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Halo 2: Chapter 5 ; Part 2 of 2
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<Malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 2 April 2004, 9:21 AM

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Chapter Five

1206 Hours, December 5, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
Longsword Fighter in orbit of Earth

"We should set up a perimeter around the base. How many marines do you have?" Rick asked the Lieutenants like he just wanted to kill every one of them Covenant soldiers. For all the distraction they caused.
"We have at least 19 marines waiting for combat from the Chief," the Sergeant looked at the Spartans and blinked a few times, " Where is the Chief sir?" Lieberg asked Rick as he looked around searching for the Chief.
"He is doing another mission." Rick told Lieberg as he shook his head.
"We need every Spartan available to fight against the Covenant. What is his mission exactly sir?" Lieberg asked curiously hoping that he was not dead, not yet anyways.
"His mission was to capture a Covenant vessel and to send it down to Earth to these coordinates."
"That's absurd, just one Spartan against 1000 Covenant soldiers? That's like signing your death sentence." Another Lieutenant said as he walked up from the encampment. "My name is Colonel Poe. From California, 2nd company, and Sergeant Lieberg is in 3rd. We're ready to do anything to kill these bastards."
"Acknowledged. Well the Chief is really not alone on this mission. He has the Computer intelligence AI called─"
"Cortana. Yeah, we know all about that AI. She's the advance one we have in the ONI and the UNSC HQ."
"Right. Ok will set up a perimeter. Liz, Calvin, and Hobbs. You guys will locate here at this point, about 10 meters away from here to the south. Julie, Andrew, and I will be 10 meters from the East." Rick said to the other Spartans and marines. He moved his hand above his visor and looked around. All he could see was dirt and sand. All mixtures from Red to Yellow, vast wasteland was everywhere, no water for miles, besides cactuses, animals digging in the ground either to hide of to live under the cool shade.
"Acknowledged. Justin, Luke, and Bill will head 10 meters to the North while Joe, Kevin, and I will be 10 meters to the West. That should cover every meter from here to the 10 meter arena." Gabriel told Rick and she looked at her team. All of the Blue and Red lights winked on and off signaling that it was clear.
"Ok Spartans. Lets see what you're made of." Lieberg told Rick as the Spartans separated into four groups. Gabriel's team of Blue-Three and Blue-Six moved west 10 meters. Justin's team consisting of Blue-Four and Blue-Five moved out towards the North.
Lieutenant Major Lieberg looked at his company. Lieutenant's Darby, Bezold, Stoll, Wilson, Fuller, Kincaid, Heller, and Williamson looked at the Spartans wearing the MJOLNIR suits. They shined, reflecting light in the marine's eyes. The marines grinned and held their hands up to block the sun out. Rick's team that was made of Red-Five and Red-Six headed East while Liz's team that had Red-Three and Red-Four towards the south.
Colonel Derrick Poe walked away from his company as he looked out at the clear desert. He thought to himself that nothing might happen to them, but although every time he felt that way something bad was going to happen. His company was called the Charlie Company.
One of his Lieutenants however, walked towards the Colonel and asked, "Sir should we stay with Sergeant Lieberg's squad?" Lieutenant Diaz asked.
"Yes set a small perimeter around the LZ. Arm the squads with the basic crap marine." Colonel Poe told the marine as he did so.
Lieutenant Diaz ran to the squad and told them to get ready for anything. He saw the Colonel's squad get ready. He saw Lieutenant Chekov pick up some armor for his vest. Lieutenant Chekov was a smart kid but had no patients. He would usually just run out and shoot everything he got.
Lieutenant O'Brien was next to Chekov as he checked his pistol. Lieutenant O'Brien was taller then the Colonel but guarded him with everything.
Lieutenant Rodriguez, Smith, and Alami talked about their MA5B's. They each always gave extra clips of ammo to each other. They were friends since the Academy of UNSC HQ.
Lieutenant Wiles, and Paffic were friends with each other but never helped each other if in trouble.
The last Lieutenant in the Colonel's group was Lieutenant Stacker. He was tall and smart of plans and traps for the Covenant soldiers to fall into. He always carried a small box of Fragmentation grenades by his sides. He wasn't very talkative but got the job done the right way.
Lieberg wondered if this, perimeter will help them survive a little longer although the Spartans were trained for offence not defense mostly. Sergeant Lieberg wondered if the Spartans could hold their position before reinforcements arrive. He counted on the Chief to come and rescue them. The Lieutenant talked near Colonel Poe's marines.
Lieutenant Darby was Japanese, however he was talented with snipers none the less. He wore a strong face with a few burns on his right side of his face.
Lieutenant Bezold was taller then any of the marines, but was very good in demolitions.
Lieutenant Stoll loved to toy with his MA5B and pistol. He was an expert in Covenant technology. He graduated from the college of UNSC HC.
Lieutenant Wilson was a talkative person, but always got his job done. No matter how hard the task was, he seems to have complete all the tasks the Sergeant instructed.
One of his team of marines was Lieutenant Fuller. He was excellent with snipers, Plasma needlers, and rifles. He was a little shorter then Sergeant Lieberg, but was a fine officer. He and the Major were best pals in the training grounds and still were.
Lieutenant Kincaid always never let a Covenant run away no matter what.
Lieutenant Heller is great with demolitions. She can blow a Covenant when luring it towards a trap.
The last soldier in his group was Lieutenant Williamson. He was taller then the Sergeant. He was a great friend and a reliable soldier. He usually upgrades his MA5B.
"Uh ten hut! Get in a straight-line maggot! We haven't got all day! Come ladies, this aint no girl scout camp like the ONI has, so get your rat asses moving before you get sent to the Covenants for dinner!" Lieberg said to the group of Lieutenants. He walked back and forth looking at his squad. They were now one company, one team, but only one leader. Their team was Bravo Company now. Lieberg straightened up the soldiers in old fashion.
"Sir," Bezold said looking straight at the major, "permission to saddle up and get ready sir?"
"Permission granted. Well? Move it you scum bags we haven't got all day! Hustle up! One, two three... one, two, three." Lieberg yelled to the marines in line scrambling to get to the weapons locker to saddle up.

