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Tribute - 117
Posted By: LHP
Date: 3 August 2011, 2:54 pm

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A figure beyond awe
Encrusted in legend,
Shrouded in mystique,
Blest with greatest luck,
Beyond the normality of a tangible human soul
Beyond the zeal of cold covenant blood
Fate it was his chancing upon the rings
Destiny it was for his being to unravel its secrets
Fortune it was for his gallant efforts to turn the tide of the holocaustic war –
But true it was that his heroism stands bold and strong and enduring
Long after the mighty storm was quelled
Burning ever so brightly
In the hearts of us all.
Remembrance is certainty
Commemoration is necessity
But reveille… is a misty obscurity
A hero's rise after the fall,
Or a warm casket, closed with finality?

Writer's comment: Title speaks for itself, but it would have helped if i got the inspiration for this BEFORE halo 4 was announced...oh, and it is in 117 words.