PCAction December 1999

  Translated Transcript of Halo section | PCAction December 1999
Translated & Transcribed by Harry "What Dictionary?" Al-Shakarchi (tomeone@bungie.org)

Narrator: "These pictures prove it. Bungie could release one of the most amazing games of 2000 if the pictures hold their promise. Halo is a ring-shaped world that orbits around a giant body of gas. The humans battle the alien Covenants in an interstellar war for this ring-shaped world. The developers went about to first create, as they say, a believable world."

Peter Tamte: "We want to make the player go to anywhere they want, thus there is only one, but huge playable level. This however gives you as much gameplay as a game with 25 levels."

Narrator: "A variation of weapons in this game will make the player happy, but like other famous shooters, there will be no BFG. Thus, whoever is looking for some uberweapon, must be satisifed with those "normal" ones he finds. People will find that there is a massive involvement in multiplayer games, because depending on a player's strength in a certain area, he will play as such a character."

Peter Tamte: "So for example, there's the jeep. One player is responsible for the heavy artillery, another drives the vehicle, and a third player has a rocket launcher on his shoulder."

Narrator: "There will be strategic solo missions for the lone player, and so that the lone player won't get bored, Bungie will give the computer marine AI such a high intelligence so that they can be a great help when battling the Covenants."


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