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Have Editor, Will Travel.

Back in early October, HBO posted a small news item about a mod that was just getting off the ground for Tribes 2. It started life as a mod for C&C Renegade, and then morphed into a T2 mod. Well, now it's morphed again, into a Battlefield: 1942 mod. Here are a few shots of existing work:

Master Chief Final Marine Final Elite with Tail Final
Plasma Rifle Assault Rifle Scoutship Concept

SpartanII, the project leader, had this to say about the plot:

ZERO: Stolen Property takes place 20 years after Halo, where 1 of the 5 newly created Spartans is captured by some of the remaining Covenant and dissected by them. From their experimentation a new Covenant threat emerges, the Spartan Elite. Since Master Chief is getting around 60 years old, his strength and agility has decreased, making him more prone to danger, forcing one of the 4 remaining Spartans to become the best of the best and defend Earth from the invading Covenant Armada. When the Spartan was captured they were able to extract the location of earth from him, and sent everything they had to attack with. To make matters worse, the only Military fleet that was suppose to be stationed at Earth was exploring the planet Thrace in a nearby galaxy to confirm reports of a Covenant threat, and once they found out it was a decoy, they had to rush back to Earth.

Rumors of the Spartan Elite were fierce and alarming, but no pictures or evidence of their existence has ever been reported. Even though the marines have now seen this new threat, no one has been able to get pictures of them, but its rumored that on the back plate armor, an inscription translates into "Stolen Property".

Contact information is as follows:
AIM- ZeroX393
MSN- SpartnII@hotmail.com
E-Mail- SpartnII@hotmail.com

He's looking for "Modelers/Skinners/UVWMappers/Coders or Scripters/Web Designer/Concept Artists or anything that can be helpful to my mod" to contact him by any of these means.

Big-old warning: While Bungie has always been pretty lenient about mods to their work, Halo mods fall in a special class at the moment; Halo for PC will be out in less than a year. There are pretty serious issues about total conversions for other engines, and they haven't worked all the details out yet. It could very well end up that projects like this are stomped on (gently, of course) until Halo for PC is out and available - so keep this in mind when thinking about jumping in. (Of course, a major conversion, like this one is aiming to be, will necessarily take a LONG time to complete, so the timing issue might be moot; but we'd be remiss if we didn't at least put the warning up.)