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Halo 2: Altered Version Chapter 5 and 6
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 5 March 2005, 2:22 AM

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      Author's Note. Sorry but I posted The last part of Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 with a little of Chapter Six. This Chapter might be a little bland..if you don't know the storyline to this story..look up my name Mark_Lieberg and it should be there.. contact me by emailing if you want the whole version on Word.

Also there might be a dozen gramiical errors..just ignore them..I will fix them it time comes. THanks..

End of Chapter 4---

      "Cortana, tell engineering to power the engine a little more. And tell the marines to load up ASAP. I have the Feeling the Covenant might be right behind us in a few hours." The Chief said to Cortana as she did so.

       "Chief. We will be at Mar's orbital guns in two minutes, and counting." Cortana said appearing in the holo-emitter on the desk table next to the huge screen. She looked at the marines and looked back at the Chief. Hopefully she wouldn't make the mistake again like on the Covenant Vessel they captured before.

       "Understood Cortana." John replied to the AI as the others looked at the Chief.

       "Chief. All the ships that I am reading in the Earths solar system near the asteroid belt are three, the Equator, the Lockness, and us. Should I inform them that they should head to Earth?" Cortana said assuring how many ships were going to Earth. Cortana flickered, and lines of matrices flashed on, and off of her body of digital words of ones, and zero's.

       "Ok Cortana, thanks." The Chief said to the group as he turned off the monitor that had the plans for the mission.


1704 Hours, September 14, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Mars,
UNSC Hybrid Gettysburg/Fireball, UNSC Cruiser Enchanter,
Location in Mars, in route to Earth.

      The Enchanter entered the Mars radar range as Corporal Stephen saw the UNSC symbol. He asked for the access code making sure it wasn't a Covenant Captured Ship. The Gettysburg/Fireball came right after the Enchanter. "This is Mars command. Please give us your access codes to head to Earth?"

       "This is Lieutenant Eversman from the UNSC Fireball, currently taking command of the Enchanter. My access code is Alpha9Beta6CharlieDeltaGamma32 over?" Eversman replied as he stopped the ship. The Corporal heard the code, and continued to scan it to check if it is verified. The Corporal never saw this huge of a gathering since the taking of the Harvest System by Admiral Cole.

       "Roger that. Thank you Lieutenant. The UNSC HQ, and FLEETCOM has your thanks for getting here." Stephens informed the Lieutenant as he let the Enchanter, and the Gettysburg/Fireball threw the huge MAC cannons placed to protect the path to Earth.

      The Enchanter continued on as ten minutes were left till they reached Earth's Atmosphere, to inform them of the current information. "Ten Minutes left Lieutenant." Cortana informed Eversman of the time. He nodded and continued to sit down on his Chair.

      The Chief entered the bridge as he saw Earth. It was still peaceful and quiet.
"Sir? We here?" The Chief asked making sure it was the right place.

       "We're here Chief. Cortana. Please inform Sergeant A.J. Johnson of our status." Eversman requested as he stood up. "I will go down to the HQ and see if all the Marines down there are ready for the attack."

      Eversman looked at the Chief. "And Chief?"

       "Yes sir?"

       "Your in command." Eversman said about to give the Chief a handshake. The Chief quickly countered that by replying to the Lieutenant.

       "Sorry sir. But I don't want to take command of the ship. Lieutenant Mcfall can handle this ship. He should take command. Johnson and I need to get down to Earth when the Covenant start to attack." The Chief replied waiting for the Lieutenant to answer.

       "Very well. Cortana, also inform the Lieutenant that he is now in command. I will head to the Fighter Bay."

       "I will accompany you sir." The Chief requested as the Lieutenant nodded. "Hurry sir. I don't think we have much time left."

       "You know me Chief. I'm a Lieutenant." Eversman smiled to the Chief as they both walked in to the Elevator.

      Sergeant Johnson walked in the Fighter bay before the Chief and the Lieutenant dressed in his Marine White uniform.

       "What's the special occasion?" Eversman asked as he walked up to the Sergeant.

       "The Lieutenant's new command sir."

       "Oh yes. Ok Chief," Eversman turned facing the Chief, "Thanks for the help. And you too Cortana."

