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ODSS Chapter 1
Posted By: Firerwolf<triss2008@yahoo.com>
Date: 3 July 2011, 2:52 am

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Year 2552

12 pods slammed into the ground randomly through out the field. The hatches released and 11 marines in regulation ODST armor jumped out. A single soldier in a full set of Mark V armor leapt onto the hard broken street. The soldiers immediately opened fire on the covenant that were near by. The grunts that hasn't been killed by the initial impact were cut down by the hail of bullets. The area fell into silence as the gunfire stopped. The soldiers shouldered their assault rifles and grabbed a second SMG before gathering in the lobby of a near by hotel. The once elegant interior of the building was ruined. Burnt and destroyed armchairs were scattered about and the hotel check in desk was covered with plasma burns. The soldier in Mark IV armor moved across the street stopping at the corner. The soldier checked around the corner and then motioned the others forward. The marines moved up the side of the building. The Mark IV armored soldier took point as they rounded the corner. They moved down the street past broken down buildings and slipped into an alley. The Spartan motioned to three of the soldiers and then at the corner across the street.

Without a word the three marines moved across the street. One of the soldiers checked around the corner. The soldier s then opened a COM channel. "Park's filled with Covies. Not really active, mainly look like they're waiting on something." The solder reported.

The Spartan motioned to the three to return. They joined back up with the main group in the alley. "Peter, James, David, you're Red Team. Get that HAVOK in place. Everyone else is with me as blue team." The Spartan ordered and the marines nodded. The three marines grabbed the nuke and moved off to put it in place.

A marine, his corporal insignia freshly painted on the side of his helmet moved over to the Spartan's side. "What are we to do?" He asked.

"We are running the distraction," The Spartan replied. "Do you still have those explosives?" The corporal nodded. "You'll be with Emily. Gather round and listen up cause this is the plan."

Luke and Matthew moved into place at the side of one of the buildings near the edge of the park. Once they were sure that a patrol was passing one of the marines hurled a grenade and shouted. "Frag out!"

The two jackals that had been on patrol were caught completely off guard. They didn't even have enough time to turn on their shields before they were engulfed in the blast. Cries rang out through the gathered grunts and few jackals that were in charge. The vulture like creatures shouted and pointed in the direction of the marines. Three red acknowledge lights flashed on the marine's HUD and the soldiers ran down the street away from the grunts. They rounded the corner and the grunts scurried after them. Several of the jackals screeched at the grunts instructing them to go around the block to try to cut the humans off.

"Flood waters trying to make a side stream." Max reported over the radio looking down at the grunts from his roof top perch.

"Understood eagle eye." The Spartan replied The Sergeant switched channels. "Pyros, set off one though four."

"Creating a damn," Tym replied. "Light them up." She said turning to Emily. The female marine activated the detonator that sat ready in her hand. Just as the grunts were walking down the street the explosives went off. Two explosions ripped though a theater on one side of the street. The forces of the blast brought the front walls of the building tumbling down. The set of charges went off in the upper levels of the building. The large neon sign broke loose crashing to the ground. Several grunts were crushed under the sign and the following debris of the building. As soon as the wreckage has settled Tym turned back on his radio. "Damn created, flood flow blocked," He reported.

"Good," The Sergeant replied. "Ready the rest of the charges. I don't want those ugly bastards straying form the path." The Spartan ordered. The Sergeant then turned to the soldier closest. "How soon until they reach our location?"

"ETA is in one minute ten seconds," Edward replied.

The Spartan nodded. "Get ready to piss the little buggers off." Edward and Tobias nodded. They waited until the barks of the grunts were loud and clear before moving. The Spartan moved forward followed the by other two. They fired as they moved across the street shredding the front line of grunts. As the enemy reached the other side the soldiers tossed several grenades before turning and running down the street a bit and making a left around a corner. They jumped behind some chunks of rubble that were scattered around the area from the initial invasion. Luke, Matthew, and Pat were waiting for them. "Don't let them pass but don't fire until they are on the mark," The Spartan ordered as the marines ducked behind the rubble. The grunts came scurrying around the corner unaware of the waiting soldiers. The Spartan waited until the grunts were close enough. "Open fire marines," The Sergeant ordered. The eight marines stood up, took aim, and fired. The quick three round bursts found their marks, ripping though the grunts' heads and necks. The bodies started to pile up in a line. The grunts continuously tried to climb over their fallen brethren. Once the Sergeant was confident the majority of the grunts and jackals were in place the Spartan reestablished radio contact with Tym. "Spring the trap."

"Burying the trash," Tym replied setting off more explosives. The buildings at the corner came tumbling down on the covenant soldiers.

"Red team reporting that nuke is in place." Tobias reported as he moved over beside the Spartan.

"Good, tell them to head to the evac point. We'll meet them there." The Sergeant ordered.

"Yes ma'am," Tobias replied. He then moved off to tell the others and give the orders to red team. The marines moved off, out of the city and toward the shore of the large lake near the center of the forest.

The marines came to a stop at the edge of the forest around the lake. The Sergeant looked down the shore and spotted the pelican that was waiting for them. She motioned them forward and the marines moved over to the ship while staying under cover. The Sergeant moved out into the clearing holding her assault rifle above her head to show that she was a friendly. The navy pilot that was waiting turned toward her. "You must be petty officer Bardly," she said, voice filter making her words deep and threatening.

The pilot snapped to attention. "Yes sir. My girl's ready to fly as soon as you are." The solder stared up in awe at the sight of the Spartan.

"Good, cause we're dusting off in two," The Sergeant ordered. The pilot nodded and moved back into the ship. The Sergeant motioned to her team and they moved out of the bushes. Red team appeared a few meters away. The marines moved into the ship and the engines flared to life. The pelican rose into the air and away from the city. The Sergeant pulled an electrical pad from her belt and keyed in the activation code for the nuke. In a flash the city became a great ball of light. The Sergeant activated her radio and made contact with the ship above them. "This is Sergeant Major Kathleen-113. Mission has been completed."