wrong sir?" Cortana asked wondering what was the Chief thinking in his head. She wished that she were connected to the Chief's helmet.
"The Spartans, and I are going to do a different mission. And it ain't goin` to be pretty." The Chief said to Cortana. He looked at all the Spartans in the room. Some of them wondered what they were going to do.
The Chief waited till all of the Spartans were in the armory. He saw scratched up, dirty, muddy MJONLIR armor. The MJONLIR armor that John was wearing was all scratched, and cut up in the waist. He remembered when he captured a Covenant Carrier called the Ascendant Justice. He was hit in his left portion of his suit with an Elite sword bashed in to it. He remembered the engineer that regenerated the shields and helped the UNSC squad that was all left in the ship.
John looked at the patched up rugged suit that he had on. The suit was not critically damaged that much, and was able to get repaired with the help of Cortana, and Dr. Halsey. His shields were on the whole time except when he woke up from cryo-stasis.