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UNSC Frozenburg---Alert Discovery of Third Halo by Mark Lieberg

UNSC Frozen Catch---Alert Discovery of Third Halo
Date: 30 November 2004, 11:52 AM

      Hi, well I just got bored and wanted to write something with out the Chief in it. Well here it is. A UNSC Destroyer, a Platoon full of Marines, At least a couple hundred Fighters, and some other surprises.
      Hope you enjoy the story. I might not continue but depends how i fell on the Commenting side of the story. Thanks...

       Chapter One: Initiating Cole Protocol

      "What the hell is that thing?" The Captain said confused as they had jumped in slipspace with unknown destination coordinates. The Planet was a huge gas Giant. Red and Black covered the surface. However the Captain didn't look at that.

      Controls were tapped and pressed. "Sir, you are not going to believe this." Lieutenant James Walker informed the Captain. He looked threw the database and found the object classified under ONI Brass authorities. They had no ship AI. Ever since they left the docks on Reach, they had been searching for UNSC ships that had been lost near the Eridani System.

      But that came to a halt, since the Frozen Catch had contact with a Covenant Assault Carrier near Theta Two. They had lost a group of Fighter, Three, as a distraction to escape the system.

      The Ring shaped structure, rotated around space near an uncharted system. Ten Thousand Kilometers in Diameter, and Thirty-Two Point Three Kilometers Thick. "Sir, I believe the AI Cortana has seen this Ring before. They call it Halo." Walker told the Captain as he took out a cigar, lit it and puffed it once.

      "My god. It's a weapon right? We need to destroy it." Captain Williams said. His Gray Navy uniform covered his body. The Brass symbol on his Left shoulder was bright and scratched. He had been in the Service for 5 years.

      "Yes sir. It is most defiantly a Weapon. And sir, Covenant Fighters and Dropships are inbound." Gemes informed the Captain as they felt the ship shook.
      "Tell the Fighters to get ready and leave the docking port. Ready one Shiva Missile, and warm up the Archer pods," The Captain looked at the Lieutenant and the rest of the bridge crew, "If there are fighters. There are Destroyers, and Carriers. Warm the MAC."

      "Aye sir." Walker yelled as he did so. Ensign Pathy powered the engines to 50% and headed towards the Ring.

      "Sir! I am reading some Thermal Activity on that ring. I think it might be powering up to fire. They possible could of found the index." Gemes yelled as he scanned the surface to fine the same heat signature again.

      " Launch all of the Shiva missiles down to that thing and take it out. We'll investigate later. We need to Focus on his threat here and now." Williams told his crew. They were ready to fight, the only thing were, were they ready to attack two Covenant Ships. It was a risky plan. But he was going to try to do what Keyes had done at Sigma Octanus IV. It was a brilliant move in military history.

      "Ensign. Perform the Keyes maneuver One. Blow that Covenant Son of a Bitch out of Space, and straight into hell!" Williams yelled as he sat back down. The Ensign did so and the ship accelerated towards the enemy. Plasma flew passed and over the ship.

      "Fire Archer Pods A1 threw A6. Give them a few rounds off of our MAC's while your at it Lieutenant." Williams commanded Walker as he did so. Three rounds from the MAC and 64 missiles streamed towards the Enemy Destroyer. The MAC punched threw the Covenant shielding on the Carrier. The Shields, flared, dimmed, and flickered off. The Rest of the Archer missiles however, hit the Starboard side, and blasted the Covenant hull into pieces. The Chief start to fall backwards and it tilted.
      "Sir. Covenant Carrier has been destroyed. However the Destroyer is powering its plasma torpedoes, and...brace for impact!" Walker yelled as he scanned the space for any more plasma torpedoes.

      "Damage report?!" The Captain yelled as they spun out of control, "and Pathy. Get this ship closer to that ship, and Walker, when I say fire. Give 'em Hell." Williams yelled to his crew.
      They said, "Aye, sir." In unison. The Ship turned One hundred and eighty degree's to the port side. The ship had sections of the ship decompressed and sealed for the fire.

       Williamson, the Captain ordered his attack by simply calling one word. The Ship was 2 kilometers from the enemy Carrier. "Fire." The Captain said emotionlessly. The Frozenburg then fired its MAC round into the Covenant Carrier. The Shields flickered and then flared to a dim lit shadow and failed. The Archer missiles reached the target just as the shields failed.

      "Target neutralized sir. Escape pods and landing craft are however heading towards the ring. Great strategy sir." Walker exhaled quickly. He straightened his uniform.
      Williamson swept the sweet off of his head as he rubbed it on his sleeves. "That was a great hit Walker. Great hit everyone." He said looking. He sat back down and told the Communications officer to send a priority alpha transmission to FLEETCOM.

      The Screen showing what used to be clean space was now the face of Fleet Admiral Hood. He whore his brass insignia. His hair tightly trimmed, and his white Navy Hat on his head, with a strong expression. "Sir."

      "This better be important Captain. The Covenant is just sighted near Io." Hood said as the Captain say the board behind the Admiral. The Board showed Fleet Admiral Harper ready to Engage the Covenant 15 Capital ships.

      "Sir. I don't know what is more important, but. I think we have discovered another Halo Ring that was found by Cortana." Williamson said as the bridge crew looked at the Admiral.

      "You said what?! Another one of those rings. Captain. You have permission to take that ring out. That thing is a major threat to the whole galaxy. I will send you the data needed to find the requirements to configure the ring so it cant fire." Hood said as data streams passed threw space and into Gemes station.

      "Sir. Data has been gathered. The Index is now located near a Covenant Dropship. It's heading towards the Control room." Gemes looked at the Captain then back to the Admiral.


      "Permission to engage target has been approved. Take those bastards down before they activate it. Admiral Hood out." The screen flared off and showed the debris lay in space. Ahead, was the Halo ring.

      "Pathy. Get to the Ring and enter the atmosphere. Put engines to full power, and power down the MAC. When we get that index. We will launch all the Shiva Nuclear Warheads we have to that place and blow that thing out." Williamson stated.

      "Aye, sir." The whole crew said all together as Pathy piloted the vessel down to the atmosphere. Its engines reached 87%. Full power.

      "Time to reach destination sir. Is three minutes and continuing." Pathy said as Gemes continued after her.

      " Covenant Dropship bearing One-Two-Five-Point-Zero-Zero-Two sir. It is ahead on screen now." Then Gemes placed the Covenant Phantom on display and saw then the fifty Banshees flying to the Destroyer.

      "Ready the Marines. Send out the Pilots."

Authors note:

Pelican Echo-472 <-> Inbound-Stranded Marines
Date: 4 December 2004, 2:17 PM

Authors Note. This is a continuation of a pack of Marines stranded on a deselect ring world with no communications and back up. Hope you enjoy. I also do enjoy comments. Well thanks bye.

Chapter 2: The Flight into Hell

      The Pelican Dropship descended into the huge ring. The ship began to shake as First Lieutenant Jamie Hound piloted the rough vehicle. She had been in the service for One and a Half years, and saw her friends die in many battles. He throttled the engines to turn slightly to make the descend more quiet, and she would put it.

      Jamie had flight experience with an old Apache that was preserved in the Military to show how Americans fought with them during wars in the Early Twenty First century. She looked to her left and saw the ship turn bright red, and then cool off as they entered the atmosphere of the artificial ring.

      "Sergeant?" Jamie spoke to her commanding officer as both him and her saw the Covenant Phantom flying ahead not aware of what was behind it. She readied her Archer pods that were attached to the side wings just before leaving the Frozenburg.

      "Wait. Let's see where they are headed." Sergeant First Class George Brown said as they followed the enemy ship. The ship was new by the looks of it. Its plasma cannons were facing the wrong way. And were not aware of what is now their fault line.

      The Pelican Dropship followed on as a huge triangle/pyramid showed up on the cockpit. It had lights on each of the tips of the ledges that were circling around the installation. "Inform the Captain of the location of the Control Room. And tell him that we are engaging the target." Brown ordered the Lieutenant as Jamie did so. She contacted the Frozenburg, and on the mini screen appeared Captain Williamson.

      "What is it Lieutenant. We have multiple ship exiting out of slipstream, and we are getting a little busy at the moment."Williamson told the pilot as he told Gemes to scan the area of the incoming ships. They weren't close enough to attack; now all they had to do was run and attack to give the team some time.

      "We are going to engage the target, and request you send down the Shiva missiles to this coordinates─"
      "Sorry Lieutenant, but we need the Shiva's here in space so we can have a clear way out. I can send down one missile. And a fully loaded Pelican for backup. But I can't spare all the missiles. You will have to take that structure out manually."

      "Yes sir," she said as the screen turned black and she turned to look at the Sergeant. In her entire service record she never took on a target as big as the control room. She had to do it. "Sir, the Captain can only afford to send down one Shiva Missile. Request to back away and keep our distance. The EMP might affect our systems if we are close."

      "Ok. Get us back. Send the Captain the coordinates. I want that thing lit for Santa as he comes by." The Sergeant said as he turned around. The Pelican turned around and the Sergeant turned also. "Corporal."

      "Yes sir?" The Corporal. Wearing his Black suit looked at the Sergeant. He was a little tall then him. But he knew he was a soldier, and walked up to the 70mm Chain-gun that was mounted in the back of the hatch.

      "I want you to give that," the Sergeant pointed to the purple vessel flying towards the EMP radius, "a pinch of our gun here. Make sure it follows us. I don't want that ship destroyed."

      "Aye sir." The ODST nodded as he pulled the nozzle for the first bullet to enter the hole. He pulled for 3 seconds as he saw lights fly across the sky. The bullets pinged the Covenant Dropship as it budged a little.

