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Halo mission 001
Posted By: DJ<deanero@home.com>
Date: 17 January 2000, 1:33 p.m.

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Reluctantly, we accept our first mission. Due to scarce resources, our squad will be limited to 3 - Eric (sniper, recon), Mike (pilot, driver) and myself (tech, demolitions). Great, I've been named squad leader.

Our mission is to recon the structure at sector 034. Scouts say that the facility should contain no more than 10 bugs. 10-3 odds, not good.

We arrive at Sector 034. We move into position at the crack of dawn.

"Eric, let me know when you're in position, without giving yourself away."

Looking through my binocs, I spot the red laser dot above the two guards to the entrance of the structure.

"Mike, you in position?"


"Ok, everyone, I'm in position. Just like we talked about...Go!"

Mike jumps out over a ridge to my left and begins firing / flailing. The guards see him, and begin pursuit. The doors open and four more trail after the two guards.

"Mike, you have six. Don't be a hero. Meet at the rendezvous with the jeep."

Two more bugs emerge to stand guard.

"Ok, Eric, you have the right one, I got the left. Wait for me"

I get up and charge the doors, firing at the left bug. Eric hits his mark with the right one. I missed the left bug. The bug lifts his weapon and fires, hitting the ground in front of me. Through the dust and smoke, I don't see the hole in front of me. I step into it and fall face down. I turn over to see the bug in front of me about to pull the trigger. At that moment, his head explodes like cabbage.

"You owe me one."

I get up and salute to him, and head to the door. I begin to hack the entry box, and manage to get the doors to open.

"Oh my god! They've been collecting and storing our weapons and ammo here! No wonder we couldn't find anything after the crash!"

"Bad news," chimes in Eric, "You have a battalion of tanks and troops headed your way."

I see them, but it's too late. I go inside and close the doors.

"You better come up with a plan, pronto!" says Eric.

"No, finish the mission and let HQ know what's here."

"We'll be back for you, find a nice hiding spot."

"Will do, over and out"