       "Thank you sir." Cortana and the Chief replied. Eversman saluted the Chief and entered the nearest Pelican Dropship. The Pilot was ready. The ship lowered down to the access hatch and was released.

       "What, we do now?" Johnson asked as he looked at the Chief.

       "We wait sir." The Chief said as the Pelican descended further down into the Earth's atmosphere.

* * *
      The Pelican Dropship flew downward to the planet side. They had to hurry before the Covenant attacked Earth. However as the Pelican flew by. They saw the Two-hundred MAC's orbiting Earth. Ready for the worst. The console to the pilots right beeped twice and blinked yellow.

       "Sir. The UNSC HQ has sent a transmission." The Pilot said to the Lieutenant as he looked at the window.

       "What was it about?" The Lieutenant asked as he straightened his uniform for his showing at the HQ.

       "The Covenant has entered the Solar System sir. Estimated attack is Ten minutes." The Pilot said piloting the Pelican as it passed the Atlantic Ocean. The Engines roared as water flew away from the ship.

* * *
       "Chief?" Cortana asked as she looked at him threw the intercom.

       "What is it Cortana?" The Chief asked as he looked at the space.
The Chief turned and saw the Sergeant talking to the ODST soldiers by him wondering how he survived Halo.

       "The Covenant will be here in 8 minutes." Cortana informed the Chief.

       "And the Battle Station?" the Chief asked again.

       "I don't read the station on the long range sensors. They could be behind. However I am reading Fifteen Covenant Capital Ships. Near Io." Cortana said as she waited for the Chief to answer.

       "Get to full combat alert Alpha quickly!" The Chief yelled as he informed the Sergeant and the ODST. Every soldier in the Enchanter heard the alarm and they ran for the Armory to get their weapons.


1713 Hours, September 14, 2552 (Military Calendar)
Earth's Solar System, Planet Earth,
UNSC Cruiser Gettysburg/Fireball, UNSC Cruiser Enchanter,
In orbit of Earth, Preparing to attack Covenant Armada.

      The Gettysburg/Fireball entered Earth's atmosphere as Rick saw every MAC gun in place ready for an attack from something. "What's happening?" Rick asked to the Marines piloting the ship. Private Banks informed the Spartan of the current situation.

       "Crap. Tell everyone to get to Combat Alert Alpha. Get everyone loaded incase we get bombarded. And get the team ready. We are heading down to Earth.

* * *
       "Admiral. The Covenant has attacked the MAC's on Mars. They were totally destroyed by mini fighters from two sides. No survivors." Lieutenant Adams informed the Admiral.

       "Jesus Christ. Their finally here." The Admiral said as the Camera on the main MAC gun was showing the remaining UNSC fleet. It showed hundreds of ships coming out of nowhere. Covenant Seraph Fighters, Banshees, Dropships, Phantoms, and other bombarding ships entered the Earths Atmosphere first. "FIRE AT WILL!" the Admiral yelled as the Lieutenant repeated the order on his COM unit.

      The entire MAC's fired their huge armor penetrating round in to the first wave of ships. Five Covenant Carriers and Dropships were destroyed. Plasma fired threw Space hitting a few MAC's and destroying one.

      The Chief looked as saw the blimps on the board. The Sergeant ordered the ship to fire at the Covenant fleet. "All hands! We are being boarded. All Marines report to level C for counter attack!" Sergeant Benjamin yelled as he died in the bridge as Elites came in swarming into the area. They slaughtered every human in A Deck.

       "Ok. Let's do this." The Sergeant yelled as he ordered the ODST to follow him. The Chief ran after them. They entered threw a metal door. Fires started where the Covenant entered the Ship. Grunts and Jackals were everywhere. Barricades that were placed on both sides of the door, that the Covenant were breaking threw, were good cover. The Chief was the first in line as the Sergeant followed by the ODST went separate watching the door.

      Covenant cutting tools started to cut away quicker then the Human tools. "Ready men! Shoot anything that comes threw that door!" Johnson yelled as he pulled out his BR55. He reloaded the weapon till it said full clip of Thirty-Six bullets.