Gabriel walked down the dry arid desert with nothing but a BAR and a 5mm pistol with 2 companions. Her team jogged down West 10 meters away from the LZ. The sun shined harshly and the MJOLNIR suit changed temperature cause it was so hot. Her suit felt a little cooler then the standard temperature the suit had before on the other mission.
"Gabriel! We are 10 meters away from our LZ. Should we stop here and stand watch?" Kevin asked the Spartans as she walked away from him looking out at the desert.
"Affirmative. Hold position here and notify the other squads." Gabriel responded to the Spartans question looking again out in the desert. She squinted and swore she some something shine silvery and purplish. She looked around and only same her group consisting with Kevin and Joe. She looked back at the exact spot she saw the shimmer and ignored it.

Justin's team made it 10 meters by running. Justin thought to himself that he should have brought a Warthog out here incase Elites or Brutes come here. Justin felt all right. He could see all around him. "Hold position here." Justin called on his COM to his team. Blue lights blinked on and ended as Blue-team acknowledged. Justin checked his equipment and scouted a head after informing his group.
Bill looked around at the dry desert. He hoped that they would have luck as their Master Chief had every mission. Bill looked at Luke and day dreamed about Earth being safe. He wished he was in combat and ready to kill those Covenant home worlds like they were doing to Earth. He hoped by some miracle that the Master Chief will devise a plan and to destroy the Covenants evading Earth.
Luke looked back at Bill and hoped that after this mission the war would and possible be over. He remembered all those marines back at the old White House. He hoped that that old historical building never gotten destroyed. Luke looked at his arm panel on his MJOLNIR suit and adjusted the temperature. It was hot as hell out where he was thought Luke as he saw Justin coming back to there position.

