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PERSONAL DATA DIARY 10.10.213909.01
Date: 17 January 2000, 1:28 a.m.

well im screwed now....i was starting the 2 day journey back to the Pillar when i came over a ridge only to spy two of the bugs below in a small valley, it looked like they were lost or something but i don't know, maybe just scouts but without a vehicle? not likely but anyways...probably seperated somehow from their unit...i closed in for a better position and managed to get close enough to put a round from my sniper gun into one's head, ending it's life quickly enough. the other took notice of course, and soon spotted me....their damn esp or whatever makes it almost impossible to hide from them....he quickly caught me and fortunately i was able to put a couple of slugs into him before he was upon me...due to his weakened state i was able to kill it in the ensuing melee, but not without loss. my suits auto-map, tracker, beacon, infared, and temperature regulator are jacked....hopefully i'll be able to find my way back to the Pillar...

PERSONAL DATA DIARY 10.10.213909.03
Date: 17 January 2000, 12:51 p.m.

the massacre was terrible....i came across the burning wreckage of one of our tanks...the corpses of three of my fellow soldiers lay strewn about like the cliched rag dolls...sgt. andran's legs were torn off, laying nearby in a pool of blood mingled with hydraulic-fluids that leaked from his cybernetic legs...obviously they hadn't allowed him to run fast enough. i piled their bodies up and started them aflame, only proper i thought. the one positive thing i thought of at first was that i might salvage some ammunition or other supplies, as my ammunition is low, but alas, the ever-maliscious Covenant dashed those thoughts by taking everything with them. even the removable parts of the soldiers' cyber-armor were taken, the left overs punctured and scorched...things got worse still....as i was saluting my comrades as they burned, my mind was assaulted by another one of those terrible mind speeched, something like "time burns so quickly. burning brings purity. purity is death.", and then i was knocked forward by some force slamming into my back. i rolled over, pistol drawn as on of those hell-bent bugs fell upon me with his laser knife drawn. in my peripheral vision i saw at least three more nearbye....i pulled the trigger, blowing a hole in the bugs neck, rolled out from under him and emptied my gun into another close by. my nerve endings screamed as a nearbye explosion rocked my and sent me flying back some 20 feet....luckily my suits adreno-boosters kicked in and i was able to jump up and put a round into the horrid face of another alien....i looked around to see three of the Covenant hover cycles shoot up over a ridge about 50 yards away...and started to see my life flashing before my eyes, even through my adrenaline clouded haze.....they opened fire and i jumped away, rolling and dodging without really knowing if i was dead yet or not as the ground around me exploded in laser fire. then, it happened...i hear the rumbling of good old human armor on the ground around me and as i took cover behind a rocky outcropping, i peaked over it just in time to see a Covenant ship take a hit from a tank.....it careened into the one next to it, and both exploded in a firey ball....i smiled as the other sped away....as i began blacking out from the shock of injury and sudden subsiding of my enhanced adrenaline levels, i said a thank you to those who had arrived even though they couldn't hear me...

PERSONAL DATA DIARY 10.10.213909.04
Date: 18 January 2000, 8:16 p.m.

i awoke in some sort of underground room...the flourescent lights illuminated the metal walls....i was lying on some sort of pallet, and rolled over to get up, my head throbbed dully as i rested it in my hands....i hear the "woooshing" of the door as a young, brown-haired soldier walked in, the medic ensignia emblazzoned on his chestplate....when i saw his hair and eyes i realized that this was the first time in weeks that i had seen another human face to face....i also realized that i was as close to being naked as i could be, my only natural parts being my upper torso, left arm and head...the rest were cybernetically enhanced years ago when i joined the service. he introduced himself as private first class Hill, and got me feeling better with a shot of Cyanazine...the nano-bots quickly repairing any internal damage, easing muscle tension, and administering a small dose of pain suppresant. afterwards, i joined up with the other twelve members of the squad and heard their story. apparently, they, too, were dispatched from the Pillar of Autumn to check out rumors of a Covenant base nearbye, and found it, here. thirty two humans died that day but so did all twenty eight of the Covenant residing here....the walls are still charred in places from grenade frag and energy blasts....they've been holed up here for the last week, scouting the surrounding area and that's how they came across me. i now had my opportunity to offer thanks face to face. soon after word came down through the portable communicators that Base Station Seven was sending reinforcements to dig in further at this bunker, and when they arrive tomorrow, we are to leave and press deeper into the wilderness......