      "Shiva missile inbound. Is that ship following us?" Jamie asked the Sergeant as she looked at the aft camera she had mounted near the hatch so she could video all her battles. The Shiva missile was appearing from the sky, and the ship was still going away from the Pelican.

      "Oh boy." Jamie said as the missile struck the complex. She punched everything the Pelican had so it got away from the radius blast. The EMP was bright blue and purple. The Covenant Dropship had flown away just in time. The EMP then as it reached its limit, lowered, powered down, and gave a secondary explosion.

       The Pelican Dropship shook and then flew downward to the grassy plain, "Brace for emergency impact!" Jamie said, as she never lost a ship in her control for her. She was both excited and scared. She boosted the left Turbine to 150% and the right to 50% as it started to level up. However, that wasn't enough as the Dropship hit the ground.


UNSC Frozenburg

      "Fire the MAC! Tell those pilots to destroy those fighters! We wont be here for long if they don't get those Covenant bitches out!" Williamson said as he held on to his chair. He had never attacked 3 Covenant Destroyers at once. Only dead heroes did that.

      "Aye sir. Firing MAC. Recharging. 80% Archer Pods ready for next firing solution! MAC Ready sir." Walker yelled as he was bleeding from his nose. He needed to go to the medical bay to check him out, but refused to leave the bridge. The Captain liked that in a Marine.

      "By all means Lieutenant. Fire!" He looked at he screen that showed the huge Covenant ships. The ships he were attacking were One-third the size of the Frozenburg. The MAC fired, and the archer missiles left. One Covenant Destroyer powered up and shifted before getting hit.

      The Covenant ship that had passed, gave its other ship the disappointment of seeing the flaming cells of hell. The MAC punched threw the shields. It flickered on and lit once and twice, then failed as the archer missiles hit the ships bow. It started to disfigure as the fire and energy stored up on one of its plasma weapons charged up and fired. It shot, but didn't hit the Frozenburg. It stayed inside the ship and melted the metal. All the decks on the vessel flickered on and off. The Third time they stayed off, and the inside of the ship exploded.

      "Great Lieutenant. Remind me to buy you a drink later on!" The Captain said faintly smiling at the screen. The Enemy ship burst into flames, and then disappeared.
There was a short cheer as the Ensign maneuvered the ship downward. A Plasma torpedo missed by a couple of meters.

      "Thank you Ensign. Gemes. How's the things on the ring?" He looked at the screen and then continued, "Walker. Give those bastards a taste from our MAC."

      "Sir. The Dropship made it to the ring. They have crash-landed about 5 miles from the control room. They probably got hit by the EMP blast." Gemes yelled quietly as Walked typed in a few firing solutions.
      "Sir. Permission to launch a Shiva missile with the next firing solution." Walker asked the Captain. Williamson nodded once and looked. "Pathy."

      "Already on it." She said as the ship backed up a few clicks away from the enemy vessel. The MAC and Shiva fired at the same time. The Archers were following after a few seconds. The MAC hit both ships, and the four rounds split into two sections and took both shields down on the enemy vessel. The Shiva missile however detonated between the two and exploded.

      "Impact on the Shiva sir. The Ships are still in contact. The archers are arriving at the target at Three...two...one" Walker said as both vessels blew up. They hull buckled and blew apart.
      "That drink Lieutenant. I think I should give you a promotion." The Captain said as he knew that his weapons officer was good. But he didn't know he could take out three Covenant Destroyers using all means necessary.

      "Thank you sir. I will buy the drink when we get near a space dock."

Thirty Minutes later

      Missile, fire, emergency crash landing, the Sergeant thought as he stood up. He shook his head a few times and saw that he was several feet away from the ship. His SMG was just a few inches away from his feet. He looked around and saw that it was just green as far as he could see.

      No Communications, no food, no water, and very low supplies. They were going to be here for a while.

Five Marines, One Pilot, a Halo Ring, and a Shit load of Covenant Forces.
Date: 11 December 2004, 1:27 PM

Authors Note. People have been asking, what the heck kind of story is this and all that. Is it another 'halo ring', or another 'Earth under siege story'? Well to answer that. Read my other post of this series, or continue to read and rind out.
       However this story will now take place on the Halo ring. A group of Marines. Six marines. Are stranded. No communications. The Frozenburg has been busy and much more secrets lie in the Construct it self.
       I hope you post comments, after reading this story. You can read my other works. But this I will say will be a sort of like, mini series. Well hope you enjoy and thanks.

Chapter 3: Stranded, Isolated, and Surrounded by the Enemy

       The crashed Pelican Dropship lay over twenty meters away from their current location. Their supply was low, but their health was in good condition. No one got hurt in the crash, thankfully as the Team walked over the mountain.

       They crashed about five minutes ago and had no communications with their ship, the Frozenburg. "Sarge? When the hell do we get some rest?" Private First Class Maser asked as he continued up the hill.

      "Don't worry marine. You'll rest when you're dead." The Sergeant replied to the marines question wondering when would they get some rest. He checked his Rifle and it read─24. He was tired, and hungry. But getting to that downed Dropship was the priority.

       Brown never got to his next promotion. He would never get promoted till this war ended with the Covenant. His marine uniform was light and filled with clips of ammo, and some grenades. Making it barley twenty pounds.

       The Sergeant continued up as the pilot, Lieutenant Jamie swallowed a little bit of water that she placed in her cantina. She placed the cap back on, and looked to her left. The Corporal was tired and thirsty. "Here," The Lieutenant said handing her cantina to the Corporal, "drink up."

       The Corporal accepted the cantina with a simple thank you, and opened the cap. He swallowed a few gulps, and close it handing it back to the Lieutenant. She nodded. She placed the cantina in her pocket pouch and continued on. The other Private, his name was Wilson, and the Lance Corporal Jenkins walked on.

       The team walked over the hill and saw the huge crater that was left behind by the present they sent in to the control room, a Shiva Missile. Smoke and fire was un finished and the marines saw the downed Phantom.

       "Corporal! Get over here!" Brown yelled to the Lance Corporal as the marine handed his binoculars. "Thanks."

       "Yes sir." The Marine stated and squinted down the plain. The Sergeant looked down at the plain. The Covenant on board the Phantom already was packed and ready to leave.

       "Looks like they have no communications down there either." Brown added as he looked again. The Lieutenant took out her own set of binoculars. She saw the Elites and Jackal working together. But the grunts that were on board the vessel died. Their bodies laid out in a row out on the field. They were stripped of their armor and weapons.

       "Looks like the Elites are moving those huge crates. Any idea whats in them?" The Lieuteant asked the Sergeant as the Private in the back answered it wrong.

       "A pack of cigarettes, a bottle of wine, and some playing cards I bet!" The Private spoke loudly as he smiled.

       "Boy!" The Sergeant yelled to the Private as the Private stood still. "You better shove a cork in your ass and a sock in your mouth before I cut your tongue out! Do I make my self clear!"

       The Private trembled. It was only his first year. He never knew that he was going to die on this ring world. "Sir, yes sir Sergeant!" Maser yelled as he raised his SMG.

       "What you think we should to Sarge?" Wilson asked as he walked by the two officers.

       "We do what we do best marine. Fight and if we die, we take a few of them with us." Brown said hoping that the Lieutenant would have something else to say. She didn't speak after the sergeant. I guess not, Brown thought to him self as they continued to survey the battle area.

Pelican Echo-719

       "We got some stranded marines out there!" Major Casket yelled as he walked down the aisle. He was ready to attack the Covenant. But not now, not yet anyways. "We have one mission, and do you know what that mission is?"

       "RESCUE FELLOW MARINES SIR!" the ODST yelled out loud as they listened to their Major.

       We got reports that they are a few miles away from the control room. We will find them, and take the key. After that we will do what is best! Kick some ass and hope we live! Am I right?" The Major spoke out loud to his combat group.

       They all wore their special armor; it was black and darkly camouflaged. Each of the ODST on board the Pelican had been with the Major since the academy. The Major had selected these students to be with him in combat and to fight to their deaths. They were proud to be with Major Casket.

       "ETA is three minutes Major!" Captain Frank yelled. He controlled his pelican down to the hill. He saw the smoke that the other marines had placed and had lit for the help of the other Pelican to come.

       The Devils army has just landed.

The Captains Fate, and the UNSC Frozenburg
Date: 14 December 2004, 9:02 AM

I just want to say thanks to these people.

1. Dave
2. MC's Cousin
3. ENS
4. 343 Salty Beans.

       You people have given me writing knowledge and experience. I appreciate the great help you have given me, and making me understand how to write. I really thank you guys.

       Well. This story will be the continuation of my original story. Another Halo ring found, a crew left on the ring near the destroyed ruins of the Control Room. And the Index that is now trying to be retrieved from the Covenant. But this chapter will have the endings of the Frozenburg and its fate of the crew.

       Battles will be fought and won. You will just have to read, and post comments. Any thing helpful to upgrade my story to awesome and great in the forums will be nice too. Hope you enjoy the story. Thanks. Mark.

Chapter 4: Space Battles, Human, Covenant, and Enough Dead Heroes

UNSC Frozenburg, Position Above Halo Ring.

       "Status reports Lieutenant!" The Captain ordered as Lieutenant Walker checked threw the innovatory list. So far, Covenant fighters and Dropships have been trying to land their Asses inside the ship. The Captain, however, wasn't going to let that happen.