       "Yes sir!" The ODST responded as they held their SMG's up. They waited till they saw those little Grunts come running threw the doors.

       "Ready...Fire!" Johnson yelled as the Chief threw two Frag` Grenades. They ticked twice and exploded causing more fire. Then they heard a loud yell. They all knew which Covenant made that kind of noise before they attacked. Elites.

      They came running up firing their two Plasma Rifles at the Marines. Burning plasma hit the hull as the ODST sprayed a dozen bullets on them.

       "Two up front!" Johnson yelled as the Chief fired first. His BR55 shot of a dozen rounds into the screaming Grunts.

       "Bye, bye to those suckers!" one ODST yelled as he threw a grenade into a swarm of Jackals coming out of the side. The Jackals exploded. The Chief moved up to check if there were any inside that were left. The Covenant Dropship that had deployed the enemy had cut threw the hull with some sort of new ship. The tunnel was dark, but as the Chief flash his lights. An Alien of some sort flew in the air firing plasma everywhere.

       "Bugs?" Johnson yelled as he put a trio of bullets in the flying insect. It fluttered around a few times and fell to the ground after another trio of bullets from the Chief.

       "What the hell are those things?" one of the ODST asked as they kicked it to make sure it was dead.

       "Don't know." The Chief responded as they heard more foot running. They heard screams. Everyone ran threw the metal door and saw the battle. Grunts, Jackals, and Elites were crawling; killing, murdering, or cutting threw the marines. The Marines stepped back and fired. They kept on doing that. Now it was time to change it.

      The Chief jumped down. An Elite and a pair of Grunts looked at the Chief confusingly. They tilted their head's as the Chief rose slowly. The Grunts jumped as they saw the 7 foot tall Spartan. They started to yell, "Chief! Chief! Chief!"

      The Chief was now confused. They never saw Grunts act like they did now calling John's designation. He lifted his weapon and killed the Elite first standing on one knee. He spun around and took out another pair of Elites. The Marines fired at the Grunts and Jackals and were down to a few left.

       "Nice shooting Master Chief. Looks like the Covenant now who you are now." Johnson informed the Chief as he nodded. The ODST reloaded their weapons. They ran to the side door and waited before they entered the compound.

       "Chief. I hacked into the Covenant Battle Net. They have a bomb." Cortana explained as the Chief listened looking at the door before they entered it.

       "You got to be kidding me? The Covenant use bombs now? Great." One Sergeant spoke to the team.

       "Where are the Covenant bombarding the ship?" the Chief asked Cortana. They looked at the map.

       "The Covenant, are all over the ship, threw out the decks, and on the bridge."

       " I don't think there are any marines left. However, they got to the bridge and slaughtered everyone before they knew what came in. We got out to the lower levels. Some other marines are trapped on the deck on top of us." He said breathing heavily.

       "Roger that. Let's go and get introduced then." The ODST told them, as he started first.

       "Strong heart that dude has." Johnson told the Chief. The Chief smiled.

       "Yeah, strong heart." The Chief replied running after him. The ODST got to the door and tried to open it. "What's wrong?"

       "The door's sealed shut from the other side. Dang Covenant." The ODST yelled kicking the door. They heard much gunfire from the other side. Heard a few screams and yelling as marines and Covenant fell.

      "HELP!" one marine said banging on the door. He was hurt. The Covenant didn't notice him yet.

       "Hold on Marine we're trying to cut threw!" Johnson yelled firing his rifle at the door. "Damn it. No use."

      "Hold on." The Chief said. He stood back, "Back away from the door!"

      The Marines on the other side did so. The Covenant saw him running to get him. The Marine turned to his left and watched the door.

      The Chief ran back away some more, and then ran towards the door. He jumped and kicked it. It budged a little. The Chief then stood back up looking. He kicked it again as his heavy MJOLNIR armor clashed with the door. The Marine saw the Chief barley. "Hurry they are coming!"

       "Hold on." The Chief replied using his shoulder and running into the door. The door smashed open as the marines ran inside to help their buddy. They fired their Battle Rifles and SMG's. The Covenant started to run away as the ODST pursued them.