PERSONAL DATA DIARY 10.10.219303.05
Date: 20 January 2000, 6:56 p.m.

Our reinforcements arrived this morning...i am confident in their ability to hold this bunker, even if the majority of them seem wet behind the ears...only six of them having ever met a Covenant in battle...most are grunts, but there are three heavy weapons guys, a medic, an engineer, and two vehicle specialists as well. the officer in charge of the reinforcements, first lietenant greenwade, seems capable, if inexperienced...although I outrank him (bieng a captain), I have had much more 'field' experience and insisted on leading the recon squad out into the wilderness. they brought rumors of reinforcements from earth, but I seriously doubt that...how could they know where we are? as far as I know, most of the hyperspace comm systems were damaged in the crash and would not be up and running for months...sure, we call our main station the Pillar of Autumn, after what it came from, but in truth it's just the largest piece (as far as we know) to have survived the entry into the ring's atmosphere...we spent the first couple weeks setting up base stations in a circular formation around the Pillar at a ten mile radius, we set up eight in all...actually nine but one was razed by the Covenant and had to be rebuilt...in any manner, the time has come to set out on our recon 'trip'...i am to take most of the men who were here before the reinforcements arrived, private hill, the medic troop, and nine other grunts including two recon specialists...we set out in the morning...

personal data diary 10.10.219303.06
Date: 22 January 2000, 10:49 a.m.

we set out at 0500 this morning on foot... we're heading away from away from the Pillar, looking for signs of any type of technology that may aid us in the battle against the Covenant...we traveled for twelve hours with no sight of anything valuable...the Ring is a strange thing, at first it's very quiet, almost having a synthetic feel to it, like you're living in some sort of landscape painting...but then you start to notice them...the rin grats as we call them...small, fuzzy things the size of a rabbit with a naked rat-like tail and little sharp teeth...when things get quiet, they peek their heads out of the little holes in the ground, looking for food...they are attracted by our camp fie and one of my troops lured them with some crackers...we told him it was not good to eat anyting that ate carrion, but he didn't listen...later private jackson was eating the thing on the same type of cracker...ironically, of course, he said it tasted like chicken...we have also seen a flock of the brown birds that live here...they look basically like crows, and as far as we know, they eat carrion just like the ring rats...i've heard reports of some herd animals that inhabit the Ring, but have yet to see them. So far, all the wild life I have seen have been eaters of the dead...this has led me to wonder if the Halo wasn't artificially created as some sort of battleground or arena...i mean, why a world where the only fauna eats corpses? what better automatic clean-up system...

personal data diary 10.10.219303.07
Date: 22 January 2000, 6:34 p.m.

today we met another group of marines...the twelve of them are on their way back to Base Station Seven...we picked them up on our comm system this morning and met with them by 1100 by the side of a gorgious lake...the water sparkled in the brilliant sunlight, and having not seen the Covenant for a number of days almost made me forget where i was, on this battleground...the beauty of this place deceives me, and also leads me to belief even more that this place is artificially made, i mean, if i was making an artificial world, i would make it incredibly beautiful as well...the other marines had run into some covenant the other day, and were able to overcome and destroy them with minimal loss...despite our small numbers and inferior technology, us humans have mastered the art of guerilla warfare, an advantage we must cultivate and use to the utmost, as it is our only one...they were able to ambush a small group of covenant and steal their energy weapons, one jumped in one of their ariel scout ships, but the marines were able to blast it to pieces with a surface to air missle before it escaped...this is unfortunate as that vehicle would have been useful to us...one of the marines in the group we met was major robinson, a fellow of mine from the academy, and fellow member in The Order of the Sword, a group consisting of the top one percent of the graduates each year from the academy...we were the only two that year out of two hundred and six graduates...we wear the ensignia on our armor so all will know that we are the best of the best...the Order descends from a long tradition dating back as far as the middle ages in europe...when a knight was incredibly grateful and loyal to their commander, he would give the commander his sword and go have a new one made, they lived and died by their sword, so this was an incredible honor for an knight to bestow upon his leader...this tradition carried on throughout the ages and eventually evolved into it's current form...back on earth they have a sword in a museum at the academy that was given to one of the generals of the twentieth century...our order is one comprised of the best of the best, as i said before, and we hold membership as a privelage and will give no thought to dying for our brothers in arms...especially those who are members in The Order of the Sword...