       "We have...twelve MAC rounds left. Magnetic Accelerators are powering up to," Walker said checking again. "Fifty Percent. We have Archer pods E3 through H9 left. Hull is at Eighty-three percent. Power to the Slipspace generators are still in repairs."

       Walked continued on. He scrambled through the reports and checked again. "What ever that Seraph hit us with. We can afford to face a Cruiser again. Our titanium hull is down to three meters. The Power to the engines is down to fifty-seven percent and increasing. But Captain."

       Williamson nodded the Lieutenant and Walker continued, "Sir, I don't think this ship will make it in the next two hours. Our supplies are low, and...I am afraid that our slipspace generators have lost randomizing jumps that were calculated yesterday. The last three jumps are the only ones we can afford. One of them is Earth."

       Williamson thought. He took out a cigar and lit it. He was tired. Never got any rest since they found this Halo ring. They already destroyed four Covenant vessels, and a few dozen Seraphs. This was going to be a tough decision.

       He walked over to Pathy. He put one hand on her shoulders, "Ensign. Plot a course next to that ring. I'm afraid we don't have any more plans to come up with." The Ensign nodded and plotted the course trajectory by one-seven-nine declination two-three-five.

       The Frozenburg altered its trajectory and flew towards the ring. Gemes looked at his panel and rechecked the sensor probes they left out by a thousand kilometers away from the ring. "Sir."

       "What is it Gemes? Another Seraph?" Williamson asked. He thought this time it was going to be only a few. He was wrong.

       "Sorry sir, but no. There are two...correction five Covenant Frigates on approach. I think they are going to use a slipspace pin point jump sir!" Gemes informed the Captain. It was no joke. The Covenant ships were reading high levels of radiation in the space around the vessels.

       "If that's the case. Lets go fight. But before we go. I want all crew to abandon the ship. Take everything this ship has and head toward the ring. Gemes, scan the ring to find out where that pelican landed. Send everything there. Help our marines down there, and place a cp there." Williamson ordered. He was going to do something that the Admirals would of approved of. It was a big risk also.

       "Aye sir. Patching threw to all decks and informing the crew to abandon ship. Pelicans are ready to leave after we are on board sir." Gemes stated as he looked up. He saw the Captains eyes. Smoke filled the area he was in but disappeared when the Captain took out the flame on the cigar.

       Walker and Pathy looked too. They knew what was going to happen. Quickly all three asked in unison, "Permission to stay on board sir?" They all said looking at the Captain.

       He nodded side ways and walked down to the view screen. "Negative. I need my command crew to head to the ring and create a CP there. Those marines need help. You will go. Walker?"

       "Yes sir?" Walker asked, as he knew it would be something he had to do before he left on the bridge. He thought about the battles he had on this Destroyer. All the times he had fun on and off duty. He was going to say good-bye, to both, the ship, and the Captain.

       "Put in a targeting solution for the probability of slipspace pin point jumps randomizing here. I want six targeting solutions, and then I order you to head down the ring with the rest of the crew." Williamson said almost about to shed a tear. He was going to miss this crew. They had become family to him. But now to say good-bye.

       Walker was disappointed, but obeyed the orders that were given to him. "Aye sir." Was the last words he spoke as he punched in the commands. The three officers walked to the elevator entrance, and turned around.

       They all saluted their Captain and Williamson saluted back with courage. They all nodded to the captain and left. The Elevator now headed down to the Fighter Bay.

Fighter bay Alpha-One

      "All personal are ordered to head to the nearest HEV pods and Pelicans for evacuation. Repeat, all personal are ordered to head to the nearest HEV pods and Pelicans for evacuation. This is not a drill, repeat this is not a drill." Technical Sergeant James ordered as he checked his list.

       There were five HEV pods left, and ten Pelicans prepped for dust off. He had to make it to one of them quickly. He pressed the intercom again and called out, "All UNSC personal report to HEV pods Seven-Beta-Charlie, Gamma-Six-Ray, Theta-Eight-Zulu, Alpha-Four-Nine, and Omega-three-Foxtrot!"

       The Sergeant paused a few moments and then added, " Pelicans echo-One-Thirty-Four, Five-Nine-One, Six-Eight-One, Three-Six-Zero, Eight-two-four, Seven-Seven-Nine, One-Eight-Seven, Two-Two-Zero, Five-One-Seven, and Zero-One-Five are left in Fighter bay Alpha-One." He was sad he had to leave this ship. It was a great Destroyer.

       He had been serving on this ship for over five years. He had become friends with the Captain in his academy days. But he saw that all personal were accounted for on his list, he checked again, and found only one name. Captain Pearl Williamson.

       He quickly pressed the COM button once and called for the bridge. The Captain responded and the Sergeant quickly spoke, "Sir. You are the last person on board this ship. I request you get here immediately."

       "Is that you James? I didn't speak to you since yesterday before we found this ring. That's a negative old friend. I have to do something." Williamson said as he heard his friend's voice. He knew that the Sergeant would never leave him. In a fight or a space battle. They always helped each other.

       "Captain. Pearl. Please. Come with us. We can set this ship for auto?" James continued as he was cut off.
       "No. Sorry, but this time, you are not going to stay and fight besides me. This is my time now. Take the next Pelican and head to the rings surface. That's an order son." Williamson said ordering his best friend to leave him here on the Frozenburg.

       "Aye sir. It was good having you as a Captain," James continued on. He decided to say the next thing, "and a friend."

       "Now leave this ship before you are left behind quickly!"The Captain ordered loudly as the ship started to rumble. It started to change course again as the Captain pressed in the course corrections.

       The Captain looked at the screen to his left and checked it. The last Pelican was on its way. He silently spoke out on the bridge, "Good bye friend." As the Frozenburg flew to its death.

Pelican Dropship Two-Two-Zero

       The Sergeant made it to the last Dropship leaving the ship. He quickly yelled out to the pilot, "Go! The Captain told us to get to the ring before the Covenant finds us! Now!" The Pilot nodded and looked forward. He quickly spoke as the hatch closed and the ship slingshot out of the bay.

       The Pilot chuckled and started to speak, "Well, today's in-flight movie will be 'Marry had a Little Lamb'. Drinks will be served as soon as we hit top side!" The Pilot chuckled as the rest in the marine bay laughed to the joke. All except for the Technical Sergeant James.

       The Sergeant turned around and saw the Frozenburg leaving orbit from the ring. He saw into the stars, and hoped that everything was going to do well on the ground.

       Quick Authors note.

Well hope you liked the story. Please post comments. And thank you everyone who helped me write a whole lot better.

Position unknown, Out Numbered, and Warm Reception
Date: 19 December 2004, 5:01 AM

      I like to thank you people for all the comments you have given me. I had been busy the last two days, and yesterday was my Takwando demonstration. And I was tired. Been watching some Star Wars too. Well anyways. I am starting on the fifth chapter of the third Halo ring.
       I hope you guys like it and enjoy. Please post comments!!!

Chapter 5: Marines, Vehicles, and Covenant

UNSC Frozenburg

       The UNSC Frozenburg flew onwards to the Covenant ship location for their slipspace entry. The Captain had to at least stop them. Or die trying. The destroyer piloted on autopilot to the randomizing vectors of pin point slipspace entry areas.

       The Covenant were going to do a group wide slipspace transition between their position now and the Frozenburg. The Captain knew that because of the help with his Command staff. "Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merely, merely, merely, life is but a dream." The Captain sung to himself as he checked the firing solutions that Lieutenant Walker had place in to the ships computers.

       It was perfect. Then alarms started to ring loud inside the ship. The view screen that showed the Covenant frigates had now disappeared. It was time to start the battle. The Frozenburgwas in position, ready and waiting.

       As the ship turned to face the coordinates the ships MAC, and archer missiles warmed up. Then as blue flashing lights appeared, the MAC fired, and the archers were away.

       One Covenant frigate was twenty meters from the Destroyer, nearly point blank range for a stand off. The second, third, and fourth came out behind the first, and the last was in pieces as the MAC tore threw the ship.

       "Ha. Covenant bastards!" The Captain spoke as he pressed the second command button. He saw the Archer missiles fly towards the closest one as the MAC powered up to ninety-eight percent. It reached one hundred and fired as the archers his the shields.

       They flickers, faded, and then the ship burst into flames as the huge MAC round punctured the vessel. Covenant Seraphs were now being deployed, and Dropships inbound.

      "See you later boys." Williamson quenched his teeth, and saw a bright light envelop the ship, as the NOVA was launched. Only the Captain knew about the nuclear bomb on the ship, and his command staff knew too. The UNSC only said they were authorized to use it if necessary.

       Saving his crew was necessary and then the bomb exploded. A huge ball of fire erupted and enveloped the space that had the Frigates, Seraphs, Phantom Dropships, and the UNSC destroyer, the Frozenburg.

Pelican Echo-220

       Technical Sergeant James remembered the Captain until the Pelican Dropship left the Destroyer the Frozenburg. Serving with the Captain for three years, and not getting promoted was bad enough.

       However, he planned to make a difference. The Pelicans pilot, Warrant Officer Alex Steel piloted the ship with twenty marines in the back. It was heavy, but in space, things had changed. The Ship had an automatic air exchange sequence. It reproduced oxygen with carbon dioxide.

       The UNSC had just developed this equipment with the help of Cortana that had stole plans and engineering of Covenant technology. He was happy that he could breath normally, and continued down. He spoke on the intercom, "Five minutes till we hit topside marines!"

       Everyone in the back yelled out, "Hoo Rah." They were worried, and excited. Most of them never saw action in the past two months. Every day in their lives until now and after the Battle for Reach was continuous hit and run campaigns.

