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Halo Fan Fiction
Posted By: DJ<deanero@home.com>
Date: 18 January 2000, 1:33 p.m.

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Our nerves were frazzled. It's been a couple of months since the crash, and resources were very scarce. I looked out through the window in the early morning, but my gaze passed by the natural beauty of this ring planet. I didn't wonder how this place was created, nor what it was intended for. My gaze lazily followed a bird like creature swooping from above, snagging a small creature from the ground. In the distance, the sleek halo shape streaked up and above us, through scattered clouds. No, my attention was on survival. Our group was only 48 strong. 48 against hundreds, possibly thousands...

"Miranda, pay attention!" screamed the CO.

"Sir, yes sir" I managed to utter.

The faces around me said it all. We were all in a defeated, trance like state. Every skirmish produced 50 or more kills against the bugs, but 1 or 2 on our side. At this rate, after 25 or so battles, we'll all be gone. I always hated statistics.

"Listen up! Our scouts came back a few hours ago and report that two full battalions of bugs are coming our way. We need to evacuate this base. Unfortunately, time is against us. Alpha and Bravo squads will coordinate the evacuation, Charlie squad will booby trap this facility after we leave. That leaves Delta and Echo squads to slow the Covenants' forces."

It seemed like the same game plan, day in and day out.

"Delta will provide support for Echo. You three," the CO pointed to us, "are to take out the bridge in sector 016. That should buy us some time to shuffle outta here. Everyone clear?"

"Sir, yes sir!" we grumbled.

At that moment, the CO's left cybernetic arm slammed into the table, busting it into two.

"Snap out of it. Times are tough, so we need to be tougher. Anyone feel like leaving, I'll loan you my sidearm. Just blast your brains out in the corner over there. The rest of you, let's get moving!"

"Sir, yes sir!" We shouted in unison. He was right. As long as we have hope, we will overcome. But we have to believe it.

"And remember Delta and Echo, we can't afford a fire fight. Every bullet counts, so stay low and if you have to fight, make every shot count."

With that, we went to our supply room to load up on demolition charges, and headed out. We decided to take the river, in order to avoid any bug patrols. The water was cold, but our powersuits compensated. The river was crystal clear, with a few fishes streaming by every now and then.

"Echo squad this is Delta. We have activity at nine o'clock. We're going up to check it out, proceed to the bridge, we'll catch up."

"Roger that."

We arrived at the bridge a little before noon. After a quick recon, we secured the area and began planning the demolition of the bridge.

"It's been 30 min since Delta checked in, I wonder what's going on" I muttered.

"I'll set up sniper position on that ridge," Eric said pointing west, "from there, I should be able to see Delta squad and get a signal through." He headed off, and I couldn't help but think what a lonely job a sniper must have. But he was the best, and had gotten me out of situations more times than I could count.

Mike and I started prepping the charges, and started towards the bridge when Eric chimed in.

"We have trouble. It looks like Delta squad was captured, and they're going to move them out."

"Damn it!" exclaimed Mike, "we don't have time to get over there."

Mike was right. If we don't blow the bridge, our entire company could get wiped out. But can we really let Delta squad become lunch meat for the bugs. I had to make a decision, and either way, Wolf Company was going to lose.

"Uh oh" chimed in Eric, "looks like the scouts for the battalion have arrived to secure the bridge. They're on suspensor-type crafts. ETA is roughly 5 minutes."

"How many?"


My best friend was in Delta squad. I couldn't just let him die, could I? Should we stick to our mission? Then an idea hit me ...