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Trapped Fighting….The Flood
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 8 March 2005, 9:23 AM

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AU: I just like to remind people. This may be my 20th Fiction. But I am still not sure. I really hope I've progressed a lot, and I hope you enjoy this Chapter. It should...
Keep you on your toes on what and where the plot is going. Just like to remind you, I like jumping around a lot. But this one should keep you really interested. But read the whole entire series. This should be the third to the last. Thanks. Mark.

Prologue: What happened before this Chapter and the Events of the Battle of the Immersing Light.

       During the Battle of the Immersing Light, Lieutenant First Class Walker encountered the Flood onboard the Covenant vessel. They didn't encounter the flood until they reached the bridge of the Immersing Light.

       The three main Bridge crewmembers gathered up at the bridge after their victory for the battle of the Control Room with the Flood. As Gemes hacked into the Covenants database, they found out that the Covenant attack force over the Halo Ring was going to destroy the ship they were on; Due to the attack of the Humans, and the Flood. They never knew the Flood were released.

       After they heard about the plan to destroy the Immersing Light. They evacuated the ship with the Marines. Over forty-five percent was lost as Covenant Ships bombarded the vessel. The Commanding officers of the Operation was killed, and Lieutenant Colonel Michael Hayes took command.

       Now the Marines laid scattered over the Halo ring all over again, fighting both the Covenant and the Flood. The only thing the Marines could do now, was to Run and Hide.

Chapter 8 No escape

       A Marine, Colonel Matt Williams, struggled to hold his M6D in his left hand and his grenade in the other as he bit the pin off. He was fighting alone, surrounded by the enemy. All he could think of was his family, his wife, and his daughter. He missed them so much, he was willing to just die, and meet them in the afterlife.

       Although they were killed before Matt had received his promotion on the UNSC Machine. They died a horrible death. Getting incinerated by the Covenant bombardment force was painful; none survived.

       Matt focused on the task he had now. He was going to throw the grenade over the box of Covenant alloys which lay before him. He gripped the grenade. He just remembered that two seconds passed. He threw it quickly and watched.

       The grenade bounced off the wall behind the crate, and then touched the ground. The Grunt hiding there was devastated as its arm exploded outwards, letting the bright blue blood pour from its body on the ground. It tried to breathe, but Williams just walked over to the body.

       "This is for Kate." the Colonel pulled the trigger, and the silenced round killed the Covenant soldier. He had to get out of here, and to the Command Post. Ever since they had encountered the Flood, and lost the battle with the Immersing Light. They were always on the run, rarely giving into offensive opportunities.

       Matt turned around, and looked at the bare airfield . Farther down, however, there was a speck in the field; a ship. He had to get onto the black aircraft laying on the field. The Colonel didn't care if it was a trap or not; for he would die fighting. He ran, left leg first, bolting across the strange Forerunner cement. He continued to run as he reached the sleek air craft.

       "Yes," he huffed as he spoke to himself as he paused for a second to breathe. "I made it." He then looked around quickly, and turned around. He pressed the button on the underbelly of the Longsword Fighter. The bottom hatch unsealed, and opened up for the tall, frightened Colonel Williams.

       "I'm leaving this hell hole." He muttered as he strapped himself to the Longsword Interceptor's cockpit, and placed his hand on the igniter. He flipped the emergency start button, and the cockpit illuminated with light. Matt smiled, and holstered his Pistol. He tightened up the strap, and closed the bottom hatch.

       Time to fly, he thought as he saw a flicker of light. He knew what he did was wrong. So the Colonel Williams had paid the price for not being cautious. He died.        "You cannot handle the containment of the Flood. You need to turn on the rings defense system for its survival to cease!" 021 Enable Fire floated about as the mechanical Sentinels floated about in the air, preparing to attack the group of Marines holding the Index. They had got separated with the other Pelicans as they had escaped from the battle nearly two days ago. The group of Marines smirked and held their weapons high.

       "How about I say 'fuck you', and you leave us alone?" the Sergeant barked as he fired his Submachine Gun at one of the Sentinels. The bullets of the case less weapon ripped the machine like tinfoil as it fluttered down to the ground. The other Marines opened fire as led encased the machines. They started to fall one by one, but more came.

       "Your extermination process in the universe will be quite painless, I assure you. You will die as the Forerunner had planned." Enable Fire floated away as it hovered above the air, speeding farther from the flying bullets shot by the Marines. The Sergeant was pissed off, so he three a Frag in the air and watched it miss its target.

