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Halo Fan Fiction (Long)
Posted By: DJ<deanero@home.com>
Date: 18 January 2000, 6:41 p.m.

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We had been crawling through the high grass for hours. The sun broke through the clouds, and was beating down on us like rainfall, only slightly warmer. We managed to reach the last ridge above the valley before noon. Our objective was now in sight. My God, there was a lot of them. Those damn aliens. What do they want from us anyhow?

"Looks like we have someone of importance down there..." whispered John, as he looked through his scope.

I looked through my scope at the congregation of aliens in front of the structure. They were all in formation, and in front of them was an alien addressing all of them. It was flanked by what appeared to be eight heavily armored bodyguards.

"I think I should take him out," said John, making adjustments to his scope.

"Negative, our mission is to recon this valley. We need to head back to get a signal through to HQ, and let them know what's here."

"Screw that, I can take out their leader and half their company before they know what's going on." John made final adjustments.

"We can't do that. Our troops are not organized yet. If we alert those bugs to our presence, the rest of our company will be sitting ducks. We have to go back and report."

"No way. With one shot, they might fall back and wait for reinforcements. Without their General, they might not know what to do. Before they can figure it out, we should be ready."

"No!" I yelled. I pulled his rifle down and pushed him over, "Our mission..."

"To hell with the mission, we have a real opportunity here to hurt THEM for once. Have you ever seen a bug with an escort like that? He's important, I'm telling you."

"You don't know that for sure. Are you willing to risk the lives of our troops based on a hunch?" Now I was real mad, and had to sit up.

John sat up and grabbed my by the shoulders, "We have been on the defensive ever since we crashed on this damn ring six months ago. We need to take the offensive. We need to show them that we won't be just hunted, that we have the strength and will to fight back. Now is the time to send them that message. We need for THEM to fear something for a change, and WE need something that will stir that courageous spirit in all of us to do accomplish above and beyond what we can do. I need to take this shot. If only for my personal salvation."

"You're signing our death warrants. I know being a sniper means we're alone a lot and you have time to think. Almost to the point where you think things too much. But we have to take it a day at a time. We need to think as a team, if we're going to survive. Let's just go back and report our findings."

"Maybe you're right. But I'm telling you, we have a real opport..."

Then John's eyes went wide. He looked like he saw a ghost. Then it became apparent to me what was happening. By sitting up, we had exposed our position. I barely turned my head when a saw a flash go by my face, and hit John square in the chest. I couldn't see John moments afterwards because of the smoke. But I could hear him. He was gurgling, and I could feel his hand clenching my arm. I grabbed my weapon, but it was too late. I felt a hot sting in my back. Odd, there wasn't a whole lot of pain. But then again, I couldn't really move. I did manage to turn over and face the sky.

"Wow," I whispered, "this place is really beautiful. I never noticed it before." I saw a bird gliding through the air. Above, the clouds were gently whisping by.

"Ironic, though," I continued, "that we snipers would be taken out by Covenant snipers. Maybe that's why they want snipers out there alone. We argue too much."

I could see John forcing a smile. Then a shadow came over his face. The covenant forces had arrived. I tried to pull my sidearm out, but one of the bugs stepped on my hand. Then I felt another warm sting in my belly, as the bug plunged his energy knife to the hilt, and exclaimed some gibberish statement to the group. It was then that I saw the real threat to our human existence. It was in their eyes. It was the same look that zealots used to have on earth when preaching their holy words. It made them stronger, bigger, and less fearful of everything around them. Maybe John was right. Maybe he should have taken the shot. But one thing is for sure...unless we purge these aliens of their religious fervor, humanity is in big trouble. Funny, I always imagined life going dark before you die...