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Captain Grace Wilcox---Short Story
Posted By: Mark Lieberg<malieberg@msn.com>
Date: 5 July 2005, 12:02 am

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Captain Grace Wilcox

      On a dark, rainy, thunderous day, the trees in the surrounding forest were an ideal location for cover. Plasma or motor fire would have to shoot throughout the entire area in order to locate their enemies. But really, the enemy was coming to them. In the tree line, of the forest edge, just three miles west of a city called, 'Sky Waters', in the ditch covered by a large tree log, over viewing a small enemy camp covered with plasma barricades and turrets, were eight brave souls. Raised from Reach at a civilian hospital, and went through basic training, these men were the best, well-equipped son of a bitches for the job. Later, throughout their training, the Covenant attacked, and the platoon was split up. However, eight men were given to a Squad Captain; female, tall with dark hair and the mind for war was her characteristic. The groups Captain, Grace Wilcox laid on her stomach looking out at the camp with a set of binoculars, which belonged to one of her men.

      They all knew never to make a move on her, because she had been married, not that the men even wanted to, Grace's husband, Samuel Wilcox, died at Reach when the Covenant glassed the place with their plasma beams. She was always in the mood for killing Covenant, which was what her men knew how best to deal with. She out looked the over viewing area, and saw some patrol guards, mostly cannon fodder, walking along the plasma barricades on the opposite side of safe ground. The target was in site, and by these weather conditions, she thought it would be easier to just nuke the place, but her orders stood. Capture Enemy base, and re-equip it with UNSC defenses. So, that was what she was planning already.

      Her team had no air support or armor support. They would have to take this piece of shit of a land the old fashion way, which was basically, kill every single enemy with a bullet in their Asses. Seeing the closest Grunt, the Captain looked at her lead sniper, Corporal James Harrington. "There's a Grunt walking down two plasma barricades surrounded by a small ditch. Locate the bitch and take it out." Grace whispered as she looked back at the cannon fodder with her soldier's binoculars. The Grunt wouldn't have been noticed if it were shot, or shooting its own ass with its plasma pistol. But the 14.5mm bullet leaving the chamber of Corporal Harrington's SRS99C S2-AM Sniper Rifle was going to end its miserable duty, and start a new one by dying.

      Time slowly ticked by while the corporal took aim at his first kill of the rainy day. Grace knew her corporal well, and taking that one shot with silence mattered more then it seemed. Cause if that Grunt splattered its blood in the wrong direction, or the bullet had hit its methane tank and made the creature fly in the air telling the enemy was a team just outside the gate, hell would be certainly by the topic of the day for herself and her men. Another minute ticked by, and quietly, the Armour Piercing Fin-Stabilizing Discarding Sabot round flung itself from the holding chamber, into the firing chamber, and out the muzzle. In quick motion, the bullet zimmed past over two-dozen raindrops to find its target, and with that, the metal round pierced the creatures head, and it dropped away from the plasma barricade and into the ditch.

      The corporal pulled back his sniper rifle and looked at his captain. She gave thumbs up and continued to look at the area. There was a ditch just beside two adjacent plasma barricades just upfront. It would be an ideal place to hide from the plasma turrets the Covenant had set up around the main Covenant camp. She looked at the area taking her eyes off the binoculars and then tossed the device back to Private Marc Ryan, her recon soldier. She then backed up and went to a kneeling position as her team looked at her waiting for their next move. Grace spoke quietly, "there is a ditch in-between two plasma barricades adjacent to each other. It's perfect from plasma fire, so I suggest we get our asses over there. When we get there I want you and you," she pointed towards Harrington and his support sniper Chris Adam, "to get on the ground and search for them Jackals. I know those bird shitters have those beam rifles. I want them taken out at a time of silence, and with care. If one of those even squeaks, I'll personally kick your ass." Grace ended smiling. Her men knew what she wanted, and that was what they'll give it to her.

      She crawled back up the tree log, and took another look before sending her men across a dirt road and into that ditch. She didn't want them to die; she didn't want to see anyone die. If her mission was to get herself killed for her men, she would do it to save them, but if it was a suicide mission, she would never do it, even if it was a fair trade. After another second, Grace turned around and then signaled her men to go for it. They quietly, crouch-ran to the ditch and sat behind the walls that were beneath the plasma which were solid metal of unknown alloy. It felt warm when Grace felt her back touch the wall, and when she looked at her men; she noticed that Harrington and Chris were already on their sniper duty.

      Crack! Crack! Two shots that had just rang in the ears of Captain Wilcox meant that two enemy Jackals were dead in the towers. Crack! Crack! Came another two 14.5mm bullets and two more dead carcasses. The two snipers searched the area one more time before sitting up straight. "No bird shitters alive Captain." Harrington announced with a low voice. Grace nodded and then looked up at the barricades, which were above them.

      Grace thought out her plan, and then decided it was the time. "Harrington and Chris, continue to give cover fire. Denis mount the M-Nineteen, and Smith you help reload for him. Willis your on demolition. Blow that barricade on my mark. Ryan and Witosky give suppressive fire if they start massing in numbers." Grace added as she took Smith's Battle Rifle, " Witosky take Smith's rifle and give the C-7's to Willis." She looked at her men, "lets do this."

      Private Willis grabbed the C-7 and stuck the cord in for the detonator. Once in he tossed it above the barricades power module, and then nodded to his captain. Grace looked at Harrington and Chris and heard two Crack!. "Blow it!" Grace ordered as Willis pushed the button. The C-7 started to liquefy, and then explode with a loud noise. Everyone had their ears covered since they were so close to the explosive sound of chemical imbalance of oxygen and various chemicals. "Lets move it!" she ordered again as Ryan and Witosky ran first in line seeing a dozen Grunts running their way to the explosion.

       "Harrington!" Grace yelled as she saw a Ghost round the corner of the base speeding towards her position.


      The Elite pilot fell dead in its seat as the Ghost powered down due to the lifeless body on the vehicle. Grace had a sigh of relief while Ryan and Witosky let out a hail of bullets at the incoming Grunts. They fell by the bullet wounds in their bodies. Grace saw the falling orange suited aliens as she signaled Denis and Smith to move forward behind Ryan and Witosky. Around the wet surrounding trees right of the Covie base, there was a lying Wraith Tank getting started after a black armored Elite jumped on. The two Marines fired their rockets at an enemy motor tank and watched it explode in plasma frenzy.

      Captain Wilcox ran ahead of the two Marines and saw the destruction of the tank. She raised her rifle and fired a shot at a Grunt running away. There were no more enemy soldiers. That was all of them, except for the ones inside the small camp building just in her view. She turned her head to look at it on her left as rain drops continued to soak their faces. It was soothing, and killing the rest of the Covenant on his base was going to be full of thrill.