       The Pelican Dropship descended and continued on. Its twin turbines roared making it hard to hear anything out side, or inside the ship. The Warrant Officer pushed the throttle and the ship elevated downward. It felt like they were falling off a cliff as everyone held on to their lives.


       "Lieutenant! Pelican Echo-220 is coming in hot! I don't think they have enough room to cool off." The Corporal told the Lieutenant as he turned around and looked into he sky. He was tired from the hard landing on his ship. But he and the Lieutenant had drove off to explore the area.

       "Who's piloting Echo-220?" Casket asked as he took out his binoculars. He zoomed into his x10 and viewed the Pelican. It was burning bright red.

       "Warrant Officer Alex Steel sir." The Corporal informed the Lieutenant as he remembered the name. He heard about the Warrant officers previous performance out running a Seraph Fighter with his Longsword.

       "He'll do fine Corporal. He's an ace." The Lieutenant chuckled walking away and hopping onto his Warthog. The Corporal sat in the passenger seat and monitored the Communications. "Lets head to the CP ok Corporal?"

       The Corporal paused and then answered, "Yes sir."

Pelican Echo-220

       Warrant Officer Steel was sweating. He never sweated before unless it was a life or death situation. He then knew why. His speedometer spun like crazy. He was coming in too hot. And his men were the problem, too much weight.

       He thought, did he had any parachutes left? He checked his inventory lift to the panel to his left. It read five chutes. He smiled. "I need five volunteers!" He yelled out. He pulled the throttle harder and the ship started to slow down at a slow rate.

       Five Marines quickly raised their hands wanting to get off the ship. The Warrant Officer saw them and told them to access the bucket to the right side of the field med kit. The Marines saw the chutes and put them on. "Every one get to your seats and hold on!"

       The others did so and held on. One of the marines started to throw up, and another closed his eyes. They were scared. "Five...four...three...two...one." Alex yelled as he opened up the back hatch.

       The marines jumped out as they flew down. Each of them saw the CP and flew down to land there. The Pelican pulled up quickly, much faster then before, and levitated making it a smooth ride. "Nice piloting!" One marine yelled out. The Warrant officer smiled and landed on an approach vector to the CP.

CP Head Quarters

       Everyone on board the Frozenburg had made it live and well. The command crew survived and landed safely with each of their pilots skills. The HEV pods landed only in a two-mile radius and the Pelican that had landed near the Control room, with their men, and taken the index from the Phantom Dropship.

       Lieutenant Walker, Gemes, and Ensign Pathy had made duties for the crew, and for themselves. Their plan was to create a base that could hold off the Covenant. Until reinforcements could arrive. But that was a slim chance.

       Everyone was counted for, and the supplies were already here. It was a great success, at the cost of one great UNSC marine.
            Captain Williamson.

      Hope you like this story. Well, I thought it was a little...bland. But it served its purpose. Chapter 6 will come out in the next four days. Hope you like it!

Suicidal Plans
Date: 24 December 2004, 7:30 AM

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       I just wanted to ask if I am slipping or am I doing something wrong? You all might think I am slipping. I also think of that too. I don't know. Maybe I will end these lives in a heroic way. I just need time. I hope you enjoy this one. I have thought this one even before I wrote this authors note. Well Here it goes.
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            Chapter 6: Outcomes

       Plans are Made not created

       Lieutenant Walker, Gemes, and Ensign Pathy walked to the now called, CP HQ. Marines called it Faith Hill.

       Lieutenant Walker walked over to his desk. It was metallic, the only one that was perfect. Lieutenant Gemes and Ensign Pathy were at their desks trying to create and move their supplies with other camps they posted along the ring.

       Walker, however tried to make plans to get off the ring. Lieutenant Gemes didn't like it and Ensign Pathy knew she couldn't conflict with higher non-coms.

       They all kept together in a one-mile radius. They all knew they were going to be here for a while. But they now had to find a way to get off the ring. They all had ideas. And then they all said they were crazy suicidal ideas.

       It was early morning as Ensign Pathy came up with her idea. It was crazy, but the UNSC had done it before. Capture a Covenant ship when it was in orbit, and board it. It was a daring plan. But as she put it up with Lieutenant Walker, and Gemes. They approved.

       Having the index wasn't easy. Covenant patrols kept on locating and attacking their CP. So far nothing more then three man scouts were encountered. Most of the Marines started to gather their supplies and find the nearest Covenant ship. Five hours past as one came in. Finally giving them hope.

       The Covenant Battle Cruiser, The Immersing Light.. Marines were satisfied with the outcome that they would find, or encounter one. But they never knew it was going to be tough.


       "Get the hell out of here! Now!" Sergeant Gerald yelled as he pulled the trigger. Both of his BR55's were heavy. UNSC Personnel weren't supposed to carry two, but the Sergeant made an exception. His enhanced vision, made it possible to fire both of the weapons. Covenant fell and blood flew covering the ground.

       He was trying to save his men. His marines ran to the Scorpion MBT, which came from a crashed Pelican, and hopped on. Its huge body made it capable to hold all five of his men. The Sergeant however told them to leave him behind.

      "Get the hell out of here now marines!" He yelled again as he took out a pair of Jackals. The new, sharper, Armor Piercing bullets now penetrated their shields. A new effect with the UNSC. Blood flew out as the Jackals rifle had activated its fail-safe.

       The Weapon exploded burning a hole in the ground. The Sergeant stared at it as the MBT behind him fired its Coaxial Chain gun. It drove to the door, and the Private driving it pulled the trigger again. Dozens, after dozens of 7.62mm AP-T killed over twenty Covenants. They poured through the door like ants. It wasn't even funny.

       The Covenant seemed like they would do anything to get the index back. However, Lieutenant Walker wasn't going to let them. Over ten marines died the past two days. One was too much. Ten was a burial mound.

       Smoke filled the air, as the Sergeant breathed. He looked up as wind rushed towards him. He thought it was just cool air, but then noticed the black ships flying in the sky.

       "This is Longsword pilot Charles inbound. Hang on Sergeant!" The Pilot said as he flew over dropping bombs everywhere. Flames appeared everywhere. Metal, and debris here, and there. It was certainly hell.

       The Sergeant took a deep breath and ran to the Main battle tank. The Private turned the tank around, leaving his Tracer to continue firing anything that came through that door. Dust was in the air everywhere.

       "You should of left Private!" Gerald yelled as he reloaded his BR55, and handed the other one to the Lance Corporal to his side. "But thanks." He smiled. He rarely smiled in battles. He was fifty-three. Being that old with the rank of Sergeant wasn't a proud thing in the UNSC. But he did have his rights.

       The MBT continued to roll on as it ran over a trio of Grunts scared. Blue liquid blood flooded the hallways, as a salvo from the tank shot five Elites, two Jackals, and ten Grunts. It was disgusting. The marine stood up, across from the Sergeant, as the blood touched his pant leg.

       The Marine on the other side saw a Grunt. It twitched and the Corporal fired. More blood oozed out. "Die you Covies!" He said with his Australian accent.

       The Sergeant liked his men. He knew they would never leave him behind. He knew he wouldn't either. He fired his battle rifle at the next pair of Grunts out of the entrance to the tunnel. The Tank rolled down and turned.

Flight Plans

       Sergeant Major Wells walked down the ramp. The Pelican he was riding in had to replenish its supplies. The Archer Pods were connected and the fuel tanks refueled. He puffed on his cigar, and checked his pistol. He reloaded, cocked, and checked it again.

       The pistol, was weaker, but penetrated armor the same. The M6C they called it, was a fast pee-shooter. Shooting only twelve shots was a bad number. He switched to his BR55 to clean it as Lieutenant Gemes appeared on the holo tank inside the cockpit.

       "Sir." The Warrant Officer asked as he punched in the command codes to activate the message. They had to use coded bands to breath normally near Covenant patrols. Their ships had been landing everywhere.

       The Sergeant walked towards the holo tank and placed his arm on the chair resting a little. The Lieutenant gazed and then started. "Fifteen flights of Pelican and thirty Longsword are heading to the Covenant ship. We suggest we head to the grave lift, located at the underbelly center of the ship.

       "If this mission fails. I am giving you authority to the rest of the survivors, if the whole entire command staff fails, or dies. Your mission, if this one fails, is to get the men back home." The Lieutenant said, as there was no mistake in his voice.

       "Yes sir."

      Back to more Fighting

       The MBT continued on. Firing at any enemy it encountered, a Pelican arrived. Its twin turbine engines roared, as its own coaxial chain gun fired. Its' rounds flew through the air rapidly. Killing all the Grunts, Elites, and Jackals.

       A pair of Hunters then came out. Behind them were two more pairs. Seems like the Covenant are desperate, Gerald thought as a marine on the Pelican Dropship fired two of its M19 SSM Jackhammer Rocket Launcher.

       The First one hundred and two millimeters punctured the first pair. The other Hunters yelled, in its deep dark voice. They powered up their Fuel Rods, and fired.

       The Pelicans pilot acted quickly. He powered the engines and quickly, it was momentarily pushed, like a bump. The Marines held on and threw something the Sergeant couldn't see.

       The marine yelled out, "Stand back!" He held up a small device. It was three packs of C-7 Explosives, the marines on the Pelican threw down. The Sergeant covered his eyes, and in unison, the marine pulled the trigger, and the private driving the Scorpion fired. Combined explosions rippled and killed the other pairs.

       The Hunter packs fell on the ground and blood poured out like running water. It was all sticky as the Pelican hovered above it. A marine, with the rank of Sergeant Major jumped off. He smiled. "Hello Sergeant."