Liz, Calvin and Hobbs made it out 10 meters. They each sat down on a dry log and looked around. The breathed for a few minutes and checked their ammunition. They weapons loaded full and they each had a full pack of standard issue grenades. Calvin looked out and saw something shimmer.
"Hey Hobbs. What do you think that is over there?" Calvin said squinting at the small image but then quickly disappeared.
"I don't know I can't see it from here. Liz, permission to scout ahead?" Hobbs stood up looking at Liz as she looked back at Hobbs.
"Negative we have to stay here. If we scout ahead we might be in trouble." Liz responded worrying about what Calvin saw.
"Acknowledged! Hobbs out!" Hobbs ended as he walked towards Calvin. He sat back down and stared at Calvin. He held up his BAR and checked it one more time.
"Well Calvin. I guess we can just sit here and watch."
"Understood." Calvin responded also wondering what he had saw. Was it a illusion or was it something horrible.

Rick made it 10 meters away from his LZ. He took a deep breath and ordered Andrew to scout. Rick thought to himself that the Covenant would never pass him. The only way the Covenant will get passed him was over his dead body. Rick checked his BAR and reloaded his pistol after practicing it on the Longsword Fighter.
Andrew scouted ahead and saw something shimmer. He immediately reported it. "Sir? As I scouted ahead," Andrew swallowed his breath and looked again, "I saw something shimmer."
"What color was it Spartan?" Rick asked to the shaken Andrew as he tried to remember.
"I think it was silver sir. I may have saw nothing." Andrew responded to his team leader.
" Keep your eyes peeled son. Make sure nothing passes you. Rick out!" Rick said on the COM frequency. Rick walked down the desert area and saw the bright hot sun. The desert was quite warm and hot as heck thought Rick.
Julie walked down the dry wasteland. She likes it here. Nice and quiet, but that can also be really bad thought Julie as she checked her weapons and shield status. The shield bar was full and her health was excellent, but that gave her a chill. She looked out of the desert and magnified her view ten times normal. She looked at the ground and saw small particles of rock and sand shiver and stops then again shivered and stopped.
She wondered what could cause it. She looked around and saw Andrew and Rick staying still then realized what it was. A huge silver and bulbous machine that was partially purple appeared on her magnification. There in the air flew probably at least 10 to 20 Banshee fliers and many Covenant soldiers, all shapes and sizes that she saw.
"Sir! Covenant soldiers, air, and ground forces by north, northeast. Repeat Covenant soldiers, air and ground forces by north, northeast!" Julie yelled over the COM channel and raised her rifle. She fired 10 rounds and saw 3 Elites and 5 Grunts dropping to the ground. The other two shots missed and flew passed them denting one of their Wraith Tanks.
"Acknowledged. Blue teams and Red teams proceed to section north by north east. Covenant spotted and engaging repeat engaging Covenant forces!" Rick yelled on E-band to the other teams.
"This is Gabriel! Covenant forces on East side of facility. They're trying to flag us! Stand ground, I repeat stand ground!" Gabriel yelled to her blue team as they fired at the Covenant forces.
"Justin here. They must be circling us we have contact in the North with Rick's team. The Covenant is surrounding us. Liz! Pease say you don't have contact?" Justin reported to the other teams.
"Sorry sir! We are too engaged in Covenant forces." Liz responded to the Spartans question firing her sniper rifle.
"Acknowledge. Contact our LZ and tell them we have company!" Rick yelled after Justin's question.
"Understood! Gabriel out!" Gabriel ended her transmission firing multiply rounds of her BAR and pistol. Bullets kept firing at the Covenant as she opened a channel to their LZ. "Sergeant Lieberg! Get ready for battle! We have contact on all sides, repeat all sides!"
"Understood! Get ready maggots! We've got company!" Lieberg yelled to his company as they readied their rifles and grenades for incoming Covenant Forces.