      The Master Chief knelt on the ground and looked at the scared marine. He was in shock. And was happy. He saluted the Chief and the Chief saluted back. The Chief heard the noise. The men stood up, and readied his Rifle. "Thank you sir."

       "Pleasure is mine marine." The Chief replied running to the door. "Sergeant. Get over here. Look." The Chief pointed as Elites with some sort of powered jet pack flew in the air inside the ship.

       "Must be looking for survivors." Johnson spoke, as the Elite looked at the gap. The alien saw the head and acted like it didn't see him. "Whoa. That was close."

      Then the Aliens spoke to each other and then nodded. The Elites walked away from where the Chief and the Sergeant could see. The Elites ignited their swords and looked at the Chief straight in the eye. "Shit." John spoke quietly as the Elites came flying threw the air. The Chief dropped a grenade, picked up the Sergeant and ran to the other room. The Elites ran threw, right then the grenade exploded, the Elites stopped horrified and was incinerated.

       "Nice Chief. Can you put me down now?" Johnson asked as the Chief did so.

       "Chief! The ODST have found the access hatch to the Covenant's main Dropship. No Covenant was around the facility." Cortana informed the Chief as he ran to the gap threw the door. The tunnel was short this time. The Chef ran threw it seeing the marines.

       "And the bomb?" The Chief asked, as he was growing angrier.

       "They took it with them. Down to engineering level." Cortana told the Chief, "There is a large group of Elites, and some Grunts for leftovers." Cortana continued.

       "Ok. I will go alone. Marine, give me your weapon." The Chief ordered as the Marine gave the Chief his SMG's. The Chief reloaded each weapon and ran down the hall. The Chief ran down the hall as the Marines went onto the Covenants Dropship.

      The Sergeant was supposed to pick him up on the other side of the ship. The Chief continued to run down the hallways that were on fire and blinking on and off with red lights. He fired his SMG and killed a trio of Grunts. He made it to the door. Cortana started to speak to the Chief, "There are armored Elites with Spec-op Grunts. I think you should do well with both of your SMG's for close range."

       "You know me to well Cortana." The Chief responded as he busted threw the doors. The Covenants in the room looked at the Chief for a slit second and attacked. The Chief jumped down for cover and he smacked a Grunt by crushing its skull with his SMG and shooting it with the other. The Elites ignited their swords and yelled.

       "Take out your Rifle. My scans indicate that they have no shielding since their attack." Cortana informed the Chief as he did so a third of a second before the AI explained. He whipped out his Rifle and shot two pairs of a trio of bullets at the two Elites.
* * *

       "Don't touch anything." The Sergeant told the ODST. They didn't and stepped back. He looked at the panels. "Corporal? Can you interface with the controls and scan the ship from here. See if they are any survivors."

       "Sure Sergeant. Well, as I was scanning the ship. I noticed We are the only ones left. I suggest we get to the Gettysburg. They haven't been attack yet. They are on the other side of the planet." The Corporal informed the Sergeant as Johnson thought a bit.

       "Can you fly this?" The Sergeant asked as he yelled to everyone to get inside. All the marines and ODST ran entering the purple vessel.

       "Whoa. Nice ship you got here sir." One Private told him looking at the panels and the hull.

       "Don't get pushy with me sonny." The Sergeant countered that remark and looked at the screen watching Earth get bombarded by many Covenant vessels. A door that closed disconnecting the tunnel. The ship backed up and flew threw the space.

      The Chief saw another pair of Elites and took them out by using his melee attack on them in the back. Plasma flew everywhere. The Chief saw a trio of Jackals entering the facility. They gave their screeches, as it was their last. The Chief threw a plasma grenade he picked up from a nearby Elite.

      The Grenade exploded as they flew across the room. "Chief. You need to deactivate the bomb. Interface with the machine and I will disable it." Cortana told the Chief as he did so. He ran to the bomb. Placed Cortana's data chip inside the bomb. "Interesting." Cortana said deactivating the bomb.

      The Chief finished off the last pair of Grunts. "How much time was left?" The Chief asked as he walked to the bomb. Cortana paused as she checked.

       "You don't want to know." Cortana told the Chief, as he understood that there was probably only a few seconds left.