       "Sarge? What did it mean by 'you will die as the Forerunner had planned'? I know I didn't take schooling, but I think he meant that there is a fucking Forerunner on this hell hole!" the Lance Corporal, Bain, fired his Battle Rifle as another Sentinel fell down. It burst into flames, and projected sharp pieces of metal into the nearby trees.

       "We'll talk about it when we're alive, Marine! So shut up and shoot the damned things!" Sergeant Falcon yelled to the stupid Corporal and took out another Sentinel with one of his soldiers' help. The bullets skimmed past another pair of Sentinels coming out of a service tunnel up on the cliff wall. The Sergeant saw them.

       He pulled out a fragmentation grenade, pulled the pin, and threw it in the hole. The Grenade exploded as pieces of metal and debris littered the ground. He didn't have time to talk, he only had time to shoot. He fired another hundred rounds until reloading his second clip of ammo.

       The Private to the left of Falcon, Private Zimmers, pulled out his collector's item Berretta, and fired three rounds. The Sentinel exploded instantly, taking two others. The HE round was powerful. But they didn't know it was that powerful back in the twentieth century.

       "Jenkins, take suppressive position. Zimmers, that was a hell of a weapon. Make sure it's always loaded." The Sergeant said after the battle quickly.

       "Always is sir." Zimmers responded as he reloaded the weapon.

       "Corporal Bain, get your ass over here, and tell me what you said before. I couldn't hear because of all the fire exchange. Now tell me your BS story again Marine!" The Sergeant yelled out as the Corporal came running with his rifle behind him.

       "Sorry, sir. I was just wondering about what that robot thing said, 'you will die as the Forerunner had planned'. I ain't that smart, but I think it means there's a Forerunner here on this ring." Falcon nodded to the Corporals BS, and decided it was worthy information.

       He moved to his right, and reloaded his SMG. The magazine just fell out and hit the ground. "Good thinking Bain. Alright Alpha team! Saddle up; we're going to head back to CP, and find out if the Lieutenant Colonel wants to find this Forerunner." Falcon checked if the Index was still his pouch he had left it in. It was there.

       The Marines all yelled out in unison, "Sir, yes, sir!" Private Jenkins quickly phoned Pelican Echo-738 for pick up. He cleaned his face with his glove, and dialed again. Silence filled the end of the line. "Sergeant, Pelican Echo-738 ain't responding. I think they got her."

       Falcon nodded, and picked up another SMG from the ground. "If that's the case, let's go on foot. Anyone who likes this hell hole can stay here. Move out, Marines!" they all ran after the Sergeant, leaving behind the equipment.

       They had been running for ten minutes already, they were thirsty, and hungry. Private Zimmers drank some water, and tossed it to Bain, then he to Jenkins. The Sergeant had his own canteen, but he didn't choose to drink now. He wasn't tired.

       He still felt strong as he jumped over a log, and then over a puddle. The squad followed behind him; but the Sergeant stopped in the middle of the area. The Marines of Alpha team stopped also, as they looked at the Sergeant. "Sir?" Jenkins asked as he was confused why they had stopped.

       "Shut up Marine and listen." They all had their ears open, waiting for that specific sound of a dropship. The only thing, however, that echoed were screams. "Move out, double time!"

       They ran down the hill towards the crowd as Combat Flood; Human, and Elite, jumped around. "Switch to your Shotguns! Hose these fuckers down now!" The Sergeant yelled as he took two with his M90 Shotgun.

       The Pilot, Warrant Officer Fourth Class Shelly Newman was injured on the ground. "Jenkins! Get to her. See if you can patch her up. We need to get out of here." The Private ran to the Pilot, and patched her up with some bio-foam in her left leg. She was stood up, but was limping.

       "The Pelican is that way. Only about three meters. The fog is covering her up. We need to get out of here, quickly!" She yelled as she took the Privates pistol, and shot the Elite Combat form running towards her. It fell dead as the infection form inside the body popped.

       "Follow the lady, Marines. Get the hell out now!" Falcon yelled as he put another shell into a Flood. He started to walk back as he tripped. Shit, he thought as he was consumed by the Flood. The Privates and Corporal ran after the pilot as she led them to the troop bay. She heated the engines up, and the dropship started to levitate.

       "Where's the Sarge?" Zimmers asked Jenkins as he shrugged. He looked at Newman. She nodded sideways.

       Bain nodded, in disappointment. "Lets get to the CP. And tell them of our idea. I'll also tell them about the Index. This plans for the Sarge."