       The old Sergeant Gerald smiled back and ran up shaking the Majors hand. "Hey sir. Glad to see you." He was glad back up arrived. He thought they were getting left behind.

       "Lieutenant Walker says we're going to try and capture one of those Covenant ships. I'll be damned if I get to that ship in one piece."

       The Marines on the main battle tank jumped off and hopped on. The Pelicans back magnetized the Scorpion Tank and it attached itself to the main hull. The two Sergeants hopped on last and the Pelican lifted.

       Warrant Officer Alex Steel pushed the throttle and it leapt forward. "ETA to ground teams five minutes sir!" He said as he piloted through the clouds.

       The Sergeant Major nodded and looked at Gerald. "I don't think this plan will work."

       "Don't worry Major. If Spartans can do it. So can we." Gerald finished off as he smiled again. He reloaded his Battle Rifle and got his canteen.

       Wells thought, I hope this plan does work. The Pelican arrived to the huge attack forces placed only one mile away from the grave lift.

       Ground teams were on standby, and soldier blood thirsty for revenge. Hell has been born.

Battles of the Immersing Light
Date: 23 January 2005, 8:16 AM

Written by: Mark Lieberg
Edited: A Halo Fan...natic

      AN: It's been a while, but I had to redo this thing like a hundred times. Thanks to A Halo Fan...Natic for helping me. I appreciate it. I thank you readers for commenting on my story. Now it should get interesting as the battle begins. This chapter will mostly be about the boarding of the Covenant Battle Cruiser The Immersing Light, and near the end of capturing the ship, they will make unexpected allies.
       I hope you enjoy this chapter. Thanks. Mark.

Chapter 7: Again...the Day of Days

Battle Groups

       Lieutenant Walker, tall, well prepared for the awaiting battle, walked in, and sat down on the metallic chair that was surrounded by marines, his men, marines that enlisted to serve, and protect humanity. But now they were fighting for their lives. To survive, and escape clutches of the Halo Ring.

       Lieutenant Gemes, a little shorter then Walker, but also less patient for the upcoming battle, walked to the nearby Warthog, and disembarked to the left flank. Once he got into position. He took a silent breath and hopped out letting marine, that drove the MBT to its position, steer the warthog, as Gemes hopped on to the MBT.

       Away behind the Left flank, short, blonde haired, Ensign Pathy placed her helmet on. She was going to pilot a Longsword. She walked up the ramp, alone, and into the pilot's chair. She started up the key systems. She waited for this day ever since they lost their Captain. Captain Williamson.

       Lieutenant Walker knew everything was in place. Everything, everyone he knew that his men knew that they were going to attack. Walker examined the number of marines he had, and the amount of vehicles that escaped the Frozenburg.

       He had at least two hundred and twenty-seven marines. Forty-two Scorpion Main Battle Tanks, twenty-eight Warthogs, each equipped with their standard Light anti-air gun, RPG's, and the new gun the Gauss Cannon.

       With Thirty Flights of Pelicans, ten of them with archer pods attached, they seemed like an unstoppable attack force. They were now ready to test that theory. Walker knew that, this plan had to work. He checked out everything, and sent it out to the Left, and Right flanks of the attack force.

       He got the acknowledged signal from his commanding officers, Lieutenant Gemes, and Ensign Pathy onboard their own vehicles. He then thought about the battle plan and decided again to examine the plan. Longsword Fighters were going on an attack run first. Bombing every Covenant ground troops, and taking out any Covenant air support vehicles.

       After the Longsword pilots check out that they completed the attack run, they would signal Lieutenant Walker so he can signal the MBTs to head to the main battlefront, and take out the armor support for the Covenant. This should buy them a lot of time, Walker thought as he continued to read the attack plan. Once the armor support is gone. The Pelican Dropships, and the Warthogs will move in. The Warthogs would ascend up the gravity lift, and capture the cruiser.

       And the Pelican Dropships would attack the fighters bay of the Covenant cruiser, The Immersing Light. Walker checked out the bay again and thought, Easier said then done, he then remembered the plan as though it was planned from himself. The whole command staff approved, and wanted to try this. No. They weren't going to try it out. They were going to do it.

       "Lieutenant Walker, the Left flank is awaiting orders and ready to acknowledge them sir." Lieutenant Gemes reported as he sat inside his Scorpion Tank ready for the attack signal. His MBTs coaxial chain gun was loaded and ready to strike. It was hot in here. But the air conditioning was just starting to heat up.

       The marines around the left flank were waiting vigilantly. They were going to get off the ring. But it might be more difficult then expected. Inside the Pelican that Lieutenant Walker sat inside of, he tapped in the commands, and the left flanks detachment Longswords flew ahead, going to strike first.

       The Right flank as he noticed, had a signal coming in as well. "This is Colonel Gellings. Ready for attack signal Lieutenant. I want to take a few of those bastards down right now." The Colonel said as his men looked into the sky. Longsword fighters flew about heading to the target. Command codes came in and the Colonel read them.

       He was now ready, "Longsword squadrons! Move out to target. Take a few out for me will you?" The Pilots responded happy to accept the order, and the request. They zoomed out of view, and headed into the battle.

       Lieutenant Walkers command group had only Pelican Dropships He watched as the battle raged on looking out the window of the cockpit. He just hope Ensign Pathy was ok.

Air Battles

       Ensign Pathy twirled her Longsword as it dived to launch a few of its bombs on the enemy. "This is Longsword Gamma-Zee. I have an enemy Banshee unit on my tail! I need backup ASAP!" She yelled. She hadn't been chased like this since her practice runs, when they were on C'te d'Azur.

       She continued to pilot the ship, spinning to dodge the plasma fire from the Banshee. She pulled the trigger and the twenty-millimeter chain gun opened up. Hosing down the enemy units on the ground. A Longsword pilot, Captain Charles, flew behind Ensign Pathy's tail and shot down the enemy Banshee. "I got your tail cleared!"

       But then suddenly, the Captains Longsword was cut into pieces by two Phantom Dropships. They were instead being used for attack support. Three Longswords, including Pathy's, swarmed in towards one. "Ok boys. Get ready to launch your archer missiles." They all waited patiently watching the Phantom attacking friendly ships flying around trying to take it out.

       "Ok, fire on the port bow. I want that bird down." Pathy pulled the trigger, and the missile speed away. Five more came in and hit the port side of the Phantom. Multiple explosions rippled on the hull of the huge Dropship. It started to fall down. And it crashed into the dirt.

       She then remembered Charles and whispered, thanks C. Pathy pulled the throttle up and fired. Dozens of bullets pings off three Banshee fliers that were coming in quickly. Ripping them apart like tin foil they exploded. "Yeah" she yelled out as the three flew downwards crashing towards the enemy.

Ground Tactics

       Lieutenant Gemes watched the air battle rage on. Seeing both friend, and foe fly down to their deaths, and exploding in mid air. It was just gruesome to see them die like that. As they watched the battle for five whole minutes. Lieutenant Walker received a signal from Pathy that it was clear to move out. The Lieutenant acknowledged the good news and sent the signal to both teams, in their Scorpion tanks, to attack.

       Both flanks moved in with their cannons lowered and ready to fire. Gemes, in one of the tanks saw a Covenant Spectre. A new design that the UNSC never saw before. They carried four troops, and was a nice target to take out. He thought for a second, and pulled the trigger. He just realized that he couldn't imagine what the marines on the side track pods felt.

       The other tanks opened up firing their coaxial chain gun and destroying more enemy armor support. Salvos from the cannon also penetrated the Covenant armor support. Gemes took out three Ghosts as they fled towards a friendly scorpion.

       They were now gone. Metal, fire, and debris flew everywhere as Elites flew in the air waving their arms around like they jumped off a cliff wall. Plasma broke loose and the Ghost blew apart even more. The Marines outside, Gemes could here were yelling. "Come on! Bring you piece of Covenant Trash!" The Marine yelled as he put a trio of bullets into a running grunt. They were screaming aloud.

       "Don't get carried away marine. This ain't the feast. Its just the appetizer." A marine countered the other thoughts of the young marine. Lieutenant Gemes knew what it was going to be like on the Covenant ship. More soldiers to fight. Close combat more men and women would die.

       The Marine, on the same track pod, fired another round. After he let out another trio of bullets, a plasma bolt struck him in the head. Disintegrating it. Gemes just heard an alarm beep three times. It was Lance Corporal Steward. His life signs flat lined and the Lieutenant ignored it continuing to fight. He told him self ignoring the death of a fellow marine, Casualties of War.

The Final Strike

       Lieutenant Gemes reported in that the Covenant armor support were now getting cleaned up and it was clear. All the Warthogs darted for the grave lift. Dust flew quietly in the air, as marines in the back fired on surviving troops. They were lucky to get this far, Walker thought as he ordered his pilot to get ready for the attack run.

       The Pilot acknowledged the signal and sent out the order to the rest of the pelicans. Now it was their turn. Each of the Pelicans started their twin turbine engines and levitated. Each pilot, one by one, pulled the throttle upward, and his or her Dropship was now airborne.

       The Lieutenant looked at each marine in the back of the troop bay. They were getting ready for the attack run. Hopefully the Covenant shields were down in the fighters' bay, so they would make their move inward.

       The pilot looked at his window and saw at least a dozen Banshee Fliers come out. After he blinked over forty archer missiles made them crash land to the surface for the ground forces to pick on. The Longsword fighters that fought before were still attacking fighters running around. Luckily they saved the Pelicans.

       Pelicans that were on their side were firing their chain gun inside the bay for the troop Pelicans to move in. After the short firefight, each Pelican made their rounds to fly in, land, and fly out. After three minutes every soldier in the Pelicans were inside the troops bay.