personal data diary 10.10.219303.08
Date: 25 January 2000, 8:37 p.m.

today we came across a Covenant camp of some sort...they had built a small group of huts out of some sort of hide...nearby were a couple of the hover bikes they use, which would be very valuable to us, so we decided to case the camp for a couple days and try to get a figure on how many of the critters were staying at this camp...after a day or so of recon, we decided that their numbers were probably about a dozen or so spread between five tents...during this time, a couple of the aliens came into the camp driving a jeep, obviously one that they had stolen from some humans somewhere on the Ring...our recon specialist, private frankson and private hollis, were to sneak into the camp and attempt to set charges on two of the tents, they would run back to the ridge we were hiding on and blow the charges...private first class allen, who was a sniping specialist, would snipe the Covenant that scrambled out of the surrounding tents, as three of us closed in on the Covenant with our weapons ablaze...the other three, myself, private hill, and private collier would attempt to secure the jeep with the counted .50 caliber machine gun and use it to our advantage...the plan didn't go exactly as planned...the charged went off killing what aliens may have been in the tents, private first class allen managed to pick off another Covenant as it ran from a tent nearby...however, our excitement was quickly dissolved into fear as the three marines charging the base were mowed down by two Covenant armed with a weapon i have not seen before...some sort of energy cannon that fires a thick beam of green plasma...the glow of those plasma bolts struck fear in my men as the three point men were obliterated...before they regrouped, the two recon troops and sniper were taken out as well in fiery green explosions, luckily, private allen was able to snipe one of them before he met his maker...my small group went undetected until we started up the jeep...private hill jumped in the drivers seat, private collier jumped in shotgun, and i armed the .50 cal...i had barely got situated when we saw three Covenant rushing us...private collier blasted one with his weapon and i was able to kill the other two in a quick spatter of machine gun fire...and with that, private hill hit the egnition and we were off...the only bug left as far as far as we could see was the one with the energy cannon...he fired at us, but hill was able to avoid the blast as chunks of dirt blew up into our faces...i screamed into my comm for hill to run him down before he got another charge ready, and he put the pedal to the metal...we screamed towards the alien at over one hundred miles per hour, and it looked like he was about to eat the winch on our jeeps front bumper, when it raised the cannon to fire at us...oh crap! i yelled as it fired...i squinted as my helmet's visor adjusted to the intense brightness and i did my best to keep the machine gun on the Covenant...hill turned at the right moment and we spun hard to the left just a few yards from the beast, and thankfully we drove into a shallow gully so the laser arced just above my head as we had turned, i blasted that thing into oblivion, as did private collier...that thing was no more than a splatter of blue on the ground after the amount of ammo we sunk into its hide...as hill straightened out the jeep, we saw a number of Covenant coming out from another tent, and we decided it was best to cut out of there...we had lost enough this day...

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personal data diary 10.10.219303.09
Date: 20 June 2000, 5:47 pm

where am i? i awoke and can't tell where i am at...the landscape looks strange...how long have i been out? i remember liberating some fellow marines and winning a hard battle against the covenant...and then my memories end....i am crawling here, missing my legs...they've been blown off by something and there's screaming all around me.....the landscape erupts in flames and my exposed skin is peeling away....the ring is disintegrating around me as some sort of orbital bombardment rains down...there is a ship in orbit, unlike anything built by humans or covenant....it bears an insignia with simply the letters "M" and "S" on it's underbelly...perhapse someone in space will retreive this PDD from my corpse as it floats through the vacuum after the ring is completely disintegrated....the beam IS MOVING TOWARDS ME!!!! THE LAND IS ERUPTING THE FLAMES ARE BURNING MY ARMOR IS MELTING AS EVERYGHTINGGGGGKS ESEMMS TO DIEEEESAAAAA AROUNDSS SDLJAROUDNAAAROUNDAROUNDAROUNDAROUND MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF ADKLJ;AFFFFFFFF3T84 GSENSDORS ENTRY 10.10.219303.XX REACHISNGS EAND OF TRAANSSSSSSSSSTMNISSSION