       Lieutenant Walker examined the area. There were four levels. Each level filled with tough, leather neck marines. But strangely, no Covenant. Strange, Walker thought was he walked to one of the doors. The Marine standing there was trying to open it.

       The marine stood up and saw the Lieutenant. He quickly snapped to attention, and saluted. Walker quickly countered that, "This ain't the time Marine. What's wrong?"

       The marine nodded, and continued on, "The Covenant have either locked us out, sealed us out, or the computer is malfunctioning."

       The Lieutenant wasn't surprised. He took one marine M19 SSM Jackhammer Rocket Launcher, and a lotus tank explosive from another. The marines around him ran back away from the door. After the marine, and the Lieutenant placed the lotus tank, they stood back.

       One marines in the back asked watching, "Sir? How are you going trigger the explosive?" He wasn't sure if this would work either. But he knew it would, it had too.

       He just said one word, "watch."

       He gripped tightly around the rocket launcher, and pulled the trigger. Two, one hundred and two millimeter rockets found their way to the lotus tank. They touched the door, and after a nanosecond, it exploded. Debris flew out wards into the bay. The marines down on the ground moved away from it.

       The Lieutenant then looked around the corner, and looked inside. There were four Hunters, looking surprised. They powered their fuel rods, and fired. Plasma erupted from the bay. It gone through the gap and ended at the other side of the bay. The Walls burnt, and melted.

       Walker nodded, and three marines, with their own rocket launcher, whipped around the corner. They took a quick aim, and they each pulled the trigger. Rockets speed ahead, hitting the four hunters. That was only the first salvo.

       The first wave had only dented their armor alloy. Then the second wave came in. Quick and deadly, the Hunters flew back with holes in their armor the size of three coconuts. The marines stood back away from the door.

       Walker took out his fiber optic probe, and peeked around the corner. It was clear. He signaled for ten to move inwards. Ten quickly ran ahead and down the hall. Then the Lieutenant signaled two teams of five to go down. Each on each side of the hallway. They all nodded, and ran.

       So far so good, Walker nodded as he entered next. The marines were on guard watching the doorways, and exits. He hoped everything was going well on the other sides of the bay. Not to mention the grave lift.

       Walker ran down through the alley, with three men. They were armed with their eight-gauge shotgun. They ran around the corner, only then and now to counter the Elites.

Grave Lift

       Every marine on the ground surrounded the gravity lift. Each not wanting to step on. Colonel Weather looked at the grave lift and then nodded to him self. The marines on the warthog near him saw the look on his face, and knew he was going to do something crazy.

       The Colonel hopped on the Warthog, and powered the engine. It was hot and ready. He pressed the gas pedal and it veered into the grave lift. The Marines started to yell as nothing happened. It was just nothing.

       "Whoa. For a second there, Colonel! I thought we were going up." The Marine chuckled as then the Warthog moved a little, and started floating.

       "Why'd you have to keep your mouth moving Frank?" The Marine asked as he sat in the side seat. The grave lift was a bright purple. Beautiful if it was something else, but then again. He knew it was Covenant Technology.

       The Colonel smiled as then every single marine down on the ground jumped into the grave lift. This was going to help. The Colonel drove the Warthog off the pad as he parked it inside a small area. He hopped out and the marines in the back did also. The door opened, to only find a startled grunt.

       The Grunt looked by tilting his head, and then got three rounds in the head. The Colonel reloaded his pistol and watched as more marines appeared out of the gravity lift. They were inside some kind of room.

       Gemes came up after two minutes and saw the colonel. He ran up to him. "Great work sir." The Colonel just smiled and ran up the hallway. His men followed. Lieutenant Gemes knew he was a lower ranking officer, but then the Colonel knew it was his operation. So he let him by.

       The marines ran off in groups. Twenty each, with weapons that could light up hell any day. Gemes ran off with five ODST going through one door. It was weird. Bodies laid everywhere.

       It was only Covenant bodies. Something killed them. But they all knew none of their soldier got this far already. He continued to walk forward holding up his BR55. Then as he passed the door to his left. He knew who killed them.

Trapped Fighting….The Flood
Date: 8 March 2005, 9:23 AM

AU: I just like to remind people. This may be my 20th Fiction. But I am still not sure. I really hope I've progressed a lot, and I hope you enjoy this Chapter. It should...
Keep you on your toes on what and where the plot is going. Just like to remind you, I like jumping around a lot. But this one should keep you really interested. But read the whole entire series. This should be the third to the last. Thanks. Mark.

Prologue: What happened before this Chapter and the Events of the Battle of the Immersing Light.

       During the Battle of the Immersing Light, Lieutenant First Class Walker encountered the Flood onboard the Covenant vessel. They didn't encounter the flood until they reached the bridge of the Immersing Light.

       The three main Bridge crewmembers gathered up at the bridge after their victory for the battle of the Control Room with the Flood. As Gemes hacked into the Covenants database, they found out that the Covenant attack force over the Halo Ring was going to destroy the ship they were on; Due to the attack of the Humans, and the Flood. They never knew the Flood were released.

       After they heard about the plan to destroy the Immersing Light. They evacuated the ship with the Marines. Over forty-five percent was lost as Covenant Ships bombarded the vessel. The Commanding officers of the Operation was killed, and Lieutenant Colonel Michael Hayes took command.

       Now the Marines laid scattered over the Halo ring all over again, fighting both the Covenant and the Flood. The only thing the Marines could do now, was to Run and Hide.

Chapter 8 No escape

       A Marine, Colonel Matt Williams, struggled to hold his M6D in his left hand and his grenade in the other as he bit the pin off. He was fighting alone, surrounded by the enemy. All he could think of was his family, his wife, and his daughter. He missed them so much, he was willing to just die, and meet them in the afterlife.

       Although they were killed before Matt had received his promotion on the UNSC Machine. They died a horrible death. Getting incinerated by the Covenant bombardment force was painful; none survived.

       Matt focused on the task he had now. He was going to throw the grenade over the box of Covenant alloys which lay before him. He gripped the grenade. He just remembered that two seconds passed. He threw it quickly and watched.

       The grenade bounced off the wall behind the crate, and then touched the ground. The Grunt hiding there was devastated as its arm exploded outwards, letting the bright blue blood pour from its body on the ground. It tried to breathe, but Williams just walked over to the body.

       "This is for Kate." the Colonel pulled the trigger, and the silenced round killed the Covenant soldier. He had to get out of here, and to the Command Post. Ever since they had encountered the Flood, and lost the battle with the Immersing Light. They were always on the run, rarely giving into offensive opportunities.

       Matt turned around, and looked at the bare airfield . Farther down, however, there was a speck in the field; a ship. He had to get onto the black aircraft laying on the field. The Colonel didn't care if it was a trap or not; for he would die fighting. He ran, left leg first, bolting across the strange Forerunner cement. He continued to run as he reached the sleek air craft.

       "Yes," he huffed as he spoke to himself as he paused for a second to breathe. "I made it." He then looked around quickly, and turned around. He pressed the button on the underbelly of the Longsword Fighter. The bottom hatch unsealed, and opened up for the tall, frightened Colonel Williams.

       "I'm leaving this hell hole." He muttered as he strapped himself to the Longsword Interceptor's cockpit, and placed his hand on the igniter. He flipped the emergency start button, and the cockpit illuminated with light. Matt smiled, and holstered his Pistol. He tightened up the strap, and closed the bottom hatch.

       Time to fly, he thought as he saw a flicker of light. He knew what he did was wrong. So the Colonel Williams had paid the price for not being cautious. He died.        "You cannot handle the containment of the Flood. You need to turn on the rings defense system for its survival to cease!" 021 Enable Fire floated about as the mechanical Sentinels floated about in the air, preparing to attack the group of Marines holding the Index. They had got separated with the other Pelicans as they had escaped from the battle nearly two days ago. The group of Marines smirked and held their weapons high.

       "How about I say 'fuck you', and you leave us alone?" the Sergeant barked as he fired his Submachine Gun at one of the Sentinels. The bullets of the case less weapon ripped the machine like tinfoil as it fluttered down to the ground. The other Marines opened fire as led encased the machines. They started to fall one by one, but more came.

       "Your extermination process in the universe will be quite painless, I assure you. You will die as the Forerunner had planned." Enable Fire floated away as it hovered above the air, speeding farther from the flying bullets shot by the Marines. The Sergeant was pissed off, so he three a Frag in the air and watched it miss its target.

       "Sarge? What did it mean by 'you will die as the Forerunner had planned'? I know I didn't take schooling, but I think he meant that there is a fucking Forerunner on this hell hole!" the Lance Corporal, Bain, fired his Battle Rifle as another Sentinel fell down. It burst into flames, and projected sharp pieces of metal into the nearby trees.

       "We'll talk about it when we're alive, Marine! So shut up and shoot the damned things!" Sergeant Falcon yelled to the stupid Corporal and took out another Sentinel with one of his soldiers' help. The bullets skimmed past another pair of Sentinels coming out of a service tunnel up on the cliff wall. The Sergeant saw them.

       He pulled out a fragmentation grenade, pulled the pin, and threw it in the hole. The Grenade exploded as pieces of metal and debris littered the ground. He didn't have time to talk, he only had time to shoot. He fired another hundred rounds until reloading his second clip of ammo.

       The Private to the left of Falcon, Private Zimmers, pulled out his collector's item Berretta, and fired three rounds. The Sentinel exploded instantly, taking two others. The HE round was powerful. But they didn't know it was that powerful back in the twentieth century.

       "Jenkins, take suppressive position. Zimmers, that was a hell of a weapon. Make sure it's always loaded." The Sergeant said after the battle quickly.

       "Always is sir." Zimmers responded as he reloaded the weapon.

       "Corporal Bain, get your ass over here, and tell me what you said before. I couldn't hear because of all the fire exchange. Now tell me your BS story again Marine!" The Sergeant yelled out as the Corporal came running with his rifle behind him.

       "Sorry, sir. I was just wondering about what that robot thing said, 'you will die as the Forerunner had planned'. I ain't that smart, but I think it means there's a Forerunner here on this ring." Falcon nodded to the Corporals BS, and decided it was worthy information.

       He moved to his right, and reloaded his SMG. The magazine just fell out and hit the ground. "Good thinking Bain. Alright Alpha team! Saddle up; we're going to head back to CP, and find out if the Lieutenant Colonel wants to find this Forerunner." Falcon checked if the Index was still his pouch he had left it in. It was there.

       The Marines all yelled out in unison, "Sir, yes, sir!" Private Jenkins quickly phoned Pelican Echo-738 for pick up. He cleaned his face with his glove, and dialed again. Silence filled the end of the line. "Sergeant, Pelican Echo-738 ain't responding. I think they got her."

       Falcon nodded, and picked up another SMG from the ground. "If that's the case, let's go on foot. Anyone who likes this hell hole can stay here. Move out, Marines!" they all ran after the Sergeant, leaving behind the equipment.

       They had been running for ten minutes already, they were thirsty, and hungry. Private Zimmers drank some water, and tossed it to Bain, then he to Jenkins. The Sergeant had his own canteen, but he didn't choose to drink now. He wasn't tired.

       He still felt strong as he jumped over a log, and then over a puddle. The squad followed behind him; but the Sergeant stopped in the middle of the area. The Marines of Alpha team stopped also, as they looked at the Sergeant. "Sir?" Jenkins asked as he was confused why they had stopped.

       "Shut up Marine and listen." They all had their ears open, waiting for that specific sound of a dropship. The only thing, however, that echoed were screams. "Move out, double time!"

       They ran down the hill towards the crowd as Combat Flood; Human, and Elite, jumped around. "Switch to your Shotguns! Hose these fuckers down now!" The Sergeant yelled as he took two with his M90 Shotgun.

       The Pilot, Warrant Officer Fourth Class Shelly Newman was injured on the ground. "Jenkins! Get to her. See if you can patch her up. We need to get out of here." The Private ran to the Pilot, and patched her up with some bio-foam in her left leg. She was stood up, but was limping.

       "The Pelican is that way. Only about three meters. The fog is covering her up. We need to get out of here, quickly!" She yelled as she took the Privates pistol, and shot the Elite Combat form running towards her. It fell dead as the infection form inside the body popped.

       "Follow the lady, Marines. Get the hell out now!" Falcon yelled as he put another shell into a Flood. He started to walk back as he tripped. Shit, he thought as he was consumed by the Flood. The Privates and Corporal ran after the pilot as she led them to the troop bay. She heated the engines up, and the dropship started to levitate.

       "Where's the Sarge?" Zimmers asked Jenkins as he shrugged. He looked at Newman. She nodded sideways.

       Bain nodded, in disappointment. "Lets get to the CP. And tell them of our idea. I'll also tell them about the Index. This plans for the Sarge."

Engagements around Every Corner
Date: 9 April 2005, 5:38 AM

AN Ive been busy, working on my newest series, which sadly no titl yet. Damn, stupid AN's..sorry MCC. Ok.

Chapter 9: Running from Covenant, Sentinels, Flood...Hey, How Can it Get Worse?

      The Sergeant Major squandered through the hallways as the rag-tag Delta Company took his six. He was careful to look out for Flood activity, but if they got close his M60 shotgun could handle them.

      The M60 Shotgun was used company wide, with shredder rounds to pierce the enemy. The Sergeant Major, tall with a straight back, with dark brown hair and eyes, with a strong facial expression, stepped towards a door covered in blood. The Door was muti-colored. Blue, Purple, and Green blood covered the windows, and it was not a good sign. They were in a two-door hallway, and if they were caught inside, they were goners; the Sergeant knew that.

      As he took a step forward the door abruptly opened up and spat out a dead Flood warrior, a former Elite. The creature's hands and a leg were missing; the foul stench caused the men to gasp as blood oozed from the wounds. The Sergeant stepped over the body, and into the huge room.

      One Lance Corporal in the back closed his eyes, and tried to hold his breath as his Sergeant walked over and to the ledge where there was a shaped like trench in the middle running through the room.. He tried to ignore the stench by breathing through his sleeve but it was powerful. One by one they entered the room and into the battle-torn war zone. It wasn't a pretty sight and one man conveyed all their thoughts by throwing up.

       The Covenant, the Sergeant Major thought as he saw at least a dozen torn up and burnt bodies of Grunts lay along the side with missing parts of Elites scattered everywhere. Man, I wish they were on our goddamned side right now. Within every foot, there was blood, blue or black they were alike. Confusingly, as the Sergeant walked further, he saw only two Flood bodies, and one puddle; probably from a Combat Carrier Form.

      He heard another Corporal; from the sound of his voice it was Corporal Leonard Steel. He was tough, but a wiseass in battle; the Sergeant didn't like him. "Man Sarge, why don't we just leave this place? I mean, come on, does the fucking Brass give a shit?"

       The Sergeant paused at that question; it was a yes or a no. But he knew it was neither, although he wanted to admit that they probably wouldn't care about their being alive or not. Section 3 he had to admit had been a top secret fucked up division in the UNSC. He never liked those people in those uniforms, doing experiments that no one knew about.

      Especially about the Spartan Program that some Women helped create and it had been a total success. He watched his men walk near a Grunt body, and kicked it. The man smiled, and walked away, but the thing that was more important was the five Combat Flood Forms standing in the top level on the floor waiting to attack.

       "Steel, just keep your eyes peeled, I don't want any Flood getting to us, before the Covenant, and" The Sergeant Major saw the creature now, its huge tentacles dropped with blue blood, its mutated, amputated body from a dead Elite, hungered for blood.

      The Sergeant just knew what to give it, so he quickly sidestepped, chucked a grenade, leveled his Shotgun, and started shooting. The rest of Delta Company fired at the same direction, not noticing the two Flood Carriers coming down from behind them. They fell, and in a split second, exploded as tiny Infection Pods started swarming at the men. Blood sprayed the men and the floor as the creatures continued to swarm towards the Marines.

       "No you don't you freaking," Private Chester spoke before feeling a tiny, hurtful pinch in his back. It hurt like hell, burning with rage, he started to cry, and then fell to the ground, motionless. The Corporal to his right saw him, and cursed in between breaths. He saw the infection form crawling up the Privates leg, and quickly kicked it. It popped, and the Private struggled to his feet "Thanks man." He quickly said as he shot two other Infection Forms behind them.

      They popped as more tan-dark gray blood splashed on the ground. The Sergeant Major was busy shooting Combat Forms coming out of nowhere. He thought he should be dead by now; perhaps it was just luck he asked himself as he took three more out with his shredder round.

       The bullet shredded the Combat Flood, and tore it apart. Its head was disconnected from its body as it rolled toward the Sergeant Major. He stuttered, and kicked it firing another round into a Combat Form. This time it was a mutated human based body, from the looks of it, he couldn't believe it. There was still a nametag on the Flood; Sergeant Falcon, sewn in thick black.

      He had heard on scattered transmissions that when the Flood got him they had taken the, yes it still had it! The Index dangled from the body, and was deeply tucked inside. The Sergeant Major fired, and quickly ripped the Index out. "Hey, Marines, lets get the hell out of here!"

       "Roger that sir!" They all yelled, as they started, but jogging back towards the tunnel. As the Sergeant got close to the door, he saw Corporal Steel change colors. "Sir! Get away shoot me! Its inside, arghh!" The Corporal yelled in pain and agony, as the Sergeant knew what was wrong. Leonard Steel had been infected with the Floods virus, and it was spreading like a cold threw his body. The Private stood straighter, "Sir, please!"

       The Sergeant Major frowned, "I'm sorry son." He fired his Shotgun and the boy's body slumped to the ground. The Sergeant Major went over and kicked down hard with his boot on his back and was rewarded with the pop! of an Infection Form. He turned and ran back, away from the tunnel, and the rest of the area.


       Warrant Officer Darrel was doing a routine flight path around one of three surviving CP's since the Battle of the Immersing Light when he heard a message over the COM channel, he was surprised to hear that there was a group of Marines out away from the Command Post Alpha.

      This is Sergeant Major William Lieberg; I have lost one man to a Flood encounter, and we are evacuating to a secure location. Enemy presence is directly behind us; repeat, enemy presence is directly behind us. We need extraction on the double does anyone copy? Can anyone offer assistance? Please, I don't want to lose more men."

      The Warrant Officer was a top-notch pilot, and loved to do aerial combat tricks with his Longsword Interceptor, but mainly, he didn't want to leave a man behind. So he checked his flight path, and found out that the signal was directly ahead of him, just a click due East. He punched the throttle and gave it everything the craft had. Hopefully, he would make it to help the Sergeant Major, and rescue his men from the Flood.

       "We need extraction on the double does anyone copy Can anyone offer assistance? Please, I don't want to loose more men." the Sergeant Major asked into his COM unit continuing to run as he held on to his Shotgun. Man was this stuff heavy, the Sergeant thought as he took a peek behind him. He saw at least twenty Combat Flood types running towards them, running wasn't the right word, he couldn't really describe the way the monsters moved but he knew they were catching up, quickly.

      His men wouldn't last the run.

      William continued to run with his men from Delta Company, he heard a faint sound, and then it started to grow louder. It wasn't any Covenant ship he had heard, unless it was one of those Phantoms the Covenant had started using. No, it definitely wasn't Covenant.

       The trees were covering the skies, so he had to run a little more to see, and watch what was above him. He breathed harder and harder as he ran, seeing an open patched area he ran faster and breathed harder. Before he got another foot closer, he was slowed down by an urgent cry for assistance. "Arghh, help!" A Corporal cried as two of his friends ran to get him and the others gave suppression fire towards the Flood.

      The creatures were falling one by one, but every time a body fell, two more would appear in their place, creating an unstoppable attack force. The two buddies of the Corporal lifted his body, and started running to the open area. William saw the three, and turned around; leveling his Shotgun he got to work. He pumped three shells into five Flood units. They fell like bags of sand, and the little Infection Forms inside popped.

       The loud sound of engines caught the Sergeant Major's ear as he saw hundreds, if not thousands of bullets come flying out of nowhere hitting the Flood. Please let it be what I think it will be, please. A light flooded the dark roads, and illuminated the damp pathways with its illuminating presence. Then he saw the Longsword Interceptor, its sleek black hull flying quickly through the sky. It was a beautiful sight, and it was hard to imagine help arrived out of nowhere. More bullets came, firing and killing Flood Units, blood covered the bodies of the rotting carcasses, and the Flood continued to fall.

      As William continued to fire, he started to hear more noise coming, and two more Longsword Interceptors came firing their Coaxial Chaingun's helping the Marines get to safety.

       The Sergeant Major smiled, as he was overfilled with joy, but focused back, instead of the two friends carrying the Corporal, he gave one of them Marines his Shotgun, grabbed the Corporal, and knelt carrying the Marine on his back. He was roughly around hundred and fifty pounds, enough weight the Sergeant could carry, and he ran to the light. He saw a Pelican Dropship waiting for them with five other UNSC Marines waiting to EVAC the men that fought hell to get out alive.

      As he carried the soldier, he made it to the Pelicans troop bay and lowered the young Corporal down to his seat. The other eight Marines made it to the Pelican too, as more and more Flood came running towards the craft. The Longsword Interceptors that came fired even more as over fifty Flood Units littered the field. Blood stained the ground, and covered the green grass.

       "Sir? Sir?" The Pilot that landed the Pelican asked as he strapped himself to his seat. "Are you ready for lift off sir?" The Sergeant Major pondered that question, was he ready? Was he ready to fight this war? Was he going to die? Was he going to live? These questions filled his mind as he looked up, staring at the Corporal that had broken his leg. Was it really worth the right to live? William shook himself as he looked towards the cockpit. The Pelicans engine was heard as they whined to life, dust sputtered on the ground as the Longswords gave covering fire. The Sergeant Major took a breath.

       "Let's get out of here." He said as the Pelican lifted without disorder, and flew to the sunset, heading towards Command Post Alpha, to help find a way to get away from this Ring, and the horrors the ancient Forerunner Race had brought to them.


       021 Enable Fire floated harmlessly as Sentinels Guarded the ancient Construct. Its center brightened with a green light as the machine flew through a service tunnel. It didn't like these long pathways, and wished that the Rings Teleportation grid was online, hopefully the Reclaimers' didn't find out about the Rings structure, and how to operate it.

      Because of the increased security, 021 Enable Fire raised security with over a dozen Sentinel Droids at each location that was important to exterminate the Flood. The Forerunner would be pleased to hear of the progress being made, and that the Ring would soon be activated, if one would be convinced that it was necessary to activate the Ring's defense systems.

       As 021 Enable Fire continued floating about, the Forerunner that hid on this Halo Ring for over ten millennia sat in his ancient chair, watching his work progress. Without ships from the past, his life was meaningless. It had no purpose, but to the recent events has got it thinking. Would the Flood find out where it was hiding, were the Flood able to pilot the Reclaimers Vehicles they had undoubtedly brought to this Ancient Ring? This was a time or year that things like this would happen. It didn't like waiting here, waiting to get caught, or killed by the Flood. It wanted to progress, and with 021 Enable Fire helping it; they would soon exterminate Life in the whole galaxy.

      Command Post Alpha

       "I thank you for getting the Index, and bringing it back, but your plan. We simply just don't have enough ships to get all of us out of here Sergeant! Your plan is reluctantly impossible to accomplish with out leaving ten of our men behind. We have families waiting for us Sergeant. You don't expect me to leave ten of our men?" The Lieutenant Colonel asked the Sergeant Major after he was told of the idea. "What would happen to their families? What then Sergeant?"

       William Lieberg cleared his throat before replying. The recent hours, attack at Command Post Charlie increased to ten times a day. Lowering Ammunition supply to that base, and to the Marines there. But this idea of his to leave the Halo ring with the limited amount of ships was absurd, but there had to be a way. "Sir, I don't want to leave anyone behind, but if it's me who has to stay behind, then so be it.

       "I once had a family, I miss them, but do you know where they are sir? They were on Reach, a planet that was glassed, and wasn't evacuated in time for other families to escape. What about them sir?" The Colonel was speechless; he never knew this Sergeants family had died on Reach, a battle that had sadly lost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives. The Sergeant had a point. But he wasn't going to accept it, because he wanted everyone to make it back home alive.

       "Sergeant, I'm greatly, and deeply sorry for your loss. But the number of ships we have can't carry every man and women that is on this ring. There has to be sacrifices to make the right things work, I'm sure you know that Sergeant." William thought of Reach, how they had lost that battle, how could those machines lose against the Covenant; he had heard they were invincible and they could never die. He guessed he was wrong. He sighed and looked at the Lieutenant Colonel straight into the eyes.

       "Sir, I will volunteer to stay back and hold off the Flood, and Covenant forces until everyone leaves. I will ask for volunteers soon sir." The Sergeant saluted the Colonel, and got a return salute. What the hell am I thinking? He wondered to himself as he sidestepped and left the Colonel's office to prepare a plan to get everyone off the Ring after he had a count of all the ships that had survived two weeks ago. Hopefully, they would all get away, away from this place. Except for one man, and a group of Marines, and that man was him; Sergeant Major William Lieberg.


       A man walked out of the office building dubbed 'Alpha Base'. As he left, he saw the skies light up with a bright red color, it was almost beautiful, until he saw a flock of Pelicans, and Longsword Fighters coming from what used to be, which was now destroyed, 'Charlie Base'. He continued to walk after another breath, he was still puzzled on how an ancient race could build such a great facility, and its only purpose was to contain the Flood. What worthless pile of crap, the man thought was he walked towards the parked Warthog. He had brought it from the garage they had set up just about three minutes from where he was now.

       He hopped in and ignited the engine. He heard the exciting sound as the gas kicked in once he stepped on the pedal. The Hog drove backwards, and then, he punched it. The Warthog zoomed through the turf as it stopped near a barracks dubbed 'Delta Company'. The tent was huge, as all standard military issued soldiers who had equipped them in case of outdoor survival. Now they used them for replacement houses when their CP was crowded, or destroyed. He saw the group of men he helped fight against the Flood, and walked towards them. He noticed one Corporal, finally catching his name; Corporal Steve Randle sat in his chair with his leg cast up.

       The Corporal saw the Sergeant, and gave him a weak salute. His body ached with pain raising his arm, but the Sergeant signaled him to lower his hand. As the Sergeant looked at his men, he spoke, "Marines." They all heard, and remembered the sound of the Sergeant. They faced towards him, with strong facial expression, and saluted him. He saluted back, and he continued. "I need volunteers, I spoke with the Lieutenant Colonel today, and he said it was possible, but there's a catch."

       A Corporal spoke quickly after that last sentence; "There aren't enough room on the ships, so some have to stay behind." William nodded in response and the rest looked towards the ground. They were disappointed, some of them had families, and some didn't, but he knew they would help to get everyone off the Ring alive, with the Index. The Sergeant waited for a few seconds and pressed on.

       "I would like to ask this Company for volunteers, but I would only need five to stay with me, and get left on the Ring." He ended as he looked at each of their faces. They were thoughtful into considering this thing they were about to volunteer in. Corporal Steven Randle spoke first.

       "Ill stay sir." William smiled at that, and nodded sideways.

       "Sorry Steve, you need to go, you're wounded and you need medical attention. Plus don't you have a wife and kids?" He shouldn't have said that as the others thought about that as well now. Steve thought to himself, and unpinned one of his insignia's to look at it. He was thinking, was it worth it, worth leaving her, and his kids, to save a bunch of men and women he didn't even know. Yes, he thought it was quite worth it, and it was honorable.

       "Sir, even though I miss my family, they'll know I died for a great reason, and that was to save my fellow Marines. Besides, I don't think the goddamned Brass do care about us. All they want is to keep their little organization hard to find, and have us as pawns. What I'm basically saying is...I want to stay." Once that was said, the others thought again. Each of them had thoughts running through their minds Williams thought as he waited.

       "Yeah, my parents are dead anyways. Might as well join them sir." One said up front, another responded, "Ill join sir, nothing like taking a bath in a pool of shit that's worth wiled." Williams looked at the others, they all nodded, and William smiled, looking at them.

       "I thank you gentlemen. I trust you that our stay here will be peaceful. We're going to do another mission, one last mission." William smiled, as the others went back to work, as Steve cut his cast off, and got some medicine to not quell the burning pain.